They seal away

As they seal down the ocean, they are reaching new lands, ”(sergeant Rothbrook, Florez, and Cartwright, to the hanger, please. ) said. Tim, ” (and commander Cartwright to the hanger, please) said. Kendra. ” what going on Sergeants? Asked. A man, ” we don know, you all will be informed, Tony and Pj stay and eat your breakfast. Said, Kasey. They walked into the hanger, ” what do you get? Asked. Troy, ” a new city is coming up, said. Kendra, ” we do need a fuel stop and get those people into the sub, Dizzy fuel truck, Keith clear the city, and Kasey barrier line said. Troy, ”Roger, all three said. they walked back into the kitchen and sat down at the table. ” we are approaching a new city, so after you eat meat in the hanger, said. Kasey, ” new phase, said. Ashley, ” we don know, that why you going to get log data, while they get fuel. Said, Kasey, ” we are barrier line are we, we need the hanged Sergeant Rothbrook, they got up in walked into the hanger, when I say break ground, thank Troy for these, get more penetration this, go lite and watch you
e aiming, she hands them laser arrowhead guns, George you are my close range and Pj and Tony you are my long-range, we going to try to by the two hours least any questions? Asked. Kasey, no one has any questions, so they walked into the hanger to train ” our goal is to hold for two hours, you have thirty Ashley to get wolf phase data to get back to the team, it could be phase two or phase three, less then an hour to prepare, so they got started in training, ”Break ground now, said. Kasey, they got to high ground and open fire at them, the clock is counting down, ” they hold for an hour, come on Kas you can do it. Said. Dizzy, ”(Tony you are too close back up,) said. Kasey, phase 2# the change, ” (good job with phase 1# we make it through an hour, we on phase 2# dead shots lens on now, and gain higher ground do.)-( ”mom where are you at?) Asked. Pj, ”(don worry about me Pj, focus on what in the head of you. Lesson Delta do not take your eyes off the target,) said. Kasey, ” she not serious, (Sergeant Rothbrook!) ”(Yes Tony, ) -( ” tell your butt is not on the ground still, I do not want to go in stay with him if I lose you.) ”(I know you don , and yes, look behind you son. Never disobey a command order, cut your lens on now,) she put her glasses on and loaded her bow, they cut their lens on and deadly shot them as they running up on two legs, ” come on Rothbrook. ”(Fifty minutes Ashley go get the data, Pj look after your brother, Tony listen to your brother, give her cover fire, they jump down in walked in, they barricade the door, they reloaded and got in front of the window, she got to work retrieve the data, ” (we are set mom, could you like take to us so we know that you okay,) said. Pj, ”(as talk us.) Said, Tony. ”( good stand ground if you can call for backup if you need it. Delta holds nothing back all weapons out, Delta hold them, aces is wild, full house, royal flush, straight flush, double up barrier ground, we must last for hours, in a half,) they double up, got behind the roof walls, layout every weapon they had on them, ” (ready,) they said, ” what are they doing? Asked. Sam, ” we all have our dealers hand, mine is Alpha joker Keith is Bravo Duce are wild and kasey is Delta hold them, said. Dizzy, ” she has to last two hours, without losing anyone, said Keith, ” can it be done !? ” we are about to see if she can, hour 10 minutes left, get me that data Rothbrook, they are taking them down. (Tell me something I don know Troy, Delta we are almost there, Ashley I need that data, forty minutes, ) said kasey, ” Delta holds them? ”(Ser behind you!) She kicked it off the roof, ” do not sneak up on me it is your death wish, ”(got it!) And times up. They last for two whole hours, ” (well done Kasey, can you do that out there that is. My real question,) they walk on deck, ” mines two, proximity time you two half in an hour, Ashley fifty minutes get me that data, Park Jr and Tony Jr, I not going to be with you out there, you watch out for each other, and cover her, Delta we not break ground, we are going to higher ground, double up, said, Kasey, ” kasey, ” its okay Tracie, we last four two hours you both got half of hour to get back, Delta move out. Parker grabs her by the arm, and Pj and Tony point their guns at him. ” do it again I dare you, said. Pj, ” do not touch our mother, ever again do you hear me! ” boys it is okay lower your weapons, said. Kasey, ” is there a reason why you jerk me by my arm? Pj Tony, I give you the order to lower your guns now! The lower them, ”Im sorry, we need to talk now, said. Parker, ” can it wait until I get back, dad could you draw us divorce papers, ” I never said I want a divorce, you not getting one. Said, Parker. ” you want to work on our marriage? ” mom he kick us out! Pj remind her, ” he doesn want you to be happy with anyone mom, because he is a selfish,*sshole! Said. Tony, ” boy I am still your father, said. Parker, ” huh now he wants to call himself that, you are just the baby daddy a donor that is it, said. Pj, ” to be a father you have to be around more, help out more, mom does everything that you don , I hate your name, you can have it back! Said, pj. ” me too, touch her again and I will end you! You are not my father! You will never be, dude your is not in love with her you are, tell her how you feel about her, said. Tony, ” she feels the same way about you, too, grandpa can you draw her up divorce papers, mom want it, you have no choice but to sign it, after all its favor since you didn give her a heads up about kicking her out and putting another woman in her bed! Said. Pj, ”I am in love with you Kasey, ever since we knew each other, I have never been smart enough to come out in telling you, he does not deserve you, I will love to be their father, fine boys following in our footsteps, I would always love you, I never stop being in love with you, I never put some other women in your spot, or kick you out our house he got on one knee and ask her to be his wife. ” Keith, you know how long I waited for you to say something to me, Yes I will marry you, boys do you accept him as your new father, we will talk later about disobeying my orders, said. Kasey, ” heck yes. They both said, Kasey, sign the paper and give him his sorry ring back, ” now I will change your name, Pj your new name is Tyson after your new father, and Tony your name, is Nathan after your grandfather like it should be in the first place, ” congratulations Keith when you all get back we will have a wedding, said. Try, ” this time I will be trill to marry you two, not like Parker welcome to the family son. Said, John, ” thank you sir I will take great care of them you do not have to worry about them. ” I know you will, parker sign it go your way with who over you want, leave my daughter and grandchildren alone, I an acting lawyer, and judge, come near them I have Troy throw the both of you off this sub! Said. John, ” come near my brother wife, and children I order us to surface I will kick you and her off in a phase city, move out Sergeants. Said, Troy, ” leave my new family alone I won be forced my foot up to your butt, they got in the trucks and left, ”(half an hour no less, we hold for two hours.) They load up and walked out of the sub, they got into position, ” (

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