know myself and all the intelligence that I possess. ” Eno replied frowning.

”I don think I would ever stop cooking for close friends and family. Besides mummy taught us to always share food. ” Uduak stated smiling.

”That is why she is a retired school teacher with nothing to her name. Church woman and retired soldier wife. They live an average life that is worth nothing. I am talking about class, dignity, rich and powerful not mediocre. ”

Uduak could not stop her mouth from opening in total shock.

”If you like open your mouth wide. You have to use your sense except you will never amount to anything powerful ”

”Sis this sounds like vanity to me ” Usual objected.

”Yes, the church has brained washed you. Everything is vanity. Talking to you is stressful. I am going to sleep. Hope you will spend the night? ” Eno asked.

”Yes, sis. Goodnight ”

”Good night. I will see you in the morning ”

Usen heard everything Eno told Uduak from where he stood by the kitchen door and he wondered what went wrong in her. Eno sounded like a completely different person. Choosing to take his pastors advice from earlier in the day, he left the door before she came out. After a brief moment, he entered his room.

Eno was shedding her clothes to take a bath. Usen admired her. He chose at that moment to see only the good things he loved about her. The softness of her skin, her ebony color, her long natural hair which is hidden in cornrows. Her hips have increased over the years and the rounded fullness of her breast. He took off his shirt and tossed it making a loud sound. Eno turned abruptly and before she could protest as her usual practice was, he had her pinned by the entrance door to the bathroom. With her immobile, he kissed his wife passionately.

He turned deaf to her resistance and stubbornness as he cradled her head holding her in place, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. After a few seconds, Enos resistance died. Her husband was a skilled sex man and that had always thrilled her.

However, this new passion was entirely something else. Usen released one of his hands and straight away it romanced his way from her perky boobs into her pant. She was absorbed glistening in moisture. With two fingers and gentle care, he took her on a journey of stroking while still kissing her. He wanted this to be absolutely about pleasure for his wife. His strokes increased as her breathing increased and as he deepened his fingers, Eno rode into full climax almost collapsing on his shoulders. He held her as the pleasure took over her body. Raising her face, she couldn look into his eyes. But he kissed her forehead.

”Can we bath together? ” he asked lovingly.

”Yeah but don cum inside of me ” she ordered and he nodded. The bathroom was one of their many beautiful love spots and Usen drove his wife into pure bliss. She loved how he paid attention to details and spends his time touching and loving.

They slept afterward and soon it was Sunday morning. Usen woke up before her and quickly turned on the water heater in the bathroom. He took out his already designated clothes for church service and checked for a matching outfit for Eno.

He woke her up after he had taken his bath.

”Baby….baby its 7 am. Its time for church ”

”Hmmm ” Eno responded.

”I know you are tired but we have to get ready for church ”

”I am not going. I want to sleep some more. ” Eno replied.

”You have not been to church for three Sundays now…baby…don let your fire go down. God is the giver of all we had. ” Usen nudged as he tried to raise her.

”Usen I said I am not going to church. Yesterday I made 300 million naira for the bank on a Saturday. God didn come down to make it. I did. The church is for people who need miracles. I have a lot of those. Besides you are going. So, pray for me. ” Eno turned and began to sleep some more.

Usen was stunned! Satan was indeed working through his wife!

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