“A daughter without filial piety is like a demon inside the palace.” 

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In December of the first year of the Yuan calendar, a nursery rhyme spread throughout the streets of the imperial capital. 

Many children sang those times, but the pedestrians’ didn’t dare to comment.
The families of those childrens’, hurriedly clamped their mouths and hastily walked past. 

Those parents were busy covering their child’s mouths, and dragging them home while cursing, “Don’t want to live? Do you dare to repeat that? If you don’t be obedient, I will let a monster eat you!” 

The children didn’t understand what that rhyme meant, but their parents did.

This was the eighth year of the Empress’s accession to the throne. 

As the infamous commander of the Town Demon Division, Li Chao Ge had framed countless people, unjust many cases, and murdered many royals. 

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Li Chao Ge herself didn’t know how many notable families she had ruined.

Li Chao Ge knew many people hate her.
They even worship Buddha, to kill her.
Even her husband was looking forward to that day.

Unfortunately, she had disappointed them all. 

The female officials’ in a red palace robe knelt in front of Li Chao Ge, and drew her eyebrows, smearing her lips with tint. 

Finally, they put the magnificent crown on Li Chao Ge’s head and knelt shouting, “Long live your majesty.”

Inside to outside, everyone knelt heavily on the ground, bowed their necks, and shouted in a single voice, “Long live your majesty.”

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Li Chao Ge motionlessly stared at the person in the mirror.
The person in the mirror had thin and raised eyebrows, a tall nose, and sharp eyes.
The person was wearing the dragon robe with beautiful menacing claws. 

No matter how intolerable everyone found her, they couldn’t deny the fact that she had a very beautiful face.

She was Princess Anding, an in

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