young vampire lord

Father and son

She kept on walking and they followed her. She ended up in a dark ally and stopped walking. Just as she planned, a smirked was on her face.

”Didn daddy tell you not to walk in allys, especially at night? ” she heard someone say with chuckle.

They are here. They walked out of their hiding so they can be seen clearly. There are four of them here. But they were five back at the restaurant she thought.

”Hahahahaha you made this much easier for us darling ” man 3 said

”It will be like stealing candy from a baby ” man 2 said with a dirty smile

Then one of them with a bandage hand walked to the front.

”You messed with the wrong person darling ” man 1 with his broken hand said with a smirk

She smiled ”I can see that your hand is doing pretty well ” she said with sacarsim ”who did that? ” a look of confusion was on her face

”Bitch!!, by the time we are done with you, you won be able to make jokes ” man 1 said ”get her before she even thinks of running away ” he said to the rest of the men

Four of them came running forward so she won be able to run away. Man 4 was in the front with a smirk on his face. Instead of waiting for them to come meet her, she also rushed forward to meet them in the middle.

”I guess you have given up ” man 4 said with a smirk still on his face. ”Its stupid of you to ….. ” he couldn finish because his teeth was falling to the ground

She gave a karate kick to his smirking face, and looked as his teeth fell on the floor.

”Let me see you smirk without your teeth ” she said, with a smirk on her face

the rest of them were shocked, but they still attacked.

” You think because you know a little king fu don you, can you beat us all? ” man 1 said ”you can beat all of us at once ” he continued ”lets attack her at the same time ” he said to man 2 and man 3

”Ok ” they both said

They decided to slowly surround her now.

So there she was, surrounded by three men. She smartly made the first move.

She moved towards man 2 quickly, he threw a few punches at her and she dodged them all with ease. After dodging, man 3 was already behind her.

He tried to grab her but she dodge his hand and kicked him in his stomach.

He took a few step back, and that was enough for man 1 to come rushing forward with anger. He threw a punch at her face, but at that same time man 2 who was behind her, was also trying to grab her.

All she did was pave way and the punch that was meant for her hit man 2 in his face.

”Hey!! Come on watch it ” man 2 said stumbling backwards

”Why did you get in my way!! ” Man 1 said

This few seconds was enough for man 3 to rush at her with anger. He threw a punch at her, she dodged it. But this time, threw a punch of her own.

She hit him right in the jaw, and a loud crack was heard.

He fell down ice-cold.

”Come on! ” She screamed in disbelief ”it was just one punch, can you have a little resistance in you ” she said. The other men were no longer trying to attack her. They were scared.

They were walking backwards slowly

”She is a monster. She has been toying with us since ” man 1 said.

”Damn it!, wish I had an emergency like gabriel ” man 2 said

( ”So thats why there were four of them , the fifth guy gabriel, is such a lucky person)

They both decided to make a run for it. But they both decided to sabotage themselves.

Both of them were trying to push the other towards the dangerous girl, so they ended up fighting themselves.

Such stupidity.

People, instead of facing a goal together and see who gets there first. Who knows, you just might get there together. But they forget their goal and try to take out the competition.

She walked towards them and gave both of them a single kick to the face. And thats goodnight to them

She dusted her clothes and walked out of the ally. She went to take a cab home. Unknown to her someone was watching from the dark

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