Pastor George called Mrs. Eno Usen immediately after the services of the day, as this was his usual practice for years as a minister of the gospel. He would often check on his members as a good shepherd especially those who did not come to service.

In recent times he has found himself regularly calling Mrs. Eno as she has been missing in service for over four weeks. He knew something was going amiss in the life of the young couple.

Today Sunday was not any different. He placed a call through to her and she was still sleeping at the time. Eno had promised herself that she would be well-rested before heading out to the birthday party. She had made up her mind yesterday to attend the birthday party with Jessica and Julie later in the day.

When she picked up the phone, she almost guessed that it would be the Pastor calling her as this was his routine every Sunday. Immediately, thinking that her Husband had probably gone to report her, she became defensive before pressing the answering button.

”Good morning sir ” She greeted in a stern voice.

”Good morning my sister. How are you today and how is work? ” The cheerful pastor replied.

”Im fine sir. Is anything the problem? ” Eno asked rudely.

”Oh not at all. Firstly I called to greet you, check up on you, and secondly, I called to pray with you ” The man answered politely.

”Okay, sir. You can pray then ” She agreed.

”I pray that the hand of the Lord will rest upon you. I pray that the wisdom of God required to build and preserve would remain with you forever. ”

”Amen! thank you, sir ” Eno appreciated.

”It is well sister Eno ” Pastor George said.

”Yes sir! ” She said.

”May I ask why you were not in church? I saw your sister and your husband and they said you decided to rest today because you were very tired. With your banking job, I was told you had a whole lot of work this weekend ” Pastor George narrated.

”Exactly sir. They were right. ” Emo quickly agreed.

”I can only imagine. But you have been missing regularly in service and…. ”

”Please….please….please if thats the reason you called, let me just clear you on something Pastor George. A lot of people in service are looking for jobs. I think you should focus on them. Pray for them to have one and then you will see about this excuse that I give. Because to me, the church is made for sick people…I don mean people who are sick physically but people who are sick in one aspect or another and they need treatment. The moment you are well, I wonder why you will still be returning to the same place that treated you. As for me, I am too busy to be attending fellowship and claiming prophecies. God has helped me. ” Eno explained.

”Wow!! really? ” The pastor exclaimed in total shock.

”Oh yes and I don mean that as an insult or anything I mean you should focus on those who are jobless. Im currently too full at the moment to be hopping from service to service. I appreciate your call sir. I will let you know if I need anything or any prayers. Thank you, sir ”

With that, she ended the call. Looking at the time, she got up and straight into the bathroom. She dressed up in a few minutes and went into the kitchen afterward, making herself a good plate of breakfast.

A few moments later, she was set for the party her friends invited her to attend. She looked fabulous with a gold mini dress and high-heeled sandals. As she headed out of the house, she saw her phone ringing and it was her mother that was calling.

”Did Usen report me to my mum? ” She asked herself. Assuming her mother will summon her, Eno refused to take the call. Whatever anyone thought of her, is fine as long as she is happy with herself. She was not going to be that bored and archaic in thinking and lifestyle. She hopped in her car and drove off to the party.

Usen and Uduak drove to Elder Akpans house after service as he had requested to see them. Usen loved his father-in-law and would always respect the retired soldiers wish. He was a principled man but he was affectionate with his family even his son-in-law.

On driving inside the compound, Uduak screamed in excitement. When Usen sighted her source of Joy, he laughed. There in front of Them was Paul Udoh. He is a two-time recipient of the AMAAs as best director. He is also Uduaks fiancee. Paul comes from a very wealthy family with a royal lineage. Since he made his intention to marry Uduak, Usen had become close to him.

Uduak was so happy to see him that Usen had to call them ”young love ”. Indicating that the relationship is still very fresh.

Looking at Pauls recent red sports car, Usen complimented it.

” I like this car. This is very nice o ”

”Thanks oh! My big man! You can afford ten if you desire ” Paul hailed.

”Abeg ooooo. I am not a politician o ” Usen joked laughing.

”You are bigger than them o ” Paul again hailed.

”Paul ooooo my man. You get mouth! But on a serious note, Ill like to get one like this ”

”I can tell my dealer and link him to you. But Chairman, where is your wife, or is she busy on Sunday? I thought banks don open on Sunday ” Paul said.

”Paul oo! I thought so too o!! ”

”Is everything alright? Paul asked looking worried.

”Everything is fine. Let go and eat. We will talk! Paul ooo ”

”If you say so. My chairman. ”

Going inside the house, Mrs. Itoro has arranged the dining table with so many delicacies. The elder was already seated at the table. After exchanging pleasantries, they all sat down for the meal. The elder has always loved his family to have occasional dinners regularly.

”Where is Eno? ” Mrs. Itoro asked Usen Looking closely at him and his lips stuttered.

”shes busy with work issues ma. ” he replied.

”On a Sunday? I keep calling her and she is not picking up my calls. ” The mother looks so worried.

”Im sorry ma. ” Usen apologized.

”You keep making excuses for my daughter. ” The elder Akpan said.

”I know you love Eno but shes been very busy these months. Too busy to see me for over eight months and she lives six minutes away ” The elder thundered and everyone at the table shivered.

” Im very sorry sir ” Usen apologized. Paul looked closely at Usen and he knew everything was wrong.

”When you see her, ensure that she comes to see me. ” The elder instructed.

Usen nodded in agreement.

After dinner, Paul took him outside for a quick chat.

”You can lie to everyone else. But not me. I am a filmmaker. I direct numerous people on set. I am a people reader. Chairman, I can always tell when situations are wrong. Right now, you are in the wrong situation, sir. What is it? ”

”Its my wife Paul. That woman is giving me a headache ” Usen went into details and Paul listened patiently to his soon-to-be brother-in-law.

”Have you spoken to her? ”Paul asked.

”I have several times. I even told her she is being inconsiderate in all she does ” Usen lamented.

”I do not know your wife very well. lets give her a benefit of the doubt. She may be through a rough patch and she can explain. Or maybe she found out something is happening to her and shes pushing everyone off. I say lets give her the benefit of doubt. ” Paul advised.

”This has been going on for more than two years. Im so frustrated. I love the Lord and I wouldn want to cheat on my wife. I don want another family except for this one I have but…. ” Usen lamented.

”Chairman its repairable. I don see anything seriously wrong but what I don understand is the character change. First, let us just find out what this new attitude is all about. Then we can see what to do. But in the meantime, chairman, lets go out and watch the game tonight. Lets get your guys Patrick and Matthew to meet up.

As planned, the men gathered together in Elder Akpans house. They bade the elder and his wife goodnight. Uduak choose to stay with her parents as she was leaving for school the next day. Paul also promised to take her to school the following day.

When the men drove in Usens Lexus, there was mini traffic not too far from the house. They chatted and laughed until they drove by Chief Brianss house. The party was reputably a loud one. There were several ladies and exotic cars parked around. The security was also so tight and it was evident no one could penetrate uninvited.

”A lot of these ladies here are prostitutes. All they want to do is sleep with these big men for business contracts and all ” Patrick said.

”Is that not your wifes car? ” Mathew mentioned

”No. My wife can be there. shes at home ” Usen said without looking at the car.

”Besides she is so tired. I don think….. ”

”Are you sure? ” Paul asked.

Usen was suddenly so quiet when he turned his head to see because it was obvious that was the car his wife drives. He stopped the car abruptly and came down. Paul quickly hurried after him.

However, the security men gave them a look despite how desperate and furious Usen looked.

”if you don have an invitation card, please get out of here, ” The first soldier said.

”Im looking for… ” Usen said

”Oga get lost! This is a strictly by visitation Birthday party. If you don have it, walk away ” The second soldier said.

”You can leave. Chairman, you can call your wife. ” Paul insisted

Usen dialed his wifes number and she wasn picking up. He did it repeatedly but she was not picking. He began typing messages.

”Shes not responding to my message. I don know what to do ” Usen complained.

”Chairman relax. Lets give her some benefit of the doubt. It could be that she brought her friends here or something. ”

Paul advised.

Just then they saw a group of businessmen laughing with glasses of wine in their hands and they all had skinny women by their sides. At the end of the line, Usen saw his wife in the arms of an elder businessman. She was laughing.

”What is this? Eno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usen screamed so loud that bouncers tried holding back. Eno glanced in his direction with a look of disgust in her eyes. She let go of the older man and dropped her glass of champagne. She walked out briskly towards them with anger brewing.

”What is the meaning of this embarrassment? ” she asked him looking so furious. His friends walked away into his car leaving him and his wife in front of Chief Brianss compound.

”I thought you wanted to rest at home? ” Usen said, fighting the urge to drag her.

”And so what? Are you monitoring me? See how you yelled at the top of your voice! Am I the first married woman? ” Eno replied.

”Am I not supposed to know where you are per time? ” Usen asked.

”Really? Usen please go home. I am networking. I will see you at home. ” Eno replied as she turned to go in.

”No… Way. You are coming with me. Look at the way you are dressed. Eno It is not proper for a married woman. How much more a Christian ” Usen stated.

Eno looked at him and she was filled with so much guilt in her eyes in an instant as she adjusted her clothes.

”Eno are you coming?Jessica suddenly appeared from the party. The couple turned to look at her.

”Senator Jake wants to meet you ” Jessica added.

”I have to go Usen. I will see you later at home ” Eno said as she followed Jessica into the party.

”Your husband is just monitoring and caging your life ” Jessica said as they walked into the party and Usen heard it.

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