”Its that all you want ” she nod. Smiling

” yes, thank you ” the waitress hand her over, hand her over the fancy back, Adex took one from her

”Please, can I pay with the P.O.S ” he tact, search for his card in his wallet. The waitress brought out the P.O.S . under the canter, Adex hand her over the ATM card, Complete the transaction leaving. A man run across them, as a officer run after him. They we
e just standing in front of the restaurant. The officer pull out a gun, Adex brought out his phone.

”Babe get into the car ” he exclaimed. As Kaima held into the passages sit. He hushed to the drivers sits. He films

”Babe, what are you doing? ” Kaima whisper,

”Stop there!, I say stop there! ” he roared. As his second, run towards them. ”If you don stop I will shoot you ” he grunt, the young man stopped, placed his hands on his head.

”Whats my offense?, what have I done? ” he inquiry. The 2nd officer, dice him a slap, he screamed in so much pain, holding his cheek.

”Officer whats my offense?, I didn rob anybody, neither did I kill someone, so why are you doing this to me? ” he cry out. The 1st officer throw punch on him, he landed of the floor,

”Shut up!…I will kill you here and nothing will happen, no one will question me ” the 2nd Officer roared. ”Where is the key, give us the money or you give us the key? ” he asked.

” what money, I can give you my money, I didn steal it, the car is my. Im a businessman, who work hard for my money. Tell me my offense, what did I do, its right to know what I did, you can be harassing me let this ” he grunt

”Ok, please whats the problem, what did he did. This a grown up man, you
e treating like this, and is against human rights. Let us know what he did ” He exclaimed. One of the Officer landed a dirty slap on him

”You better stay out of this, leave here now ” he yelled, pushing him, as he leave

”Don push me I will leave ” he groan, leaving.

”lets go to the car ” he roar, pulled him on his trouser, dragging him

”Im not going anywhere, you have to tell me my offense ” he said so persistent

”Babe, please lets go ” she pleaded with him.

”Babe, I really need this, you don know how long I have been kneeling for this shot. Please love ” he pleads. Kaima putting her sit belt, they heard a gun shot. Blood gushing out from the mans body, kaima gasped her hand place on her opened mouth, her heart race

”Give me that phone? ” the 1st Officer roared. smash the smart phone one the tad road.

every piece fall to a direction, it was beyond repair, as he bang on it with so much force.

Kaima grab the smart phone from Adex, hidden it under the dashboard ” please, lets leave here now ” she exclaimed, Adex revised

The other officer released a bullet to the air, every one on his or her feet, runs as fast as their leg could take them, far from where the bullets might land. its a dead sentence to record when an Officer is involved in an incident. If caught you
e either beating up and you phone is destroyed or you are lock up and still won get your phone, Adex and Kaima was already out of the scene

Getting home, Bisi was just parading around the building, panicking, murmuring. She hush to them waiting in patiently at the drivers opening, Adex glance at her, as Kaima step down.

”Are you ok, did anything happened to you? ” Bisi interrogated, she made kaima turned around

”Mommy, Im fine, we
e ok ” kaima retorted smiling, as she scan her through, Kaima so stunned. Adex pack the car walks towards them, counting his step, seeing Bisi reaction, he fling his heard in stigma

”Why didn you pick my calls? ”, And why would you take her to such a violent space? ” she grunt, he ignored her walking into the house.

”Adex, Im talking to you ” she roared. As she joined him, walks inside the house. She sit, ranting. Adex knew his silence wasn going to solve the problem, he turns to her. Kaima was just gazing at them, smiling. Adex felt like running out of the house because of Bisis nagging, when ever she start nagging he either leave the house or lock himself up in the room, and just look for something to lock his ears .

”You just heard her say shes fine, everybody is ok ” he mumbled, he just hope it was going to save him.

” But somebody died? ” she yell.

”But nobody is hurt here ” he retorted, so aggressive.

” Did you know how worried I was, I called you series of time but you didn pick ” she groan, Adex sits on a couch.

”So you can kill someone with heart attack ” he moaned, Kaima tap him, eyeing him.

”What if something had happened, shes still somebodys daughter. You haven done anything on her head, despite you did an introduction ” she nagged

”Babe, can we please?, go into the room and leave this place for this woman ” he said. Bisis words was like an ant biting him in every part of his body, he was getting it.

”But thats not even marriage ” she grunts.

Adex grab Kaimas hand ”mommy is fine ” Kaima pleaded consoling.

”Its not fine ”. She still speaking to Adex. ”You
e still a small boy, you haven gone anywhere. Because you can pregnant a woman doesn mean, you
e a man ” she yell.

”You see why, I told you I don want to be here ” he said to Kaima.

”Mom, please let him be, at least everyone is safe. Im ok, his fine and the baby is perfectly ok ” she pleaded

”If not for you my beloved ”. Pointing at Adex ” This boy, if he have not gone for that stupid career, I wouldn be acting like this. He will want to take numbers, pictures and videos of everything that happened there. He wouldn rest ” she said. So aggressive leaving, she speaks like she knew him more than he know himself, there eyes meets she glared at him. Frowned zoom to the room.

”You see why, I can wait to live in my own house, I have already shown you the house I want to buy ” he grumble, Kaima sits on his lap.

”what is still holding you, you will be the one to come looking for me ” she said from behind. Kaima force his mouth close, by clutching them with her hand. She said as if it came from her heart. Bisi would prefer Bolade living far from her, than Adex. She never stop calling him, till the car zoom into the building, her mind went at rest. Kaima and Adex were preparing for their wedding, which was coming up after Chinasas wedding. Yes, the girl was about to take an oath

”My family, was also worried. she has the right to ” she said so supportive. Adex frowned, turns to another direction. She turn his face to face her, place a kiss on his lips


”How did this happened? ” IG roared. fling the file on the table to the floor, everything in the file flies to different directions.

”We are sorry sir, it was mistake ” the officer said, trembling. His feet couldn stay stable on the ground

” Sorry, is that what you are going to tell the world, every eye has seen this, what excuse do you have. How can you be so careless, do you know how many times I have had close door meeting with MR President. Over this. They press are on my neck to have interviewed with me about this incident, how could you be this careless to let this slip from your hand? ” he yell.

” I have dismissed those two idiot, it will never happen again ” he said as his voice break.

” This same mistake has happened, time past. This is the evidence the need to tore us down, and you
e saying it will never happen. Let me make this clear to you, if in any means my name get tag in any of this news reports, you will not just lose your job, you will spend your miserable life in jail ” he vow. His eyes so devilish and the sentiment in his voice, freeze him the more.

”And of all people, who could carry this information, is that Devil called Marshall Wendy, do you know the turmoil, this will cost me ” stood up . ”I would have fade it away if it was just those maggot news reporters. Marshall, is not some one you can just throw off balance ” he grunt.

”sir, what can I do, please tell me? ” he pleaded

”Get out of my office, you
e are just a bunch of idiot ” he roar, he flame like a fire. He dash out of his office.

” I need to do something ” he Panic. wandering around. ”Black. I need Black ” he search his phone contact with his sight. He dial a number

”Halo sir, how can I be of help? ” He grumble.

”I want to see you ” he retort.

” send location and time, I will be right there sir. have a nice day sir ” he tact. The phone hang

”Marshall Wendy, you have cross the line, I will bring you down ” he moaned.

Mr Marshall Wendy, is one of the undefeatable Television presenter. Where a spare is called a spare. Every report delivered by his industry, breaks any one involved.


”We are already getting threats ” Mr Marshall said. Points his two fingers on his lips.

”from who, and why? ” Adex retorted so divested

”You have no idea how viral that video has gone. Its really going to cost us a lot but…, we
e not taken it down. This our job ”

”sorry sir, if I may ask, who are this guys threatening us? ” he queried.

”Adex, somethings are better not talk ” he exclaimed.

”But what do the really wants? ” he interrogated

”To take it down, the think thats possible ” he stood up. ” people has waken. Thats the beautiful thing, we need to wake up, this a call of duty. What sacrifice are you willing, to make for your generation, nothing. Haven they done enough, the innocent blood shared and we still living like everything is working fine ” glance through the window

Turned to face Adex. ”do you know, why I give you this job, and this position? ” He asked.

”No sir ” he moaned nervous

”Because I have watched you, and I know what you
e willing to do and what you can do. You must carry on, no matter what happened and remember this. For the good of your generation to come ” he exclaimed.

”Thank you, sir ” he nodes

” You have really did a good job, all duel, this a risk we are taken ” he smiled. tap Adex on the shoulder . ”Don panic. you are save. Nobody is coming to hurt you ”. he opened a cardboard, he took a sliver metal drive, hand it to him.

”I want you to keep this safe, don leave it to anyone you can trust, it contains an information, that will change lives. By exposing the people behind the horror that has fallen on us. I want you to leave now, I have a meeting to attend ” he exclaimed, sitting down.

”Thank you sir ” he said leaving, Adex knew something wasn right, he keep wandering in his mind what was happening, who was this Mr Marshall was afraid of

When Mr Marshall. watch Adex from The CCTV exit out of the building, To the car park. then he sees the entrance of some group of gang walking to the direction of his office. All putting on cap and some glass, he knew who they were. He took out the CCTV drive, he smash it on the floor, hitting it so hard with his shoe sore. Till he render it useless. He heard a lady screaming, he heard a gun shot, every where went calm, the step of their feet was the only thing heard.

Adex was about opening his automobile he heard the gun shot. He tremble, he hesitate. As he heard steps walking towards the car park, he throw himself under the metal.

”Mr Marshall. We didn came here to play games with you, we
e for a serious business ” he yell, a gun on his head,

”If I don give you the drive you will shoot me, even if I do you will still kill me. I have already did all the necessary things, and Im so ready for death. Go head it is just a one time thing ”. Mr Marshall brutal, one of them hit him the gun on the head. He screamed.

”Boss, this man is joking with us ” the 2nd gun man said, on a phone.

”Im I, going to teach you your job, this is why I paid you, do not call me, if is not to tell me, you have the drive. Do your job and stop complaining… ” he grunt. Mr Marshall, kick the man across his leg, he was able to get free. One of they gang released a bullet which went straight to his head. blood gushing out. Before the could get there he has given up the ghost in him.

”why did you shot him?, who ask you to? ” he yell, pointing the gun at him.

”Im sorry boss, Im very sorry ” he exclaimed, kneeling. He shot him without even thinking twice

”Guys lets go, we will be back for a haunt ” he grunt. Leaving as they join him, they held into the car and zoom off. Adex arrived home, Kaima was at the couch, sleeping. Immediately she heard a sound she wake.

”Babe, where have you been, what kept you so long? ” She ask, her looks show the trouble she was going through.

”I need to take my bath ” he exclaimed

”Are you hungry? ” she holds his shoulder, he moved from her.

”Im not hungry, Im just stressed, I just need a bath, I stinks ” he brutal. Pulling off his T-shirt. As he walks into the room, she joined him. She stares at him like, she wishes to feel his touched, his lips on heirs, making her screaming the whole night

”should I join you? ” she said, so exotic smiling. As she pick his wear

”No, no. go sleep… ok ” he grunt. his reaction turned her off, she felt regretted, she smell his wear, it was quite different perfume, She doubt the impression she was getting. Chinasa has already tied the knot, few months left for them to take the road, to the oath. As the say . ”when a man, is about to settle down, he would want to, groove before sticking to one woman ”. Adex in the bathroom, struggling to let go the incident that happened

Kaima lay on the bed, Adex walked in, she watched him as he lay at the other side of the bed, besides her, deflected to the other direction. she felt like she was totally shut out from his heart. ”Have you taken your drugs? ” she turned to his direction, wishing he turned to face her. ”No, I will do that later ” he retorted, covered himself with the blanket

”theres anything bothering you, we could talk?…, ” she asked so curious, holding his waist.

”Babe, please I want to sleep ” he brutal.

Nnenna now leave with Chinasa, since her husband travel a lot for business, Ugo in school. Kaima wish she was with her family, Adex totally change.


Kaima walks in, she sees on the central table a parcel, on it is a gift card, she reads

”I can imagine facing all the challenge life has to offer without you. You are my strength and inspiration. The reason I work hard is because of you. I love you. The day you came it my life was the day I crowned you the Queen of my heart. From that day I give you all I have ” manuscript written by Adex, she smiled.

Took the parcel opening it. Adex walked in carrying a tray on it is a ceramic plates, he place it on the dinning table went to meet her. It been a week Adex has been given her attitude, he completely went off from her, like he lock her out of his life. she knew something was wrong but she never let that get to her, series of time she tried talked to him but he either fade it away or react rudely. She decided to give him space. About to unwrap the parcel, he held her on the waist, kisses her neck.

”How was work today? ” he tact, petting her bond straight wig to the side.

”Stressful ” she retort smiling.

”I have really missed you. Im so sorry, I haven been nice ” he pleaded.

She turns to face him ”Thats fine, but we can still talk about it now ” she caution,

”No, theres nothing to talk about, Im fine ” he exclaimed smiling, playing with her hair.

”Ok. Thats fine, wow.., all this for me ” she tact so excited, opened the parcel its the latest iPhone tablets, she snog him.

”Even more… come. lets have dinner ” he grab her hand fist. She walk with him to the dinner. She came to life again, as joy keep rivalling in her heart.

”you would have left me. But you were still hopping for me to get back, thank you. ” he tact caresses her hand, kiss it. ”Ok. lets eat, I really can wait for you to have a taste of my meal ” he bits his lips, stood too dish the food, she smiled.

Few days later, Kaima on the couch pressing a smartphone, Adex walk in

”How are you? ” he tact snogged her.

”Im fine, thank you, and you ” she ask smiling.

”How is my baby? ” he placed his head on her belle.

” his fine, his kicking ” she retort, as he massage his tummy

”Ah…, his calling on me ” placed his head. ”Daddy!, Daddy!, I want to see you, Im tired of staying in mommys tummy ” he said, as if there was an conversation going on,

”just few more months, just be kind to Mommy, Little more patience. Ok… ” he retorted nodding, Kaima was overwhelming with happiness.

”babe? ” she tact

”Mmm…, ” he hummed

”Are you that serious about the Protest? ” she asked.

He smiled. ” yes, Im leading the protest, why won I ” he sits beside her. ” I know, but nothing is going to happen, this world wide. is an revolution. A wake up call. Babe Im ready to die for this ” he move closer to her, holds her cheeks.

”Im doing this, for you, my unborn child and my generation to come, for a bright future ” he caution.

”Love, please hold on ” she took the remote, increase the volume. television broadcast

”Now in detail, the CEO of FEEL IT, Television Network. Mr Marshall Wendy. was shot dead in his firm, his body was found at his car park, with one of the suspects. The security and his secretary was also shot dead. This was confirmed on 8th June, on Tuesday night. The suspect is yet to be found. Coming up ”

” Marshall Wendy ” she said, her eyes wide and frightened, she turns to him

”Yes, the shot him right in my front. They are after the record tape ” he exclaimed trying to avoid her eye.

”That same one. Why didn you let me know? ” she ask curiously

”Babe, I was going to handle it, thats why I didn want to get you involve. I needed space, to free my head ” he exclaimed

”Love, I should be part of everything about you, I should share your pain, joy and happiness, thats why we
e in a relationship ” she exclaimed

”The pregnancy, is a enough stress, sometimes is better, than adding more panic ” he caution.

”Babe, its it better we give it up, let them have what ever the want ” she caution.

”I want you to trust me, I will protect you and my baby, nothing is going to happen to you ” he vowed.

”what about you, we don need all this to survive, we need you ” she said, tears cloud her eyes.

e going to get married, and make a family. Nothing is going to happen, I promise you ” he vowed. Held her cheek, stares into her eye, she nodes, kiss his hand. Tears roll down her eye, placed he head on his heart.

Adex have been working under Mr Marshall. As a ghost writer, for the industry. His into exposing and manipulating the corrupt administration. And some many of his report has help in capturing so many illegal operation, done it the country, and as well exposing. Because of his aim and ambition to stand for truth, he work with Mr Marshall as a spy, his identity kept hidden. Mr Marshall. kept him far from ones idea.

He also work as a cyberespionage, where he don just earn, but exposed the illicit in every sector. Sometimes Kaima thought his into fraud. But because of how far there relationship had matured, and his personality. She distrust her instinct, he work from home, and work mostly at night, thats more reason she doubt.



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