”She misled her, lure her into it ” she sits on the bench, he joined her, he didn want to keep arguing with her, that wasn the moment. Emeka walk in from the room, his eye reddish and wept, walk down the stairs,

”They aren getting away with my little sister death ” he snorts; he wipes the tears as it glides down his cheek

”Eme! Eme! look is better we let the police do their job. please lets not take law into our hands, I know its hard for you ” he cautioned, Emeka squat down, buried his face on his hands, he struggles to hold the tears it kept dripping. A cloud brings us to the flashbacks

”Where did you get this money? ” Emeka groan asking. After Nnenna has scowl him for is failure and handicap, over the family bills. How good he is in consuming, because he was asking her for money, he left too furious. Mary over heard them, decide to assist with the little one she had

”Don you want it again, should I take it back ” she grunt

”But how did you got it, who gave you this money ” he exclaimed

”I will change my mind o… ” she moaned, he took it from her, as he watches her walk inside the house

Another flashback

”Let me see you ” he yells ”where are you going by 8:00pm ”

She frowns ”what did I do, what? ” she said, a hot tears glide down her eye

”One more word from you ” he lifts his hand, she bends to pick her phone

”What did I ever did, I can be free to live my life ” she grunt

”I have heard enough about you; Im making this promise to you. If I caught you with any of this old men, I will roast you alive ” Emeka roar

”What wrong Im I doing, no one cares about me, Im the one taken care of myself ” she pause

He came back to his senses, stood up looks at Adex who was standing beside him

”What wrong has she done, I watch her died, should I also watch them go scot free? ” he exclaimed

”I know how you feel; I understand you but you can do anything now. now the police are now involved ” he console

”What are they going to do, bring her back ” he yelled, push him so aggressive, it almost cost a fight. Kaima have to come in, consoling him, Emeka glare at Adex for a while, he left

”Where is her corpse, which mortuary is she? ” he asked

”St John mortuary ” she retorted, wiping her tears

”where is mommy? ” he asked curiously

”shes in ” she exclaimed

”We need to stop Emeka from doing anything stupid, he won go Scot free, if he does something stupid ” he cautioned. Going into the house, Kaima Joined him.

Adex has become part of their family ever since, he and Kaima became couple. Yet Nnenna know nothing about them, its a secret shared with her siblings, Nnenna only know him as Bolade elder brother but yet, Kaima and Bolade are not in good term. Their friendship brought both families together but the friendship was no longer there. Nnenna was not so attached with her children affairs. She put her efforts more on their daily bread, that was something, the little business she was running could afford but still not enough to give them three square meals. They were left to provide for themselves, everyone in the hustling Field. She never had time to speak with them, than to notify them on encounter with life. The only time she sits down with them was after late Maize Okories death. Ugo joined Kaima to hawk on the street, Mary took up from Chinasa, Emeka depend on building, which is just a petty reward. Mary was just fifteen and will be clocking sixteen in few days.


”I told her not to go, I did. ” pulled her wig, place her hands on her head, her eye swallow, Kate sits beside her. Consoling her, she tact.

”Its not your faults ” she consoled her, she looks at her in a disappointing way

”Then who is to be blame? no one. everyone is pointing me ” pause. close her hands in her mouth. ”My mom, she could never forgive me, she will curse the day she gives birth to me. Mary would have been alive if she listened, just listen but she didn ” she cried loud

Chinasa didn attend the party, she went to a friend party, which was nothing like, ”Daniellas birthday party ”. It was her first intention before, her friends party came up. Coming back the next day, a shout coming out from their home, she saw Natasha and Anna, Mary friends. Emeka and Kaima running out of the house, it was like a race everyone trying to overtake the other, she overheard Nnenna shouting.

”Mary, what have they done to my Mary ” in Language, it was like something like a cold shrivelled her from hair to toe, she felt like everything in her body shut down, tears tripping down her eye, she didn know what was happening but she knew something was wrong. She doesn know if shes to go into the house or joined them.

She walks into the room Mary was lied, she felt cold, it was like she was freezing at that very spot she was. Emeka and Kaima was just sitting at the edge of the bed. tears were like water running down Kaimas eyes, as she scans her little sisters dead body, a doctor running a check up on her. Emeka despite being a Man couldn let his sex deceive him, he couldn fight back the tears, tears were just making way down his cheek, Kaima seeing Chinasa was like seeing the devil. she walks to her release a hot sanded slap on her cheek, for the first time Kaima stand Chinasa, for her to raise her hand on her it took her years to summon courage. Chinasa couldn fight back because she knew it was nothing to compare with the pains she has cost her family, the slap was like an air blow on her cheek. If it was a gun shot, she will still be alive till the bullet has shut down her body system, she Won still feel it, even if it killed her, her soul was completely out of her body, she couldn even feel her own body. all she felt was the pains Mary was going through, what it was like for poor little Mary, her screams, the tears dropping down her cheek. It was like Mary was still alive, her eye opened, her body still fresh. Kaima hit her the second time, hitting and pushing her, she still didn feel like something was happening, some of the people present, has to drag Kaima out of the room to stop the chaos. She said a lot of things but she heard none, she knew Kaima was saying something but it was all coming to her like Marys Voice. The Doctor turn to Emeka saying something, she saw his mouth moving but all came like little Marys voice, immediately The doctor close Marys eyes which was wide opened. it was like Chinasa was tap, she became conscious. She Moves like someone was pushing her from the back, as if she was counting her step, she sits beside her, touches her face, it was cold. she buried Marys face on her chest, weeping so bitterly. Mary was still naked but was covered with a blanket


”Black Snake we understand your pains ” 1st Guy condole

”She was such a little Angel, so peaceful to be with, ”2nd Guy expressed. with a stick of cigarette, almost burning into his finger

”It still baffles me; how do they feel hurting that poor girl ” 3rd guy empathize

The 1st Guy, blow on air, the stick of cigarettes he sips was almost at the yellow line, he took a long sip, trash it as he matches it with his feet, till the flame became invisible. ”Eh…, its not my fault if I became so violence, for me all I want is there head, I need their head…, no one should ask me what Im to do with it, I was on my own, they came looking for my trouble ” fifth Guy brutal. his neck makes sound as he stretched it like someone whos about to enter a fight

”Black snake. Im not happy we are wasting time here; we need to take action ” 3rd Guy moaned. his face furious, he quakes a gun, setting it up.

”No, this guys are brave, they have mind ” fourth guy brutal his hands fold

”is ok, is fine ” the first Guy,

”No more time to waste, my blood is hot, Black Snake Im running out of patients, say something. If you don want to come with us, approve us ” he grunts, it was like his body was boring

”The time is running out, Im tired standing here, we need action ” he exclaimed

Emeka had already finished a pack of cigarettes, sits still and calm. He felt like the courage he need, was the cigarette he just smokes, looks at his Gang, stares at the sky.

”They started it and we will end it ” he grunts, in his eyes express, fury and animosity

”yes ” A voice shout, as others nodded,

”This is not a challenge fight, is an avenge for the death of my baby sister ” his voice break, he presses his finger on his eye, wipe a drop of tears

”They will pay dearly ” a voice said

”Blood will flow, when I mean blood will flow, I mean blood will flow ” he whispered, lighten a stick of cigarette on his mouth, as he released the flame on air, it circulates

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