999 roses for you

Chapter 1 The Hunt

Lina woke up one morning to a hangover. Yawning, she suddenly remembered she has a meeting to attend

Stretching her body, the memories of yesterday seem to flow in torrents in her head…Ouch…..my head ..I guess I got a hangover

Opening her eyes she looked around and saw an unfamiliar room. Looking around she recognised the place as a hotel. Whilst wondering how she got here; she heard a groan indicating the presence of another person in the room. Stretching forth her hand, she touched a hard surface. Looking towards the source she saw a man . A good-looking man with chiselled jaws, well shaped brows, curved and nice nose. She gulped and drooled over his handsome packs and features. Suddenly it snapped in her head and she noticed she was naked on the same bed with the Adonis. Screaming she stood up from the bed taking along the bed sheet with her.

Arghhh ….who the hell is making this noise…God Im gonna **ing beat the shit out of that person. Opening his eyes face to face he came across a beautiful woman. Narrowing his eyes , he said how did you get here and what the ** are you doing here ?.

You got the cheek to be asking me ? Damn I don know I woke up to find myself in bed with you and you still have the gust to be asking me what Im doing here. You better give me a reasonabl

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