999 roses for you

Chapter 1 The Hunt

e answer you asshole she demanded …. arghh Im gonna be so late for this meeting.

What are you looking at ?

What the hell are you watching?

You better get your ass outta my room.

His face darkening and in a threatening voice, he said you bitch this is my room and you get the hell outta here .No way you telling me to leave my room .He bellowed

Lina gulped and said you Batard you gonna regret this. Hastily wearing her clothes she left the room banging the door behind her.

Jeez…What mess have I gotten into? If not for this bitch. God I messed up this time.

Calling his assistant on the phone, he told him to come and pick him up and bring a new set of clothes for him.

Okay boss…Maxwell said

But Boss your intimate photo of a woman is trending across the internet. Netizens are complaining, the boards have been ringing my phone non stop wanting to talk with you and our stocks are dropping down too.

What…? How is this possible ?

I don know sir..

Try suppressing the news and bring me what I asked you to.. I will solve this problem myself

Yes boss , Maxwell said and hanged up.

Damn this woman

I have to settle this issue before it totally blows up . Frustrated he runs his hands through his hair and takes a deep breath .

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