Tonight is in full swing, the club is crowded, to the point that we had reach our capacity. People are still outside line up waiting to get in, as Morocco mention, I had many clients in the v.i.p. room for private shows. There was so many that I lost count after nine, finally finishing my final show. I took a look at my phone, and saw that Lexi left me a text message. She inform me that everything was taken care of, I felt so relief. I sent her a thank you, when I was about to put my phone away. My phone started ringing, and the name pop up ws of course that good for nothing Jerome. I thought to myself that it was time to get it over with. There was no point on keeping stalling, I wanted this ass hoe out of my life for good, so I pick up the phone.

”Hello ”

”Hey baby, whats going on? My key does not fit in the door. ”

”Because I change the locks, and Im kicking you out ” I replied.

”What, why? Look baby if it about me getting a job, I will get one. ok just let bsck into our place ” he pleaded.

”Actually its my place, and no I would not let your cheating ass back in. Now if you look to your right in the far corner, there are all your things that you have brought into my apartment. So you don have to worry about retrieving them ” I assured him.

”Come on Mariah, you really going to do this to me? ”

”For real Jerome? That not even my name, we live together for months, and most of that time you stay there rent free. With all of that, you could have at least remember my name. you know what lose my number, and get lost. By the way my name is Tiffanye you jerk ” I said hanging up.

I was relieve, a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I felt more energize as I continue on working.

The night had finally ended, once the last customer left. Everybody was tired, it was a goodnight for everyone because we all made a lot of money tonight. As I walk around I saw how everyone was looking, some of the dancers, laid on the stage asleep. Others on top of the table, or in the chairs. This was truly a sight to see, I headed back in the dressing room, and took a shower. After I was done, I put my clothes on, and headed back to the front. There Morocco, and the boys stood at the bar, talking. When I approach, they must had pick up my scent, immediately they turn, and stare at me.

”Hey guys, whats up? ” I asked.

”Nothing, we just talking about how tonight was ” Morocco stated.

” Yeah, it was really popping, but most of all we made a bank roll ” Rocky said with a chuckle.

I chuckle then say ” Anyway, guys Im leaving tomorrow, so I want be you all for about a month ”

Their smiles turn into fowns, I knew that this was going to get to them. Seeing me going back to the place that gave me bad memories. And also a lot of pain, that sometimes when I would think about it, I would just cry all the pain away. I felt worthless, and unwanted for so long. But now I don care anymore, because I want let them break me, or shed another tear for those people.

”Tiffanye, you are going to be ok, I know that you are strong. And you can take care of yourself, but it still bothers me that you going back to those ass hoes ” Rocky stated.

I took a deep breathe, and sighed ” I know that you all are worry about me. I truly appreciate it, that I have you all looking after me. again don worry I will be fine ”I assure them, they all nodded, and pulled me into a big group hug. I smile from the love that I was giving, when the hug broke Willis said ” I want you to becareful, also give them hell ” as he and Rocky walked away leaving me and Morooco there alone. There was silence between us until Morocco spoke.

”Baby girl, I inform Warrior of your plans. He was not thrill, but he understood ” Morocco inform me.

” I never met a man, why is he showing concern? ” I question.

” Even though, you never meet him, he still shows concern for everyone here. ”

I nodded, because I feel it made be true, when I started working here I found out later that Morocco did not own the club. The club was own by a man name who goes by the name Warrior. What crazy is that no one never saw him. But Morocco assure me that Warrior was a real person, so many rumors going around about Warrior. The one rumor that keeps coming to the surface is that Warrior was a made up fear in people that will bring trouble in the club.

Everytime a fight would break out, Morocco would come into view of the fight, and he will shout out ”Warrior ” like it was a code. Immediately the fight ended, and I saw the fear in their eyes, soon they bow into submission begging for apology.

” Tell Warrior, I appreciate his concern, and I will return in a month ” I said.

” Will do Tiffanye, its going to be crazy without you here. You are the star here ” Morocco said.

”Don worry, you always manage. ”

” I know Tiff, but these girls got nothing on you ” Morocco told me.

”They will do good, in my absence get them a chance pops ” I said with a chuckle.

”Will do, when you planning on leaving Tiffanye. ”

”Tomorrow, I just want to get there, help my sister, and get it over with. Im about to head home, I call you tomorrow, when Im about to get on the road goodnight ” I stated walking away. I was almost out the door ”Wait Tiffanye ” I turn around to see that it was Morocco jogging towards me.

” I forgot to give up this ” he said pulling out a brown envelope from his pocket, place it in my hand.

I asked ”What is this? ”

”Its your bonus for tonight, with your performance you brought in so much money Warrior told me to give that to you. ”

I gave a smile, and told Morocco to thank Warrior, than I left heading home.

The next day, I woke up feeling relax, cause Jerome is out of my life. Now for the next part going back home, I got out of bed did my regular routine. I shower, brush my teeth, and once I got dress, I grab my bags, and left out of my apartment. I was meeting up with Lexi, we are getting manicures, and also our hair done.When I got to my car, I put my bags in the trunk, and got in my car start my engine, and off I went. In ten minutes was in front of the salon. Lexi was in front waiting on me. Once she saw me her face lit up.

”Hey Tiff, Im glad you are here ” she said hugging me.

” I wouldn had miss this for anything ” I told her smiling.

”Well lets not waste time, you have a long drive ahead of you ” she stated grabbing my arm going in the salon.

Three hours later, we was walking out of the salon happy. Lexi got her hair trimmed with red highlights that go along with her auburn hair. Me on the other hand got box braids, that would be easy for me to maintain.

” I got to get going now Lexi, please watch over my place. ”

”Of course sis, I will be honor to, now get going before traffic hits ” she replied leading me to my car.

I nodded as we walk to my car, I gave her one last hug. I open my door, and got on in. I started my car, I pull my window down ” Ill call you when I make it here ” I told Lexi.

” You better sis, now go ” Lexi stated waving. I wave bye, and off I go heading to a place that I once call home.

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