War, War Never Changes…

Chapter 3: The Devil

After the end of his service, Isaac secluded himself in his property. He almost never went out, never got any visitors, it was only him, his small house, and his search for knowledge. when the Internet and smartphones started to become a thing, Isaac got everything he needed to work with it. He made sure that he was able to get access to any information that he wanted.

For 12 years he lived in almost absolute seclusion, with only knowledge and his memories and thoughts to make him company. Isaac, once a great general, was consumed by hate, sorrow and loneliness. Until that day.

At age 92, in mid May, on a hot morning in Maryland, the once great General had a visitor: the director of the CIA, Paul Walker.

”What do you want, Paul. ”

”Relax, I only want to talk to you. ”

”Be honest ” Isaac laughed ”If it isn for killing, what use would The Reaper have? ”

”…. You know I don like that nickname. ” Paul sighed. ”But, yes, you are right, again. Im not here just for talking ”

”If you are going to kill me, just say it ”.

”I don want to do it, but… you forced my hand. The higher ups are very cautious with you. You have no attachments, no real way to keep you in a leash. You are dangerous, is influent, and, most importantly, has been quiet. Too quiet. Now tell me, what you expected them to do in this situation? ”

”I didn really expect anything. I survived through the holocaust, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War and the Iraq War. I don really care what happens now. I was used, disposed and I don really care anymore. If you want to kill me, just do it, I can care anymore. Im too old to care. ” Isaac said tiredly, with a hint of hate and sadness. ”If you are going to kill me, just kill me already. It is easier than just invent excuses. ”

Hearing this, director Walker take his Glock 22, arms it, points it to the head of of Isaac and say ”Just one question: have your ever thought of overthrowing the government? ”

Isaac looks in the eyes of Walker and says ”If I ever thought of it? Yes. If I would ever do it? No. My loyalty stands with my brothers-in-arms, and if I tried to overthrow the government, I would put them at risk. ”

”I see ” Bang Thump.

”Why are you showing me this? ”

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