The plan

They are here, they are at the town, all corners open fire taking them out. * (mon!!) They both called out, they let them inside. ”(Is everything boarded up, ) said. Kasey, ” (yeah, please don tell me that you want me to call the prick that kick us out,) said. Pj. ” (no, they are just at the points right now, get your guns out, and loaded, stayed in the house Pj and Toni,) -( ”so they are out the city now, shouldn everyone pull back now?) Asked. Toni, they take the guns out of the case and load them. ” (when we are or when we need to get to our family, listen if you heard Troy said to get to the sub get in the car and head to the base pick up as you can,) -( ”we are not leaving without you mom,) said. Toni, ” (Toni we catch up to you, it is more important that you two long with everyone else to get to the sub. To know to stay in the house, ) ” (kasey are you out of your mind giving them guns, please tell me you and Parker talking about this,) said. Julie, ”(this day we hardly talk, its more like an argument, and we are over mom, he threw us out of the house, size Parker Jr is Eighteen and Toni is Seventeen, I prepared them of this day, ) said. Kasey, they broke through the defense Mines they had to pull back and get to their families, Troy sound the alarm, ” (mom we are not going without you;) said, Pj. They got in the trucks and left, ” (stay we on route to you, are you two loaded,) asked. Kasey, people are screaming and running, she got out of the truck, ” get to your families try to save who you can, and get to the sub, they left, Kasey knocks on the door, Toni opens it, they hugged their mother because they glade to see her, ” get your cases so lets go. Said, Kasey, they grab cases and got in the car and left, ” Kasey. ” they broke through our block, there are too many, everyone that git away racing or driving down to the base, a little girl was crying, ” mom! She turns the car and Pj pulled her in the car, they made it to the base, ” General Bryant! Said. Ashley, they got out of the car and they run into the base, ” we need to get everyone in and downstairs unto the sub. ” how can we help mom, asked. Toni, get ready for your first shooting lesson aid for their heads you only need one good shot boys, get on your knees place the butt of the gun at your shoulder blades, take a deep breath, and study. They got in position and ready to fire, as more people are pouring in the door, ” (Delta get everyone in the sub,) ” mom, ” easy boys calm my sons, they in the town, she pull out her gun and locked and load, they fire at them, hitting them in the heads, they clear the town, ” get back boys, they back up, as she was locking the four, Parker and his women ran to, ” mom leave them, ” I am service of the o

People and so are you, welcome to the Delta unit, now get to the sub go, they hi-fi and ran down the steps she unlocks the door and pulled them in and locked it, ” what the hell is going on! ” yeah Kasey? They head down to the subs, ” don you pay attention to the news, he slams her hard against the wall, ” I told you to never get Smart with me again! What the hell is going on outside;? ” Wolf attack iwo! Way to treat your wife, thats right you kick me and our sons out on the street! Phase 1# the hunger, maybe if you hear me and listen to me more I was trying to get our family ready for it, you were too much getting rid of your wife and kids. Said, Kasey, ” so what going to happen? ” Will you can stay up there and wait for them to a break in, or get in the sub we leaving, they walked into the sub, and the door closed up, and they went under the water to seal up the river. ” Mom, you okay? Asked. Pj, ” yeah, just ignore him, sons, come on. They walked up the subfloor. Troy had his S.T.A.R.S team Bravo watching the weather, Alpha to find a see if there was a nearby city they can shop from, and the Delta monitor the phasing. ” wait she your wife;? Said. The woman, ” ex-wife, she history, said. Parker, ”(Alpha how far is the next City? ) asked. Troy, ” (ten miles away Troy, looks like there is a store and fuel system,) said. Dizzy, ”(that is where we are going, Bravo what is the weather like?)-( ” sunny troy,) said. Keith. ”(great, we going to have an easy sealing today, Delta where is the phase at?) asked. Troy, ” ( they are still on phase I Troy. Pj and Toni get your guns,) they pick up their gun cases, ” that make me sick to my stomach Toni, how he is rubbing it in her face. said, Pj, ” aw we wish daddy would love us, said. Sam, ” no, we wish to put a bullet in him, not like you who need daddy dearest in our lives when we have the coolest mother of all, said. Toni, ” she gave us guns and let us join her team, what your mommy and daddy ever give to you? asked. Pj, ” nothing, see you got the wrong son you jealous of us, not we jealous of you, we do not need a father in our lives boy, we are not a baby like you when you are a man when you have one of these babies become a Delta member, she prepares us for this day to come when you three laugh in our mother face, when you three doubt her words, so say a baby Daddy boy, we are mommy man, they hi-, fi each other, ” I thought I told you I was going to handle it sons. ” someone had to shout him up, said. Toni, ” will you do a great job of it, come on. said, Kari.

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