When Two Wolves Collide

CHAPTER 1 Prologue

of my phone had awoken me from my peaceful sleep. I rolled over reached my hand out, and grab my phone, once I had it in my hand, I open my eyes to see that it was Journee calling me, I immediately pick up the phone.

”Hey Journee, whats wrong? ”

”Hey sis, nothing wrong, I got some excited news, I found my mate Tiff. ”

”Ok Journee, you don have to scream in my ear. ”

”Sorry Tiff, Im just so excited about finding him, I could not wait to tell you. ”

”Well Journee, you could had waited, and told me about this later. Do you have any idea what time it is? ”

”Again Im sorry Tiffanye, I just wanted you to be the first to know, Ill be having my mate ceremony soon. ”

”Congrats Journee, Im proud of you, just let me know when, and I will be there. ”

”That another reason why I call you, I need for you to help me plan my ceremony. ”

”Journee, I don know nothing about planning ceremonies of any kind, ask mom, or Sunshyne about that. ”

”Are you crazy Tiffanye? Do you remember the last time those two planned my sweet sixteen birthday? They made it all about them, you know that for so long mom, always feek that she had to out do the Luna. So no I will not be asking them, so please Tiffanye. ”

”I just cannot say no to you Journee, sure why not. ”

”Thanks big sis, my ceremony is in one month from now, so I need you to come back home, and stay we have a lot to do. ”

”Im not sure thats a good idea Journee, you know how things are there between our parents, and me. ”

”I know Tiff, I want you here, its been 5 years, and I miss my big sis. ”

The minute Journee, get this way I can picture her doing those sad puppy eyes, which always get to me no matter what.

”Ok Journee, I will come, and stay you can take the sad puppy eyes off your face now. ”

”How did you know Tiff? ”

”Because we are sisters, when you feel that you don get your way, you put those puppy dog eyes on. ”

”You got me Tiff, Journee chuckle. ”

”I got to go now, I have to get ready for school, I see you soon love you Tiff. ”

”Love you too baby sis ” the call ended, I place my phone back on the nightstand. I look at my clock to see that it was 6am. It was no point of me going back to bed, so I got up headed to my closet, and pull out my black sports bra, and panties, a pair of blue jeans, with a red crop top. I headed to the bathroom, and close the door, once in I open the bottom cabin from the sink, and reach for my brown sugar, and vanilla body wash, and a wash cloth. I went to turn my shower on, adjusted my water to warm, then I step in as soon as the water hit my body, I felt relax then I started washing up my body. I was thinking about how my day is going to begin.

I got out of the shower, I begin to dry myself, and I brush my teeth, from there I put my long light brown hair into a ponytail. Than I put my clothes on, when I finish I open the door, come out the bathroom place my dirty clothes in the hamper. I looked back at my bed, and saw that no good for nothing free loader boyfriend of mine Jerome is still asleep. The reason why I call him that is because it was true, at the beginning he was sweet, and charming but once he sweet talk me into letting him move in with me, that when I started to see the real him.

When Jerome move in he had a job, it wasn until two months later that he had lost it. He told me that they laid him off due to bad economy, what kind of fool he take me for? He was a sale associate at a phone store. Little did he knew, that I knew the store manager there, I call the manager, and he told me that the reason that Jerome was let go because of two sexual harassment complains, and also he gave away three expensive phones to some ladies for free, the mess up part is that I was not one of those girls. Its all cool, another reason is that he a cheaper, my neighbor Lexi, tells me that when I leave everyday, he always bring multiple women to my home, I did not need her to tell me that because that is one the perks of being a wolf I can smell out the multiple women he brings in, even when he tries to cover it up. what you except from a human. I had no desire of falling in love, I just needed this jerk to relieve my sexual stress, that was building up in me. Now that Im back to normal, I don need him anymore, I lost interest. You would had thought that he had token the hid, because we have not had sex in two months. Today is the day that everything will change, his meal ticket is ending. Once he leaves out, and do whatever he do, I arrange for Lexi to come in my apartment, and put all his stuff out, and have the locks change immediately, the joke is on him.

I took one last look, at this scum, and grab my book bag, purse, and car keys, headed on out the door. In the hallway I close the door, and locked it. Soon, I was about to leave when I heard the door open, and soon Lexi came out.

”Hey Tiff, how are you? ”

” ”Good, how about you? ”

”You knw, the same is everything set for today? ” Lexi ask.

”Absolutely Lexi, I already have his suticases pack up, once you go in and look to the far side to your right, and you will see three suitcases thats all his stuff. ”

”Ok Tiff, that all I needed to know, I will text you when everything done. ”

”Thanks Lexi, don worry I will pay you later. ”

Don worry Tiff, its just a sister looking out for a sister. ”

” I appreciate it, I got to get going now talk to you later. ”

Lexi gave me a nod, and I headed to the elevator, since my apartment is on the third floor. One thing that I can say about Lexi is that she is a true friend. It was a week after I rejected my mate Quinton, that I decided to leave home, I got tired of feeling unwanted so, I grab my things, and left. When I got into town, that when I discover I was in human town, the first thing that I notice was a diner, so I went in, and took a seat at a table. There is when I met Lexi who was a waitress she took my order, when she came back with my food placing it on the table, and she walk off. I begin to eat, and was thinking about my next move, soon as I was finished Lexi came over to retrieve my plate. Before she could walk off again, she begin to say ”Hello, you seem that you are far away from home, are you in trouble? ”

” No, I just ran away from home, thats all ”

”I can tell cause we don get many runaways here, but hey we are consider a small town. ”

”Then I should have no problem adjusting here ”.

”Exactly, my name is Lexi ” she said extend out her hand.

”Tiffanye ” I stated shaking her hand.

”Tiffanye, you look a little young, how old are you? ”

”Im sixteen, Ill be turning seventeen soon ”

”Wow, I would had never guess it, anyway Im eighteen. ”

”Cool, so Lexi I wonder can you tell me, where I can find a motel around here, so I can get settle in for tonight? ”

”Nonsense, you can stay with me. ” Lexi said.

”I appreciate that Lexi, but I don want to be a burden. But most of all you don know me like that. ”

”Its not a problem Tiffanye, anyway you are not the only one who ran away from something, or somebody. I ran away too, coming from a broken home of mental and emotional abuse from my family, so I can relate to you. ”

” I accept your offer Lexi, if you are sure I want be a burden to you? ”

”Of course you want Tiffanye, before we do anything are you sure that no one looking for you? ”

”Well if you consider both parents that ignore me, a self-center sister, a brother who does his own thing, and my younger sister will wonder why I left, other than that no. But I will call my sister Journee up to let her know that Im safe so she will no longer worry. ”

”Ok, than you all set, come on let me show you my place. ” Lexi said grabbing one of my bags, and I got up, and follow her. After that day, my life change. I got to know Lexi, from her background, to her goals she have set in life, than I gave her some background about me, except she does not know that Im a werewolf, even though she human, I can see myself telling her one day, about my kind until then my lips are seal. I made it to the first floor, the elevator door open, and I walk heading out the front door, went over to the parking lot unlock my car door, got in and started my car, and drove off headed to the gym, to do my daily workout.

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