Morocco eyes was wide, because he was in shock of what I reveal to him. I knew what he was thinking, before he could say anything, I was the first to speak. ”You don have to worry, I dance at a club back home, no one became suspicious of me, so you can relax ”.

Morocco reply ”Its just I cannot believe it, you look Twenty-one ”

”Yeah, I get that a lot, so it want be a problem, people already think that Im older so it work out for the both of us. ”

”Would you gave me, and the guys a minute to talk it over? ” Morocco ask.

”Sure, I go ahead and get dress ” I said walking away leaving them to talk. In the dressing room, I put my clothes on, and headed back out to the front. When I got there the men stood there waiting for me, Morocco was the first to speak.

”Hey Tiffanye, me, and the guys had talk it over, and we decided that you are hired, welcome abroad ”.

”Thank you ” I said.

”No thank you, I know with your performance the club will be banking in some money, I can feelit ” Willis said.

I chuckle ”Well we shall see ”

”We sure will, you start tomorrow ” Morocco said.

”Okay see you guys tomorrow ” I said leaving. My life change after that day, over the next five years, I got to know Morocco, he had a mate name Josephine , together they have two sons that move away because they found their mates. Morocco is smart when it comes to managing money, he is highly educated with a Masters in Business Administration. His mate Josephine is a head nurse at the packhouse where they live, she also holds a Masters in Nursing.

Rocky, and Willis are both mateless, but determine to find their mates. They both are very kind, and over protective of me, they are like the big brothers that I never had, Right alone with Morocco, and Josephine they treat me like Im their daughter. To sum it all up, everyone whos in my life are my substitiute family. Since my real family excluding Journee, never really show me no type of love, its like I don exist in their world anymore. With the family I have here I would never trade them for the world.

”Hey whats up old man? ” I said with a chuckle.

”Old man, I m still in the best shape, and also I look good don underestimate me Tiffanye ” he said flexing his muscles.

I shook my head at his performance. Morocco always loves to entertain, just to put a smile on someone face. the I feel bless to have him, Josephine, in my life. They are the true example of parents, showing love towards their children. Sometimes I wish that they could had been my parents.

”Why are you here so early Tiffanye? You know the club does not open up in a few hours ” Morocco ask.

”I know, I came here to help set up, kill time before I get online for school ” I told him.

”You know Tiffanye, you don have to help set up, that why we have people for that ”.

”Nonsense Morocco, Im happy to help. ”

”Ok, if you say so, are you ready for your performance tonight? I hear we have some big ballers coming, and they want icandy performance. You are really popular Tiffanye, Im so glad that I hire you. ”

”Stop buttering me up Morocco, but I do need to tell you something. My sister Journee had found her mate. Im going to need a month off because she wants me to help plan her ceremony ” I inform him.

”Thats wonderful, tell her I said congratulations, are you sure you want to go back there Tiffanye? I remember what you told me about your family, the way they treated you.

”I know Morocco, but Im going there for Journee, and thats all that matters, ”

”I undersrtand, it just hurts me to know what they did to you, now you have to go back, to deal with those ass hoes again ” Morocco stated shaking his head.

”Don worry Morocco, I will be ok, I can take care of myself. ” I assure him.

”I know baby girl, I wanted you to know that you are like a daughter to me. I hate for you to get hurt, due to the stupidity of others, and I mean your so call family ”

Hearing Morocco say that to me brought tears to my eyes. For so long, I wanted to hear my dad tell me how much he love, and adore me.Or even calls me princess, and tells me he is proud of me. Its a dream of mines, that I always wanted to happen. As I grew up, the dream never came true, so it just faded away right alone with no acceptance from my father.

”Thank you so much for everything, and also for caring. ”

”Rather you know it, or not you are family Tiffanye. Me, Josephine, Rocky, and Willis will always be there for you. ” Morocco said embracing me into a hug, and I accepted it. It made me cry even more, the comfort that Morocco was giving me, was feeling my heart with joy. Then we both pulled away from each other.

”Ok, enough with this mushy stuff, I got a meeting with Warrior before we open up. I see you later Tiffanye ” Morocco said walking off.

I wave when Morocco walked off, I went back to cleaning when everything was done. I headed over to a seat in the corner, got on my computer to begin my class.

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