”Ok, lets begin ” I said heading up to the stage, approaching the dancing pole. Once I was in front of the pole, I lean against it by arching my back.

”Are you ready Tiffanye? ” Morocco ask.

”As ready as Im going to be ” I said with a chuckle.

Morocco nod, as he reach for the remote on the table, he pointed it towards the location of the radio, in seconds music appeared on the radio.,The song ” Throw some more ” by Rae Summons. There I begin my dancing, with each move that I did I can tell that the men was excited, cause I can smell their arousal as it get stronger with each movement that I make. I ended with my last move which consist of me going all the way up to the pole, from there I began extending my legs out as I pop my booty in th air. After everything was done all I had left on the black thong, black bra, and my boots.

All three men clapped, and one of the bouncers begin to whistle, hearing that excited me, because I know I did a good job, and Im like a pro only to be sixteen. Im skilled with dancing on the pole, that it would put most girls to shame, It seems that I amaze people with my skills.

”You were absolutely awesome ” Morocco said.

I reply ” If you think that was good, wait til you see my next performance which is about to start right now. Which one of you been naughty? ” I pointed my finger at all three.

”Me ” both Rocky, and Willis said in unison.

”I only need one, for my next performance, so you two have to decide ” I said looking at both of them.

”Lets do rock, papers, scissors ” Rocky said.

e on ” Willis responded.

They did it three times, by the end Rocky was the winner. So I told him to place his chair on the stage, there I directed him to sit. Once he did, I directed Morocco to play some music, he gave me a nod and play another song. There I gave Rocky a lap dance, and which he was enjoying it a little too much, that he started grabbing my ass. Immediately I smack his hands, from there I signal for the music to stop, the music was off, I gave Rocky a evil glare.

”Who told you to touch my ass? ” I ask.

”No one miss, I just got caught up in the moment, Im sorry ” He said.

”Well sorry dosen cut it, what you did was a bad thing. What I do to people who do bad things is punish them, now pull down your pants, and bent over the chair now ” I demanded.

”Yes maam ” Rocky said with excitement as he pull his pants down and assume the position. I turn around went over to the cover to the corner of the stage, and grab the paddle, I headed back over where Rocky stood. He was in the position where I wanted him to be.

”Rocky, you have been a bad boy, Im going to prank you, each time, you feel this paddle go across your ass. I want you to say Im a bad boy. ”

”Yes, maam ” Rocky reply.

”You will call me mistress ” I corrected him.

”Yes mistress ” Rocky spoke.

”Here it goes ” Once I said that, the punishment begin.

”Ok Rocky, I want to hear you loud, and claear ” I gave him the first hit on his ass.

He shouted ” Im a bad boy ”

”Louder ” I commended hitting him.

He reply by going louder, I been punishing Rocky for an hour, let just say that he is one tough guy, that you cannot break. I finish my session with him, walking off the stage smiling. Willis, and Morocco eyes was showing lust, which I know what that mean. They were turn on from my dominant performance, even I was turn on myself. But more importantly I give the best performance that I could do, when I exit the stage all three men approached me. Rocky was the first to step forward, and then he got on his knees, and bow to me than he said ”I enjoy your performance Mistress, it was incredible ” than he kiss my boots. I chuckle cause I never knew that I could make a man become so whip. Seeing is truly believing, when I dance at the strip club back home men would easy fall to their knees, and tell me how much they love me, and wanted to be with me. I always thought that they was drunk, and did not know what they was saying. So I brush it off now I see that my performances is good.

”You did an excellent job, went can you start? ” Morocco ask.

I sighted ” I can start whenever ”

”Good, before we get the ball rolling how old are you? ” Morocco question.

I reply ”Im sixteen ”.

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