The hunt

It is a warm day and Slice is heading out to hunt, when he saw a half human and half Dybird baby in the trash can, he got off his bike and walked over and pick her up. I was under undernutrition, ” who would leave you to die, he wrapped me up with a towel, around me. And he got back on his bike and headed over to his friends clinic, and he walked into the clinic, ” hey slice what do you got today? Said. Pete, ”I find her on a trash can, a Dybrid baby, I need you to check her out for me, said. Slice, he examined her, and he can see she was undernutrition, ” the flavor is on us now, we going to finally on our side, you going to keep her? Asked. Pete, ” what do you think I should do? ” If you keep her, I will design a system to contain the other side, with her we take out every vampire, werewolf, and Hybrid. Said, Pete. ” then she is my New baby, what do I feed her, said. Slice, ” go to the diner and ask for Jesse. Said, Pete, he pick her back up . ” thanks Pete, he call his brother Snowman and Spike, ”(we at the castle, your wife keeping calling,) he walked into the diner, ” (give her money and tell her to go anywhere she want to go, you got a new niece, I find her on the trash can she a Dybrid,) I looking for Jesse, ”I am here, a Dybrid we are saved, under-nutrition, I give you set cooler of mix milk, it feed the human side, in the blood will feed the Dybrid side, it be few minutes. ” (yes we finally got the ace, we help you to raise her, what you name her,) asked. A snowman, ”(What do you both think about Clover?) Spike walked into the room. ” if she dare to come back over, ” paid to take her kid and leave we got ace to help to raise and train. He throws him an envelope of money, he grins and heads down to the houses, she hands him the cooler, see you when she is one, said. Jesse, he take it and thank her, he pulled up at the castle. ” is that her Slice? asked, Spike, ” yes, we got our new member, so what do you say, asked, Slice, Snowman take me from him, ” come to uncle Snow, thats what I say, they walked inside the house, and Slice give him a bottle and he begins to feed me, while Uncle Snow feeding me, pop bear and uncle spike is making my weapons, and outfit, the phone rings, ” lets see who that is, yeah, he answers the phone, a call from Washington they got a Hybrid problem, ” your first hun, we needed guys Hybrids in Washington, said. A snowman, ” load up get this on the move, they strap me in the newly made car seat, and we left the states, They arrived in Washington and at the governors mansion, they got me out of the car, ” how was that Clove you are such a good girl, said. Spike, they walked up to the door a

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