When the call ended, Enos conscience probed her for a few seconds. Her parents raised them (Her and her younger sister) to be considerate, mindful of others and never boastful. However, she has grown and she realized she no longer fits the narrative of a naive little church girl any more.

Initially, being humble earned her love and admiration in the office. But since she began to excel flawlessly, she has what she desired most, which is respect! Her male colleagues dreaded getting into any debate or argument with her. She would not tolerate their Shenanigans simply because she is female. She was the head of a whole new department in the bank and she brings in hundreds of millions weekly through her customers and the brands she is building for them.

She did not wish to disrespect her mother but the woman was trying to force her to be what she doesn want to be. She did not want to be tagged as the ”submissive ” wife! Recently,that sounded a lot like ”slavery ” to her. A lot of male clients worship the ground she walks on and if she was not married, she might have been flirting with one or two of them.

”Eno Is that your mum? ” Jessica her 36 year old friend and Colleague at the bank asked her.

”Yes it was ” She responded sadly.

”Your family monitors you regularly sha. Did she not call you last week? ” Jessica asked again.

”My sister and I do not even understand what their problem is? ” Eno said out loudly.

”Maybe she wants money. When last did you send money home? Families always beg for money strategically ” Julie inserted. Julie Ukpatt is a 34 year old single mother. They all laughed and resumed eating.

”Funny enough, my mum will rather ask my husband for money than ask me. ” Eno stated.

”Ha! Its better for you Eno. That way you will save and live the baby girl life that you deserve for this intelligence and hard work. ” Jessica encouraged.

”Exactly! I am not even bothered about their demands. The issue is they are all stressing me and my husband is the chairman of this stress committee. ” Eno complained bitterly.

”What is the main issue? What do they want from you? ” Jessica asked as she sips her glass of wine. She had ordered lamb chops, fries and salad. They all shared a bottle of wine.

”They say I should be a good wife. ” Eno said sarcastically moving her head from side to side.

”Please tell me a definition of a good wife? ” Jessica asked as she hissed.

”I don know. I don just understand them. I am 26 years old. I have been married for four years now.It feels like such a long time Jesi… Sometimes I feel I married too early. I feel trapped. I have not even lived my youth and now they want to add childbearing to the mix. ” Eno listed.

”Oh, my darling, am so sorry. What I will say to you is simple. Stand your ground. If you don want a child now. Refuse it. No one should conform you to the ancient ways of living. That is why i left Obinna. I can be trapped to be the good wife while you are out there ”lazying ” about with no meaningful income in months. I should stay in poverty.com and be praying for open door? God forbid. See eh Women have seen the light. What a man can do, a woman can certainly do. I enjoy my money my self. If you want to suffer, good luck to you. Thats what I said to him. So enjoy your youth. Flex and party o. Eno, life has no duplicate. ”

”I support Jessica a hundred percent. Your mother has lived her life. So its time for you to live yours. You guys are generations apart. Aspire to achieve those great things you want. Shine your eyes for your husband. He is not your lord and personal savior ” Julie added.

”Or the grand commander of the universe ” Jessica inserted.

”Exactly. So don feel pressured. Like me, am going to chief Brians birthday tomorrow and I will party hard ” Julie said.

”Don forget to pick me up. Eno, you can come too. You can network and further elevate your brand-building department ” Jessica encouraged.

”I don know o. Tomorrow is Sunday. Church duties first. After church, I have to cook and stock the house for the week. ”

”What will your husband be doing? Look Eno you are not a slave. You need to unwind before you break down. ” Jessica stated.

”My own is this church thing. Foreign nations are building infrastructure. Nigerians are praying. When will we have sense? ” Julie asked.

”I tire my dear ” Eno responded.

As they conversed and dinned, Enos phone rang for the second time.

”Yes Uduak what is it? ” Eno sounded harshly

”Good afternoon sis. I am in your house. Where are you? ” Uduak asked.

”What do you mean my where am I? …when did you come back from school? Eno queried.

”Just now. I wanted to eat your afang soup before going home but your kitchen is dry. ”

”In fact, it is perfect that you are in my house. Collect money from Usen and go to market. Help me stock up the kitchen and cook. I will add to your allowance, you hear. ”

”But sis, Bros Is not around ” Uduak objected.

”Call him on phone then ” Eno ordered.

”But can you just send me the money and bros will reimburse you when he comes. You know he always does that. ”

”Are you mad, did i tell you i have money? Am telling you what to do and you are suggesting rubbish. When you get married, carry all your money to cook for man. In fact, enter the kitchen and start writing the list of things I don have. Include detergent and livestocks along with the groceries. I will call him to transfer the money to your account. ” Eno stated.

A few seconds later. Eno was on phone with Usen.

”Hello, baby. ” Usen answered.

”Please transfer 120k to my sister for the monthly shopping. ”

”I am kind of busy here baby. Just do it and I will reimburse you when I get out of this meeting ”

”Usen it will not cost you five seconds to bring out your phone and send Uduak the money. ”

”Baby I am not saying i wont do it. I am saying I am kind of busy here ”

”What rubbish busy? Today Saturday? If you don send her the money. Just know i wont use my hard earned money to feed you ” Eno hung up the phone.

”Wait oh, is your husband sick and broke? What stops him from going to the market and doing cooking? ” Jessica asked.

”Exactly my thoughts ” Eno utters.

”Who says its a womans duty? ” Julie added.

”Honestly these are the issues that gives men wings. ” Jessica concluded

”On top that he wants a baby. I will be a live-in maid and a baby making machine for Usen. Usen that has not been going to work? Recently he seems to have so much free time to misbehave. Ha! I reject it. ” Eno declared.

” I support you my darling. Lets eat up and go get our pedicure done. ”

”Thats true. I need new lashes self ” Eno concurred.

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