War, War Never Changes…

Chapter 5: The Forest of Madness

”You are going to a planet called Tersa. It is a very similar planet to Earth, but, it has magic. ” The Devil explained.

”What can someone do with magic? ”

”That varies. They can do things like summon animals or locate something. ”

”Can I use magic? ” Isaac said, with his interest piqued.

”I was waiting for that question. Everybody does that one. ” The Devil said with a hint of boredom. ”Yes, you can use magic, but, in your case in specific, I recommend you use magic based upon your previous life knowledge. ”

”Wait. How does magic even work? ”

”Think about a ball made of fire. If you think about it with enough intensity, it becomes true. Of course, it cost something. ”

”What? ”

”Mana. ”

After pondering for one moment, Isaac asked ”What is mana, by the way? ”

”Well… ” The Devil seemed thoughtful ”It is like a universal coin of exchange. It can be used do to almost anything. For the right amount, of course. ”

”I see… how is the use of mana divided? ”

”There are two primary types of mana use. There are physical enhancers and casters. Physical enhancers deposit mana throughout their bodies so to fortify and enhance their physical capabilities. As for casters, they use mana to cast spells. ”

”As for casting, what are the limitations? ”

”There are no limitations, except for: your imagination and how much mana you can put on a single task. ”

” What do you mean by how much mana you can put on a task? ”

”Lets say there are two people: one with high capacity to put mana on a task and one with low capacity. They cast the same spell. Which one will have more power? Of course, the one with the highest capacity. This is called mana output. There is also the mana capacity, that being how much mana you can have stored. The higher the mana capacity, the easier it is to get enough mana for casting a spell. For normal people, you need both capacity and output to cast a spell. ”

”Are there exceptions? ”

”Yes. Firstly, we have individuals that cast divine power. They are just casting magic using the powers of deity or demon. With that ability, they can jump over mana capacity. As for the second group, they are reincarnated beings. They can negate both output and capacity, since they are able to directly manipulate environmental mana, that isn restricted nor limited. Normies usually integrate environmental mana to their own, but since you are reincarnated, you can directly use it. ”

”Ok. You said that, with enough mana, almost anything can be casted. Can normies also do almost anything? ”

”If they can, yes. If they do it, no. They normally use mana hymns, a type of casting that helps optimize usage and efficiency of a spell and of mana. ”

”How are mana users divided? ”

”Both enhancers and caster are divided by how much mana rings they have. Each mana ring can hold x value of mana. The higher number of rings someone has, the more mana they have. They can have from 1 ring to 12 rings. As of now, the individuals with highest ringing are all 8th rings, and there are 4 of them: 2 casters and 2 enhancers. As for ring positioning, if all rings are in one place, someone is a caster, if they spread across the body, that someone is an enhancer. All mana users answer to the same organization, the Mana Users Association. That entity is run by a committee made of 11 members of the 7th ring and the 4 8th ring individuals. The organization itself has more than 10 thousand members, with half of them being 1st or 2nd ringed. As for spells, they are also divided by grade. A 1st grade spell can be casted by 1st ring users, 2nd grade by 2nd ring users, and so on. A lower ring user may be able to cast a higher grade magic, but like 1st ring casting a second grade, because it is dangerous and hard. ”

”Excellent. I think I have a decent idea of how mana works, but how about the political and geographical situation of that world? ”

”Of course, I forgot. ” The Devil takes a map from under the table ”This world is divided among 3 continents. Only the middle one is inhabited. Both others are very rich resourcefully, but are very far away from the middle one, that is why they haven yet been colonized. The middle continent is called Trarna, and has a higher amount of resources than any other continent on Earth, but they are concentrated, in very specific places. Trarna has 1 holy nation, 4 empires, 13 kingdoms, 9 principalities, 6 duchies, 4 republics, 3 free cities and 1 confederation. They are, in order by size: Empire of Risun, Empire of Valnera, Empire of Laxca, Holy Nation of Varla, Empire of Garman, Kingdom of Duten, Kingdom of Ogor, Kingdom of Alsair, The Great kingdom of Serna, Kingdom of Seger, The United Kingdom of Dalmas-Alquias, Kingdom of Drus, Kingdom of Selm, kingdom of Garwen, Kingdom of Sarkie, kingdom of Sarwe, Kingdom of Markwow, Kingdom of Xerja, Principality of Aster, Principalty of the Low Nation, principality of Gran, Principality of Zoe, Principality of Kal, principality of Zwo, principality of Eurno, Principality of Balmorter, principality of Gaue, the Republic of the East, the Southern republic of Serman, the United Republic of Glust, Duchy of Karllo, the duchy of Sarvigno, the Duchy of Ker, Duchy of Guat, Duchy of Arkaam, Duchy of Swor, the Federated republic of Arsena, the Rhune Mountain Confederation, and, at last, there are the 3 free cities. They are: the City of Gyirm, the city of Fedal, and the city of The Guoer Valley. There is also a special administrative region. The headquarters of the Mana Users association, the Mana Tower, has a special administrative region surrounding it. Inside this region and directly surrounding the tower, there is a city called Mana City, that works as the capital of the region. This region is also unofficially called The Mana Kingdom. As for demographics, the continent has, at most, 750 million citizens. ”

”For Gods sake, go slower!! ”

”Ok, Ok. There is a great swath of unclaimed land called The forest of madness. It is unclaimed because of the dense vegetation that covers most of the place. Im going to send you to the southern side of the forest. ”

”Why there, precisely? ”

”First: there are enormous deposits of iron, lead, saltpeter, copper and coal in the region. The closest deposit is 3 km away, while the farthest is 100 km away. Second: there is a very good shoreline, excellent for navigation and great for fishing and defense. Lastly, it is very close to the Duchy of Swor, the weakest amongst the regions nations. ”

”Perfect to make an automated army and for conquering, isn it? ”

”If it wasn for the vegetation, that place wouldve already become a hotbed for territorial disputes. If go 200 km northwest, you get to a bauxite deposit. About 300 km north, there is a deposit of gold and other precious metals, and 150 km west, near the forests limit, an enormous reserve of pechblende exists. ”

”You want nukes, huh? ”

”As a last resource. If possible, I would prefer chemical or biological warfare. ”

After thinking for a second, Isaac asked ”You said that I could get some androids for some initial help, right? Can I take a look at them? ”

”Sure, why not? ” The Devil flicks his wrist, and 5 androids appear. They are completely covered in an layer of aluminum, and appear to be made from steel. The middle one appears to be slightly larger, and he looks like the leader.

”Squad 1, transfer ownership to Isaac Matthew Oliveira-Ehrlich. ”

”Ownership transference complete. ”

The leader is the middle one. They are completely loyal, and can replicate themselves, if they have enough resources available. AI included. They recharge trough solar power. ” The Devil said with a grin.

”Thank you. Can I put a name on the leader? ”

”Of course. ”

Looking directly at the the leader, Isaac said, ”From now on, you are to be called Josiah. ”

”I thank his lordship grace, and I shall fill my duties until Im destroyed. ”

”Excellent. ” Isaac said with a smile. ”Thank you for the explanation and for the help, Devil. I will use the most of these resources. ”

”No need for thanking. ” The Devil answered with a sincere smile. ”Be careful down there. There is a lot of people that will become your enemies, so, be careful. Good luck. ”


With that snap, Isaac and the androids disappeared.

”Is he gone? ” A hoarse voice asked.

”He is. ” The Devil answered.

”Excellent. We have high expectations for him. ”

”We all do. ”

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