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La Venganza Comienza

>Miguel: ”After you guys left to come dance, Sebastián was trying to follow you all but Héctor stopped him. It seems like they argued. ”

I turned to William but he wasn there anymore.

Me: ”William didn tell me this. ”

Miguel: ”Well, we were taking shots but I spilled mine… I don know who else noticed. ”

Before I could ask anything else, Yahir and Marisol came back and she asked to leave. By that point, I also wanted to leave but there was something off about her again. She gave me an excuse as to why she wanted to leave but it was becoming obvious that the suspicions I was having were true. I agreed and we went to say goodbye to the others. They wanted to go out to eat but I just wanted to take Marisol home. Héctor looked a little flustered as he declined to go and Juan José rejected the invitation also. We headed out and said goodbye to each other before going our separate ways. On our way to her apartment, she revealed that something had indeed happened between her and Sebastián but the more shocking part was when she said Héctor had been there that day. I tried to hold her back, but I couldn really blame her for needing space. I was related to the people that had hurt her. But I just couldn condone her seeking revenge. I didn want her to get hurt. Whatever happened involved people I was close to so that gave me conflicting feelings about who to trust and side with. But as I watched her walk away, it was becoming clear that Héctor was the first person I needed to talk to. ~I should get him alone.~ I recalled how he had behaved when he first found out I was seeing Marisol. ~He was definitely holding something back.~ I made sure she went into her apartment before heading back home. As soon as I walked in, Héctor was already there, waiting for me.

Me: ”¿Qué haces aquí? ”

Héctor stood up and looked at me with a sad yet pleading expression.

Héctor: ”Yadiel… Is everything alright? ”

I was about to tell him the truth when I remembered what Marisol had said. I clenched my fist as I tried to keep myself from lashing out. I took a deep breath and looked at him.

Me: ”Why did you keep everything a secret? Why didn you say anything sooner? ”

Héctor: ”Yadiel – What, what are you -? ”

I couldn hold back anymore.

Me: ”You were there! Viste todo lo que pasó, ¡y no hiciste nada! ”

Héctors eyes grew wide as they teared up. He opened his mouth to speak but didn say anything. I had to ask him again.

Me: ”All these years… ”

Suddenly we heard the door open but I wasn going to stop.

Me: ”For 10 years, you kept it a secret. You kept everything that happened that day a secret for over 10 years! How could you do that to her?! ”

I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder.

William: ”Yadi… Is that true? ”

I nodded and let out a few tears of my own.

Me: ”After what she went through… After I struggled to accept that Id never see her again… You just kept it all to yourself. ”

Héctor: ”I – Im sorry… I should have told you sooner… ”

William: ”What happened to family first? After everything weve done for you and Sebastián, this is a betrayal to us Héctor. ”

Héctor: ”I – I know… But I was young and stupid and I was only thinking of protecting Sebastián. The rest of us were minors, we were scared… Sebastián couldve gotten blamed and arrested so he promised to take the fall if we were ever questioned but they closed her case as an accident… Now, I realize it was likely done to protect Isaura. ”

Me: ”You still could have told me. ”

Héctor: ”Sebastián made me promise to not say anything even after the case was closed. ”

William: ”But did Sebastián hurt her in any way? ”

Héctor stayed quiet but shook his head slightly.

Me: ”Then why keep it a secret? Was he protecting Isaura? ”

Héctor: ”We thought we had to since she was unpredictable. ”

William: ”Vaya escusa. ”

Me: ”I think theres someone else you both should be worried about. ”

Héctor looked up at us and wiped his face.

Héctor: ”Im really sorry - ”

Me: ”Please leave… I can … I can look at you right now. ”

Héctor: ”E- entiendo. Perdón Yadiel. ”

He quickly walked past us and we heard the door close. I finally exhaled as William patted my shoulder.

William: ”¿Estás bien? ”

Me: ”I don know… Marisol said she needed a few days apart… I don know what exactly shes planning to do… Im worried about her… I don know what to do though… I still don know the whole story. ”

William: ”Im sorry Yadi… I don know how to help. ”

Me: ”Its fine… Wheres Santiago? ”

William: ”With Yahir and Miguel… I knew something was wrong so I rushed over. ”

Me: ”Thanks… ”

William: ”Of course. ¿Quieres algo de tomar o de comer? ”

I shook my head and headed toward my room. I felt exhausted and I just wanted to lay down. I changed into some sweats and checked my phone but there was nothing from Marisol. ~What was I expecting?~ I replayed the conversations I had with her and Héctor and was trying to piece it all together. ~So, Isaura attacked Marisol when – Was Marisol going to confess to Sebastián? But why was Héctor there?~ I was giving myself a headache trying to solve it without all the pieces. I had trouble sleeping the rest of the night and kept fighting the urge to call Marisol. I still didn know what to say to comfort her or help her. I didn know what I could say or do to ease my own pain and heartbreak. I got frustrated and got out of bed. I went out for a run and didn stop until I almost passed out. I went back home and found William cooking breakfast half asleep.

Me: ”¿Qué haces? ”

William: ”Tienes que comer algo. ”

Me: ”Im not hungry. ”

William: ”Yadi, it wasn a question. Im almost done, go shower. ”

I nodded and took a quick shower. We ate quietly and I got up to clean while William finished his coffee. We heard the door open and I assumed it was Santiago coming home. I was drying my hands when I heard William get up.

William: ”¿Qué carajo quieres tú? ”

Sebastián: ”Y esto? ”

I walked out to calm William down even though my blood was boiling.

Me: ”What are you doing here? ”

Sebastián: ”Am I no longer welcome? ”

Me: ”Depends. What do you want? ”

Sebastián: ”Héctor told me what happened last night. I came to clear some things up. ”

Me: ”I don care what your excuses are. ”

Sebastián: ”I didn come here to give excuses, I came to give my side of the story - ”

Me: ”I don care. ”

Sebastián scoffed as he crossed his arms.

Sebastián: ”So, you
e only going to take Marisols word for it? ”

Me: ”Whatever happened back then is between you all. Im not taking sides. ”

Sebastián: ”Tal parece que sí. ”

Me: ”Think whatever you want. ”

Sebastián: ”So, you
e also not mad that she was on her way to confess to me? ”

Me: ”Just because she had a crush on you back then doesn mean she still likes you. Especially since all you did was hurt her. ”

Sebastián: ”I tried to save her! ”

Me: ”Yeah, Im sure you did. ”

Sebastián: ”I liked her too! ”

I glared at him, unsure if he was telling the truth or just trying to manipulate me.

William: ”¡Basta de mentiras! ”

Sebastián: ”No es mentira… La quería a ella… Decidí romper con Isaura cuando la conocí. ”

Me: ”¿Cuando la conociste? ”

Sebastián: ”Desde que entró a la escuela… Como no iba a conocerla si siempre estaba con Héctor… Era tan callada y pura… En el último año, me dijeron que ella ya tenía años de quererme y le dije a Isaura que ya no quería nada con ella y empezó a ir a la escuela todos los días para pedirme otra oportunidad. No me esperaba que intentaría lastimar a Marisol… Lo siento Yadiel. ”

My fists hurt from having them tightly clenched as I heard his version of events. I couldn believe what he was saying. Ever since he became interested in dating, he seemed to have a specific type that Marisol didn quite fit into in terms of looks. Even though I had always considered Sebastián a kind and down-to-earth kind of guy, he did come off as shallow when it came to his girlfriends. He liked women that were incredibly thin, light-complected, with light brown hair, and colored eyes. Marisol had always been curvy, was lightly tanned, and had deep brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Me: ”Why would you find her attractive when she wasn your type at all? ”

Sebastián: ”Exactly… She wasn my type which is what made her more interesting… I was curious to know her and understand why she attracted me so much… I asked her to dance last night to see if there were any feelings left. ”

Me: ”Were there? ”

My heart beat faster as I waited for his response. His face the entire time had a look of remorse but there was also a hint of arrogance.

Sebastián: ”I think you know the answer. ”

Me: ”No, I don . ”

Sebastián: ”Are you still seeing her? Or did she ask for space? ”

Me: ”Its not because she still has feelings for you. ”

Sebastián: ”Yadiel, being in denial won do you any good. ”

William: ”Sebastián, what are you getting at? ”

Sebastián: ”Im going to pursue her. ”

William: ”What?! Sebastián! ”

Me: ”Dejalo. ”

William: ”Yadi? Are you seriously going to let him go after Marisol? ”

Me: ”Yeah. Shes free to choose whoever she wants. ”

I walked past Sebastián and locked myself up in my room. ~Theres no way hes telling the truth… Is he? Has he already talked to Marisol? Is Isaura involved in this somehow? Marisol… I don know if Im helping you or hurting you by standing still like this…~ I heard the door slam and waited a few seconds before going back out. William looked over at me worried.

William: ”Yadi… What are you thinking? ”

Me: ”I think hes lying about liking her but I don know why… Im worried… What if Isaura has something planned and Sebastián is helping her somehow? ”

William: ”Theres still something I don understand though, why was Héctor there that day? Was he there to help Sebastián get away from Isaura? ”

Me: ”I don know… That could be the reason. ”

William: ”We need to keep an eye on both of them. ”

I nodded but I wasn sure what to expect. I kept saying that I didn care or that it didn matter anymore, but I needed to know what exactly happened. It seemed like William was thinking the same thing as me and suggested we try inviting them to dinner to apologize and let them come clean about their roles that day. We were going to wait to invite them when Santiago called and said the others wanted to have a carne asada at our place.

Me: ”Fuck. ”

William: ”Should I tell him -? ”

Me: ”No, its fine. Maybe if we
e all together, things won escalate. ”

He nodded and told Santiago to tell the others to bring whatever they wanted. He hung up and said he was going to shower to go to the store and get some groceries for tonight. I agreed and went to see what I could get started with. I made a list of ingredients we needed and gave it to William as he headed out. The others said they would arrive around 5 PM to get started on the carne asada. I got started on the charro beans since that would take the longest to cook, then went to clean up the patio area. We had a decent-sized patio balcony so the inside wouldn get too crowded once everyone got there. I tried to keep myself busy with cleaning and setting up the table for when the others got there. After about an hour and a half, I heard the door open. I went to see if William needed help and saw Juan José coming in right behind him.

Me: ”Falta mucho? ”

Juan José: ”Yo voy Yadi. ”

I nodded and went back into the kitchen to help put away all the groceries. Juan José came back in with the beers and set them on the table.

Juan José: ”¿Qué más necesitan? ”

Me: ”Right now, nothing. Its still early. ”

He nodded and went over to the couch to sit down. He was quietly scrolling through his phone when I went over to sit down next to him.

Me: ”¿Qué ves? ”

Juan José: ”Nada. ”

He put his phone down and adjusted himself in his seat.

Juan José: ”¿Cuándo llegan los otros? ”

Me: ”They said 5 but I think theyll be here soon. ”

Sure enough, by around 3 PM, the others arrived and got started lighting the grill. The only ones missing were Héctor and Sebastián and I assumed it was because they felt a bit awkward about our arguments. But surprisingly Héctor showed up after the others kept calling him to come over. We were surprised to see him come alone as he and Sebastián were almost as inseparable as William and I or Yahir and Miguel.

Miguel: ”Wheres Sebastián? ”

Héctor: ”Ah, he wanted to stay home. ”

Miguel: ”Is he okay? ”

Héctor: ”Yeah, Im sure its nothing serious. ”

Santiago: ”Does he feel sick or what? ”

Héctor: ”He didn say, he just said he didn have the energy to get up. ”

Santiago: ”Maybe its just exhaustion, its a good thing we
e on vacation. Well let him rest. Come on Héctor, help me with the meat, please. ”

Héctor awkwardly walked over to help Santiago as he avoided making eye contact with me and William. The others didn really seem to notice that something had happened and we preferred that way. We were able to enjoy a nice meal as we talked and joked around. The others were drinking a lot and before we knew it, we had run out of beers. It was around 10:30 PM by that point but their energy was still high.

Yahir: ” We should at least do some shots. Yadi, do you guys have any tequila? ”

Me: ”No, Ill go buy some. Yall are too drunk. ”

Others: ”Thanks Yadi! ”

I laughed to myself and headed out to the store to get a few bottles of different liquors. As I was coming back, I saw Sebastián pull in and run up to my apartment. I rushed up behind him. He threw open my door and yelled out for me. I heard William tell him I wasn there. I stayed at the front door to listen in.

Sebastián: ”How long ago did he leave? ”

William: ”Why? Whats going on? ”

Sebastián: ”Theres something I need to tell him. ”

William: ”What? Whats going on Sebastián? ”

Sebastián: ”I need to talk to Yadiel. ”

I heard him coming towards the door before William called him back.

William: ”He should be back in a bit. Come eat first. ”

Sebastián: ”Im fine. ”

Héctor: ”You went to see Marisol, didn you? ”

By that point, I couldn just stand there and listen. I went through the door as Sebastián turned to leave and Héctor angrily confronted him.

Héctor: ”You slept with her, didn you?! ”

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