it is none of the two of you businesses, go talk I guarantee you lose your sister Tracy is that what you want? Said. Sue, ” no, giving them guns mom! Said. Tracey, ” they were more like her than me. Said, Parker. ” You wonder why they hate you, what the idea of kicking them out! She has been the mother and father to them, why you were screwing around behind her, she was trying to make it work Parker so they can have both in their lives, why did you even marry my daughter!? Asked. Jim, he didn answer him, there is a movement coming their way, they run-up. ” they are here, (You need to speed up,)-( ”mom!!) ”( I going fast as I can, stay where you are Pj and Tony!) Said, Kasey. ” (Rothbrook, Floros, and Cartwright status!?) They walked up to them ” what is going on? Asked. Sam, ”(got it to phase two, get the guns on, Delta move take them out, and remember your training.) They ran up and joined Alpha, they cocked their guns, and she load her now with her arrow, they start to fire taking each one out, ” come in getting some dogs! ” Do not get Cocky Boys, said. George, ”(we got the supplies Troy we on the way, get the gate open.) Everyone with me to the fat, please, (Floras Rothbrook how long you can buy us time?) Asked. Troy, ” ( phase two half an hour Troy.) Said, Kasey. ”(So hurry up Cartwright get that truck here!)-( ” do not rush Floras,)-( ”we do not rush you on the clock you have a half-hour to get here and the sub load, You three watch yourself and keep my kids alive,)- ”(d*mn you two could give me more than that,) said. Keith. ”(Keep our mother breathing,) said. Tony, ” (if this was different we would Keith,) they raise out of the water and open the door, ” they cut it close. Said, Danny, ”the first time the girls in action without being station, you going to see how good all three is, he pulled up and they got out and start to unload the truck, they take them out, they started to climb up the buildings, ” (back up, you three been a breach of, I on it)-( ”mom what are you going to do?) She takes her arrows off and kicks open the case to pick up the gun she put her glass, ” cover the sergeant move Delta! They ran up and surrounded her, ”(you are ready Kasey?)-( ”never is, what choice do I have, get down and cover your ears, boys.) they take cover as she opened fire plucking them off one by one, they got the sub loaded. ” training pay off, get your units back to the sub, Keith makes cover fire. ” move Bravo! They got in position, ” Kasey lets go, said Dizzy, ” head back I got your back Diz, said. Kasey, ”(get down get to the sub,) said. ” (Mom,) ”(I will be right behind you, get to the sub-Delta thats an order,) as they back up and firing at them, they jump down and ran for it, they make to the sub, ” (as get your tail her now,) said. Keith, they ran up, ”(Mon, I do not want to lose you,) said Pj, she put the gun in the case and puck it up and ran down to the sub, they are behind her, They opened fire at them, and got on the sub and went under the water they hugged her so tight and crying. ” hey my boys I am okay, I proud of you, the first day as snipers you both did a great job, I will always be with you boys, we are a team, she wipes their tears away. ” so when do we get goes like that? Asked Pj, ” how about I train you to use it and give it to you. My pride and joy, ” really Kasey half an hour Diz, said. Keith, ”

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