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Bad news : Sense of gloom

When Lina enters the board room, theres a pin drop silence. Lina is known as a cold hearted female fatale who does her work to perfection and leave no room for any mistakes.

Let the meeting begin. She said in her cold voice. The departmental heads start by giving out reports on the previous months sales followed by the directors and managers. All of a sudden a phone notification chimes in and everyone begins to sweat because Lina had a rule of all phones being on silent during meetings. Heads turn everywhere in the room wondering who the noise came from because no one wanted to be a scape goat till they noticed it was from the presidents phone. Having noticed it was the presidents phone , they heaved a sigh of relief.

Lina had a frown on her face when she heard the sound of a phone ringing but upon raising her head she noticed it was her phone. A smile slowly morphed it way on her face and soon replaced the frown and her mouth curved upwards.

She was so focus on the phone that she failed to realize her employees surprised and baffled because it was the first time seeing her smile.

Lost in a daze , everywhere was so silent that Lina got back to reality and asked for the meeting to be adjourned.

Ahem ! The meeting has been adjourned. Kindly type send your reports to my secretary and make sure every mistake as been amended before it is submitted.

After saying this, she conference hall along with her secretary.

After entering her office Lina dismissed her secretary and got down to work. She looked through the files and then suddenly got distracted by her phone again.

Frowning she picked up the call but upon noticing the the caller she smiled and happily picked up the call. Without the need of any pleasantries she started rumbling on ;

Damdam…I miss you…

You little kid …you only miss me when I call you huh ?

You didn even call to find out how I am or even your elder brothers and little sis. but you
e whining that you miss me.

Are you sure you miss me or you miss the cookies.

The caller complained and nagged very sadly even though the was smile on his face and the sound of doting in his voice.

Damdam don say that….sobs…sobs…how can you say that to little 9… little 9 miss you.

Why shouldn I ? Just say you want to eat my pastry…


Are you sure


Oh sigh I thought you do I had wanted to bring you some over to the company. Alas I guess you don want it anymore .She said faking a sob.

Damdam how can you say that to your one and only. You know what I want the most.

Okay what do you want .

I want you ..because I miss you.

Oh sigh she sobbed dramatically. Little 9 doesn want my cookies anymore

The little 9 in question rolled her eyes at the callers dramatic actions and then said .

Uhmm Damdam

Yes…She paused her act.

I…I want your cookies. It makes me miss you.

Damdam rolled her eyes and said …hehehe I thought you didn .

Okay..Okay..am coming over with your cookies and lunch.

This time you
e not skipping.

Yes…Yes.. Yes.. She nodded like a turtle.

Okay I won take up your time. Damdam is going to prepare and bring your meal mhm. Goodbye

Bye Damdam.

Bye she replied with a smile on her face.



Take care .I love you

I love you too little 9 and ended the call.

After the call she rubbed her forehead and pinched her eyesbrows as she smiled helplessly.

Damdam is her Godmother whom she met oneday during a hiking into the woods to relieve of tension and spend sometime in the greenery; she got lost and also where accidentally the said woman fell and sprained her leg. Little 9 helped this unknown stranger with treatment to her legs and also helped her to her home. In all she treated the lady and he was welcomed happily to spend her days with them.

The leader brothers and little sister are the womans disciple whom she had trained and brought up. Lina was named Little 9 by them since shes the 9 child and 1st young lady of the woman. He little sister Muna Fley was brought few months after Damdams incidence hence she was called Little 10. To the outside world Damdam is just an old woman who lives in the woods with little 9 brothers and sister. But to the upper circles ,shes one of the most prominent and powerful figure in the painting world and also has a powerful backing behind her hence making he feared my everyone in their circle and below. No one has a ever seen her real face since she tends to maintain a low key and mysterious personality. Shes from the Narh family; an aristocractic and scholarly family. Shes also known as the elder miss and future their of Narh Entertainment which is under Starlight Cooperation .

Hearing a knock on her door seeking permission to enter, Lina resumes back into her cold and aloof permission as she answers the person to come in.

Looking up she saw the head of her secretary ( her best friend ) entering in.

Lina….I wanted to ask if i should order food for you.

No ..just order for yourself.

Okay …she said

Anything else ? Lina asked

No …

Okay then excuse me. Am busy.

Okay sure..

Lets forget cancel all meetings this afternoon and make the workers close early today to go home and rest. No need working overtime. Anyone who does so will be going against me .

Okay Lina. Have a nice day.

Sure you too. she at last smiled and her best friend left.

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