After a busy day, Lin Huanhuan was extremely tired.

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She took off her clothes and lay in the bathtub.
Warm water engulfed her body.

How comfortable!

Lin Huanhuan closed her eyes and she started feeling sleepy once the tense muscles in her body relaxed.


Before she knew it, she fell asleep.


Lin Huanhuan’s body slowly slid into the water.


When the water reached the top of her head, she suddenly woke up!


The feeling of suffocation made her panic, and she struggled to get up.

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The water splashed about due to her movements and she raised her hands to grab the edge of the tub but she found that she couldn’t grasp anything…


Lin Huanhuan was stunned.


She immediately looked around and realized that she was standing in a stream.
The water was just above her waist, and she was surrounded by green mountains and grass.
The tall trees were lush, looking like a primitive forest.


Lin Huanhuan’s mind went blank.


‘Where am I?’

Her first thought was that she was dreaming.

Lin Huanhuan pinched her thigh hard, causing her to grimace in pain.

‘I’m not dreaming!’

Lin Huanhuan was now filled with horror.
What was going on?

She had only taken a nap during her bath.
Why had she woken up in a primeval forest?!

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Could she have transmigrated?!


She shivered when she felt the chilly breeze blow past her.

Lin Huanhuan hugged her arms and realized that she was naked!


She was completely naked now — butt-naked!


A string of curses ran through her mind.

‘God, even if you wanted me to transmigrate, couldn’t you have let me put on some clothes first?!’

The stream was very cold.
If she stood here any longer, she would surely catch a cold.

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Lin Huanhuan could only endure the feelings of shame and carefully climb ashore.

She hoped there was no one else in this forest.

If anyone saw her naked, she would immediately die of embarrassment.

Just then, there was the sound of water splashing.

Lin Huanhuan stopped and looked towards the sound.
She saw a tall man jump into the stream.

He cupped some water from the surface of the stream and splashed it over his face.


His long white hair was wet.
Water droplets slid down his cheeks and landed on his beautifully shaped chest muscles, making them glisten.

The star shaped tattoo on his waist flashed in the light.


His senses were sharp.
The moment Lin Huanhuan looked at him, he immediately sensed her gaze.

The man looked up and immediately saw Lin Huanhuan.

Their eyes met.


They both froze.

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The man was in heat, and his body was extremely hot.
He wanted to jump into the water to calm himself down, but he did not expect to meet a woman here.

This woman was more beautiful than any he’d ever seen before.

She was hugging her arms tightly against her body and her waist was soft and slender.

Her fair skin was delicate, and her sparkling eyes were like the brightest stars in the night.
It made one want to offer her the best of everything.


She was like a fairy from the legends, catching his breath in an instant.

The man’s heart raced as his blue eyes rippled.
His throat was suddenly dry.


When Lin Huanhuan saw the man’s face clearly, she was stunned by his handsome face.

But the man’s burning gaze quickly brought her back to her senses.

She was naked!

She had been seen while naked!

How embarrassing!

Her face flushed as she fled into the forest in a panic.

She’d only take

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