Valkyr Strike


I looked at myself in the mirror and gently smacked my cheeks then smiled in the mirror. I prepared myself to head to my new academy and show everyone my skills as a new Valkyr. My name is Yuka Asamura and I was accepted to a very prestigious academy called Valkyr Academy. Valkyr Academy is said to have the ability to train students such as myself and help us understand our new Flux abilities.

”I have to make it to the train station on time..! I can be late for my first day! ” I said as I ran down the subway to catch the next train. I stopped running and panted then heard an explosion. ”What the- ”

A crowd of people were running away from a huge Flux Beast. The beast thrashed about the subway, destroying everything in its way. I looked at the beast and my eyes shined.

”Look out! ” Someone yelled and tackled me out of the way of the beasts attack.

The beast roared and spread its wings. The woman that pushed me out of the way sat up and looked back at the beast. She stood up and lightning surged around her body then she summoned her sword.

”Stay back! I don need you getting hurt! ” She said then rushed straight into battle against the Flux Beast.

I watched her and the beast fight and honestly I was in awe. I stood up and felt her Flux Energy from where I stood. The beast had a struggle fighting against the woman and even was annoyed by her speed.

The beast roared and the soundwaves of his roar pushed the woman away. He opened his mouth wide and an energy orb began to form.

The woman grunted as she couldn get close to the beast anymore because of the energy pressure blocking her way forward. ”Dammit. I need to stop that beast! ”

She bellowed and awakened her Flux Drive and her lightning turned purple. She finished her Flux Awakening and slashed in front of her, sending a massive lightning cutting wave at the beast. The cutting wave hit the best then exploded. The energy pressure disappeared and the woman smiled as she thought she had finished the beast off.

I sensed something was off then ran ahead. ”The beast! The beast isn dead! ”

”What? Hey! I told you to stay back- ” She grunted as she heard a roar then heard the beast unleash his beam attack.

Her eyes widened then an explosion happened. She looked surprised and grunted as high winds blew around the area. She noticed the smoke clear and noticed my halo and wings then saw my eyes shining gold.

”You…You have a Flux Drive..? ” She said in shock.

The beast looked at me and roared. It retreated and flew away after feeling my energy. I watched it fly off then returned to my normal form. I grunted and fell onto one knee.

”Hey! Are you alright?! ” She asked then noticed me pass out. She crouched down and checked my pulse. I was still breathing. ”She used too much energy…how though..? How can she have such a powerful Flux but can properly use it? ”

She noticed a battleship slowly descending to the ground and she looked at the ship. The doors opened and she noticed a woman walking out of the ship.

”That was a pretty entertaining performance. You two must be the new acceptees of the Academy? ” The woman said.

”I am…I don know about her, but she saved my life. She also has a Flux Drive and Form. One Ive never seen before.. ” The woman said.

”I see. Heres what Im going to do. Im gonna take you both to the academy myself. I would hate to have such potential wasted by leaving you two here. ” The woman said then walked back to her ship.

”Who are you? ” The other woman asked as she helped me up and carried me to the ship.

”The names Hinako Kaiba. ” The woman answered.

”O-Oh! ” She said in between her grunts as she helped me onto the battleship. ”My name is Raika Mov. ”

”Well its nice to meet you Raika. Hopefully the other girl will awaken so we can know who she is as well. ” Hinako said.

The doors of the battleship closed and she flew off to the academy. During the ride to the academy, I woke up and looked around. I shot up in my seat then looked around quickly.

”Ahh, look who decided to finally wake up. Rise and shine. ” Hinako teased.

”Where…where am I? ” I asked.

e in the academy battleship known as the Exaltion. ” Hinako said.

”Wait- IM IN THE BATTLESHIP?! ” I yelled and looked around in awe.

”Theres literally no need to yell. ” Hinako said and smiled.

Raika looked at me and crossed her arms. ”Its nice to see that you
e okay. You literally used your flux for like two minutes and passed out right after. ”

”I did? I don remember using my Flux Form. ” I said.

”You- ”

”All I remember is seeing you in danger then everything went black afterwards. I don remember using anything unless I have that bad of a memory. Ehh heh heh heh… ” I said and rubbed the back of my head.

”Huh, well since you
e awake. My name is Hinako. Shes Raika. Who might you be? ” Hinako asked.

”My name is Yuka Asamura! ” I said.

Asamura..? Hinako thought to herself and felt something inside of her jolt.

”And Im going to be the uberest of Valkyrs this world has ever seen! My dream is to become a hero. ” I smiled.

Raika noticed Hinako spacing out a bit and looked back at me. She looked at Hinako once again. ”Miss Hinako? ”

Hinako looked at Raika, breaking out of her trance. ”Sorry, I was thinking about something. You said you wanted to become the best Valkyr? Well our academy definitely can help you become that. ”

”Yeah? Then lets go! Im ready to become the best Valkyr! Im gonna shock the world! ” I said and smiled happily.

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