Un Encuentro Casual

La Venganza Comienza

[My POV.]

After saying goodnight, I went back to look at all of the pictures he had sent. I was zooming into each picture and spotted something on one of them. Most of the pictures were of his left side but in one of the pictures where he was facing directly in front of the mirror, there seemed to be a scar peeking from his midsection. ~Hm… What happened there?~ I debated whether or not to ask him about it but ultimately decided to ask or wait for the appropriate time. The next day I went to work as usual. Ms. Flores had several meetings to attend so Megan and I handled all the paperwork and phone calls. The day seemed to drag but before I knew it, Ms. Flores was sending us home. I grabbed my things and headed home. I was feeling exhausted but as I was climbing into bed, I remembered to ask for his address so I could pick him up. We kept texting but something felt different about his responses. ~You
e reading too much into it… But he was different when we had gone out for coffee… Ugh, why am I overthinking this?~ I couldn hold back and asked him flat out what was making me worried. He ended up calling me but that only left me having more doubts about what was going on. I moved past it and we said goodnight. I went to look at the dress I had picked out for tomorrow and went ahead and picked out the jewelry I was going to wear. After I had everything ready, I went back to bed but as I was getting comfortable, I suddenly remembered that I hadn gotten flowers or anything to give him once I picked him up. ~Fuck!~ I sat up and looked towards my closet. ~Do I have anything?~ I recalled I had a box of unused fireworks from the 4th of July that we hadn used. ~Its only been 2 months, they shouldn be too dusty.~ I ran over to the box they were in and looked through it. I came across a can of sparklers. ~Perfect!~ I found a bow and placed it on the can after cleaning it up a bit. I went to put it by my door so I wouldn forget it and finally went to bed. I woke up extra early to be able to have enough time to fix my hair and do my makeup properly. I grabbed my purse and his gift before heading to his apartment. ~Wow, he does live close by.~ I parked my car and checked on my hair and makeup one last time before getting down and going to his apartment. I was feeling nervous for some reason as I stepped in front of his door. I took a deep breath then knocked on the door. After a few seconds, the door opened and there he was. He had a bright smile as he greeted me. I held out the sparklers for him to take.

Me: ”For you. ”

Yadiel: ”Isn the bow supposed to be on you? ”

I laughed and shook my head.

Me: ”Thats reserved for the – appropriate time. ”

He chuckled softly as he reached for the sparklers. He motioned for me to go in and I followed behind him. His apartment didn have a lot of decorations which was normal for a guy I assumed. But everything was clean and organized. It looked very minimalist. I looked around slowly before he came up behind me and whispered in my ear.

Yadiel: ”Are you ready to go? ”

I turned around to see a teasing smile then I wrapped my arms around his neck. He gently placed his hands on my hips as we stared at each other.

Me: ”Tease me like this again, and we won be leaving the apartment. ”

He laughed softly and gave me a quick peck on the lips. I let go of him and we headed down to my car. We headed out to the first place I wanted to take him to which was in the outskirts of town. He was looking out of the window quietly when he noticed just how far out we were going.

Yadiel: ”Are we going out of town? ”

Me: ”This is me kidnapping you, can you tell? ”

He let out a laugh as he reached over and grabbed my right hand.

Yadiel: ”Its not kind to kidnap people but lucky for you, I don mind being kidnapped by you. ”

I smiled and squeezed his hand.

Me: ”We
e here. ”

I pulled into the parking lot of a small café and parked. We headed inside and sat by the window in a small booth.

Yadiel: ”Ive never heard of this place, is it new? ”

Me: ”No, its been around since forever. My parents actually used to work here. They met and fell in love and had - ”

I was interrupted by the server that came to take our drink order.

Yadiel: ”Wow, so this place is special to you. ”

Me: ”Yes, I figured since you took me to your familys restaurant, I should do the same. Even if its not technically owned by my family. ”

Yadiel: ”Are your parents retired? ”

Me: ”My mom is… My dad basically worked here until he passed away. ”

Yadiel: ”Im so sorry about that. ”

Me: ”Its okay… Its just scary to realize that you can actually die of a broken heart. ”

He reached over and patted my hand. I looked up and tried to wave it off.

Me: ”Im killing the mood, sorry. ”

Yadiel: ”Don be, thank you for sharing this with me. Are you okay though? ”

Me: ”Yeah… Lets get ready to order. ”

I smiled at him and motioned for him to look at the menu. We decided what we wanted to eat and ordered. I was waiting until after we finished eating to bring up the explanations he said he would give me. We chatted a bit about other random things as we ate. I set aside my plate once I was done and took a sip of my water before looking at him. He smiled as he reached over to grab my hand.

Me: ”Can you tell me whats going on now? ”

He was looking at our hands and softly nodded. He looked up at me and leaned forward to rest on the table.

Yadiel: ”Where should I start… ”

Me: ”Start with whats stressing you out. ”

Yadiel: ”Okay, a little over 10 years ago, my cousin started dating this girl that we had known almost all our lives since all of our parents were friends. But she changed… She became very possessive of not just him but everyone. He finally broke up with her but she wouldn leave any of us alone. I stood up to her and she ended up messing with my car. I almost died in the accident and again on the way to the hospital… But instead of getting punished, her father sent her to a hospital… But now shes back and shes trying to get back into our lives… Shes unpredictable and Im worried about what shell do… Im worried about you because I don want you to be dragged into this and get hurt. ”

I stared at him, trying to read his mind. ~Is this real? Or is this his way of setting me up?~ I was about to respond when I felt someone staring at us. I subtly looked past Yadiel and noticed a not so subtle woman staring at us as she gripped the menu. I tugged on Yadiels hand and smiled.

Me: ”You don have to worry about me. Everything will be fine. ”

Yadiel: ”Marisol - ”

Me: ”Sorry, I need to go to the restroom real quick. Ill be right back. ”

He smiled awkwardly as I stood up and headed towards the restrooms. I walked inside and counted to 10 before walking back out. The restrooms were hidden behind an extended portion of the wall. I leaned on the entrance and watched as the woman approached Yadiel quickly. Yadiel looked up at her and then looked away annoyed. The woman sat down in front of him and Yadiel stood up instead. ~Is she the ex-girlfriend? Hm… Something seems off…~ I kept watching them as Yadiel went up to the counter to pay. The woman kept following him, even as he walked away flustered. It was obvious that Yadiel was telling her to go away but she was persistent. I walked outside and quietly approached them as the woman clung onto Yadiels arm.

Woman: ”Im just asking for a chance. ”

I walked up beside her and gently tucked her hair behind her ear before tightening my grip on her hair and whispering in her ear.

Me: ”Do you want to take a chance with me? ”

I leaned back and smiled at her as I let go of her hair. She quickly let go of Yadiels arm and looked down at the ground. She was very petite and cute but I wondered who exactly she was. Yadiel grabbed my hand and tried pulling me away.

Me: ”Wait. Miss? Who are you? ”

The woman fidgeted with her hands and it sounded like she was on the verge of tears.

Woman: ”I – Im María. ”

Me: ”Well María, nice to meet you. Im Marisol. ”

I extended my hand and she hesitantly shook it.

Me: ”You
e not the cousins ex-girlfriend, are you? ”

She shook her head and kept looking at the ground. Like this, she looked like a little kid. I sighed and crossed my arms as I looked at her.

Me: ”María, you
e a cute girl but begging doesn suit you. You should never have to beg a man for attention. ”

María: ”What about you? ”

I chuckled as she caught me off guard.

Me: ”Neither one of us has begged the other for attention. ”

Yadiel: ”Marisol, lets go please. ”

I nodded and let Yadiel take me back to my car. As we got back in, he turned to face me.

Yadiel: ”Im so sorry about that. ”

I leaned back into my seat and faced him.

Me: ”Did you invite her here? ”

His eyes widened as he shook his head.

Yadiel: ”No. ”

I smiled and reached for his face.

Me: ”Then, don apologize. ”

He put his hand over mine then brought it down to hold with both hands.

Yadiel: ”Shes that other womans cousin. ”

I nodded then leaned closer to him.

Me: ”Theres another explanation you owe me. ”

He looked up at me with pleading eyes before smiling.

Me: ”Come on, tell me. How am I your high school crush? Im dying to know. ”

Yadiel: ”We actually went to the same high school… I was a freshman and you were a junior when I first saw you. You never noticed me though… I was too shy to actually talk to you so thats on me… You were also part of the advanced classes so I didn want to distract you either. ”

Me: ”Really? Im so sorry I don remember you. ”

He laughed shyly.

Yadiel: ”I was much more scrawny back then… I don blame you for not remembering me… Honestly, its okay. ”

Me: ”Well the important thing is that now, you have my full attention. ”

He looked up at me then reached for my cheek. I placed my hand over his before kissing it softly.

Me: ”Lets get going before this escalates. ”

He nodded and adjusted himself in the seat. We headed back into town and I took him to my favorite bookstore. We looked around for a while before I got distracted with a book. After a few minutes, I finally put the book down and went to stand by Yadiel who was also looking through a book. He closed the book before looking over at me.

Yadiel: ”Do you come here often? ”

Me: ”Only when Im really stressed… But today is about you learning about me… Is that okay? ”

Yadiel: ”Of course it is. Its making me like you even more. ”

I smiled up at him as he grabbed my hand.

Yadiel: ”Whats next? ”

Me: ”Something a bit more fun. ”

I took him to an arcade and he looked at me surprised.

Yadiel: ”You play here too? ”

Me: ”Too? Do you also come here? ”

Yadiel: ”I used to but its been a while since I came here last. ”

Me: ”Wow, how weird we didn bump into each other before then. Ive been coming here since high school. ”

Yadiel: ”Really? Wow… ”

We went inside and played a few games together and teased each other. They had a small eating area and we went over to have a quick lunch. He seemed to be much more relaxed now and wasn as quiet or distracted like he had been on the last few dates. After we finished eating, we headed out to the park and walked around for a while. It was already close to evening time so I suggested we sit down for a moment. As we sat there talking, suddenly the water show started.

Yadiel: ”Is this what you were waiting for? ”

I smiled and nodded at him. He leaned in for a kiss before standing up and extending his hand. I took his hand and he walked me over to get a closer look at the water show.

Yadiel: ”Thank you so much for today. ”

I wrapped my arms around him as I smiled up at him.

Me: ”Thank you for coming with me today. ”

He smiled at me sweetly as he placed his hands on either side of my face. He leaned in and kissed me softly before pulling away.

Yadiel: ”Thank you for taking me seriously. ”

Me: ”You deserve it. ”

We smiled at each other and walked around a while more before finally heading back to his apartment. I walked him to his door and was about to say goodnight when he suddenly turned to face me instead of unlocking his door.

Yadiel: ”Do you wanna come in for some tea? ”

Me: ”Sure. ”

I couldn hold back my smile as I saw his eyes sparkle. He smiled back then unlocked his door. We walked inside and he headed into the kitchen as he told me to make myself comfortable. He had a few pictures on a small end table that I was about to look at when he called out to me.

Yadiel: ”What kind of tea do you like? ”

Me: ”What kind do you have? ”

I walked over to the bar separating the kitchen and dining area.

Yadiel: ”Chamomile, green tea, earl gray - ”

Me: ”I like chamomile tea… Please. ”

He smiled before turning back to the cupboard to grab the box of teas. He served our mugs then placed the sugar bowl along with his mug on the table but instead of sitting down, he walked over to me. I thought he was going to pull out my chair or something but instead he smiled mischievously and leaned in.

Yadiel: ”Ill be right back. ”

He walked away towards what I assumed was his room as I scoffed to myself. I grabbed my mug and added a teaspoon of sugar before wandering over to where he had his photos. I was curious to see his family but as I approached the first frame, he walked out of his room. He had taken off his jacket and I noticed just how tight fitting his shirt really was. He approached me slowly as he reached for my mug. He took it out of my hand and placed it on the table where the photos were. I was feeling anxious as he silently stared at me. I stepped back and bumped into the table when he leaned in to kiss me. His hands rested gently on either side of my neck. I leaned against the table as I placed both hands on the edge. I wasn sure how far he wanted to go so I didn want to get ahead of myself. I knew it would be hard to control myself if I let my hands wander. I felt his hands lightly caress my shoulders, then my arms, but all of a sudden his hands wrapped around my waist. He leaned closer to me, making me sit on the end table. His breathing became heavier and he moved from kissing my lips to kissing my neck. I couldn resist anymore and slid my hands up his arms and finally wrapped them around him as he pressed his body against mine. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling his hands grip my thighs tightly. He pulled away from my neck and I grabbed his face to kiss his lips. I tightened my legs around him as the kissing became more intense. I reached for one of his hands and guided it under my dress so he could get a better grip on my thigh. The kissing was passionate but I was becoming increasingly aroused wanting more from him. Feeling how his tongue teased my lips, his fingers on my thighs, and his groin up against me, it was all becoming too much. I was getting greedier and I didn want to let him go. But coincidentally we heard someone unlocking the door. He quickly stepped back and helped me off the table. He laughed awkwardly as he helped me fix my dress and makeup. We heard voices coming through the door and we cleared our throats. Two men walked in laughing and looked at us surprised. I recognized one of them as the person who had helped fix my car, William. They looked at us then at each other before Yadiel spoke up to try and remove the awkwardness.

Yadiel: ”William, Santiago, this is Marisol. Marisol, William is my twin and Santiago is basically our adopted brother. They live with me. ”

William: ”Nice to see you again Marisol. ”

Santiago: ”Nice to officially meet you Marisol. Weve heard great things. ”

Me: ”Nice to meet you too. Ive heard some nice things about you both as well. ”

We shook hands and I could tell by their smiles, they knew they had interrupted us. I looked back at Yadiel and I was about to say goodbye when William spoke up first.

William: ”Marisol, won you join us for dinner? We brought enough food. ”

Me: ”Oh, I wouldn want to impose. ”

William and Santiago shook their heads as they walked over to pull me towards the table. Yadiel went into the kitchen to get plates and silverware. William and Santiago were taking out the food and asking if I had any allergies or if there was something I didn like.

Me: ”Ah, no. Im not a picky eater. ”

William: ”Great. This place has really delicious food. ”

Santiago: ”Would you like a beer? ”

Yadiel: ”She doesn drink. ”

William and Santiago stopped what they were doing and looked at me surprised.

Santiago: ”Really? At all? ”

I laughed awkwardly and nodded.

William: ”Thats totally fine. We have water too. ”

Me: ”Thank you. ”

They smiled at me and finally the table was set and the drinks had been served. Everyone sat down and began serving their plates. Yadiel sat at the head of the table and the others sat across from me to his left. My heart had finally gotten over the shock of the embarrassment of almost getting caught by them. I was able to speak with them more comfortably. They asked about our date and we shared the places we had gone. Santiago stared at me for a moment before asking about my necklace.

Santiago: ”Thats a beautiful necklace. Whered you get it? ”

Me: ”Oh, thanks. Yadiel gifted it to me along with a wooden jewelry box. ”

Yadiel: ”Did you like it? ”

Me: ”Of course I did. Its beautiful. ”

Yadiel: ”Would you believe me if I said I made it? ”

I looked at him surprised.

Me: ”Did you really? ”

Yadiel smiled and nodded as he leaned on the table.

Yadiel: ”Its a hobby of mine. ”

William: ”Hes good at a lot of things. Its kind of annoying. ”

Me: ”Aren you good at anything? ”

William: ”Yeah, eating. ”

We all laughed and he proceeded to serve himself more food.

Santiago: ”Actually, they
e both good at cooking. ”

Me: ”Oh, you both cook also? ”

William: ”Yes, I like to cook more traditional Mexican food but Yadi likes to experiment every once in a while. ”

Me: ”Hm… Now Im curious to try your cooking. ”

William: ”Whose? ”

Me: ”Both of you. ”

William: ”Ah, but youd probably say that Yadis is better. ”

Me: ”Why? ”

William: ”Because you
e dating him. ”

Me: ”Thats an unfair assumption. ”

William: ”Oh, I didn mean -! ”

Me: ”Its okay. But as an apology, you have to cook for me. ”

We smiled at each other as he leaned back in his chair.

Santiago: ”I like her Yadi. She really suits you. ”

Yadiel: ”Thanks. But do I also suit her? ”

William and Santiago looked at each other, then at me before turning back to Yadiel.

William & Santiago: ”No. ”

Yadiel and I burst out laughing as William and Santiago kept a straight face.

Santiago: ”No seriously, shes out of your league. ”

Yadiel: ”Who would be in her league? ”

William: ”None of us. ”

Me: ”Why do you say that? ”

Santiago: ”You
e beautiful, intelligent, funny and charismatic… Theres just something about you that puts you above the other women that any of us has dated. ”

William: ”Not to mention you
e independent and mature. You
e also really straight forward while Yadis more calm and shy. ”

Santiago: ”Well, they do say opposites attract. ”

William: ”Im afraid of meeting my opposite. ”

William may be Yadiels twin but they weren identical. William had a similar build and also had sharp features, but it didn matter from what angle you looked at him, his features remained sharp. His skin was also a bit more tanned than Yadiels but was equally as handsome. Santiago was slightly taller than them and had a more slender but still muscular physique with broad shoulders. He had lightly tanned skin and his features were as sharp as Williams but became soft when he smiled and showed off his adorable dimples. When he had a serious expression, he looked more intimidating yet extremely charismatic. From what I remembered of Yahir, he had the softest features and an innocent yet charismatic smile. He was more light skinned and had light brown eyes and hair while everyone else had dark hair and eyes. He was the tallest from what I could tell and the most slender from the ones I had met. The cashier seemed shorter but he was the most buff one and had very dark hair but his eyes were light brown and were downturned, making him look sad or tired all of the time. He was just as handsome and appeared to be the youngest out of them. He had flawless tanned skin and his face was more round with soft features. It made me curious to meet the others that worked there to see if they were all just as handsome. We finished eating and Yadiel walked me down to my car after I said goodbye to the others. We stood by the drivers side and I turned to face him.

Me: ”Thanks for spending the day with me. ”

Yadiel: ”I wouldn have wanted to spend it any other way. ”

I stepped closer to him and wrapped my arms around his waist as I smiled up at him.

Yadiel: ”Im just sorry about the minor interruptions we had. ”

Me: ”Its okay. We have plenty of time to get to that. ”

He smiled back before kissing my forehead.

Yadiel: ”Drive safely. Let me know when you get back. ”

I nodded and got into my car. I waved goodbye one last time before pulling out of his driveway. I got back home in no time and texted him before getting into the shower. I walked out in my robe and headed to my room to get changed. I checked my phone to see Yadiels message.

Yadiel: *Alright, are you going to bed already?*

Me: *I don feel tired yet… I just showered…*

Yadiel: *Me too… Today was really fun… I should plan a date like this too.*

Me: *Didn you do this on our first date?*

Yadiel: *Sort of… But I want to show you more than just work.*

Me: *You can show me whatever you want.*

Yadiel: *LOL, well get to that.*

Me: *Soon I hope.*

Yadiel: *Maybe…*

Me: *Don tease me…*

Yadiel: *When should we have our next date?*

Me: *Well, if we want another full day, Im not sure. My days off usually alternate between a week day and a Saturday. But you
e only off on Tuesdays.*

Yadiel: *Hm… Maybe someone will be open to switching with me… If not, we can just do something simple…*

Me: *Hm… I guess so… Then let me know when the date is…*

Yadiel: *Of course… Ill let you go, sleep well, beautiful.*

Me: *Alright, goodnight. ♥*

I put my phone down and ended up falling asleep. Everything with Yadiel seemed to be going extremely well. We saw each other at least once a week and also tried to message each other every day. We had been seeing each other for almost 3 months but never got around to labeling ourselves as an official couple. I figured it didn matter as we were being loyal to each other and both adults. We never did sleep with each other either since our dates usually managed to be interrupted somehow. I didn really mind but we had another date coming up and I was planning to ask him to officially be my boyfriend. I felt silly about it but the fact that I had been his high school crush still weighed on my mind. I wanted to surprise him with the confession he never got back then. He invited me to go celebrate the anniversary of his business opening. He was closing his shop for the weekend for the celebration and to give everyone a break. He mentioned that William had reserved a VIP table at a nightclub to really celebrate and have fun. I made arrangements at work to be able to take Saturday off and leave early Friday since that was when the celebration was taking place. I was looking forward to it all week and rushed home Friday to get ready. I had ordered more clothes in preparation for that day. I wanted to look my best since I would finally be meeting his cousins and the other employee I hadn met yet. I tried on several outfits, trying to find the best one that wasn too revealing but also appropriate for the club. I finally decided on a backless mini black dress with transparent long sleeves. I fixed my hair and makeup and was putting on perfume when I heard the doorbell. I quickly put on my shoes and grabbed my phone and purse before rushing to open the door. Yadiel was standing there with a bouquet of flowers. His hair was a bit longer than before making me realize his hair was actually naturally wavy. He hadn styled it but it looked good and put together making him look even more youthful and handsome. He was in all black which was my favorite look on him. We smiled at each other as I took the flowers.

Me: ”Thank you. You look handsome, as always. ”

Yadiel: ”Thanks, you look incredible. As always. ”

Me: ”Well, I try. ”

We laughed and I went to put the flowers in water before leaving. We were the first ones to arrive from those invited. Then William and Santiago arrived and we greeted each other. Santiago had gotten a haircut which made him look more mature and made his features stand out more. He was also in a black button down shirt and black slacks but was wearing dress shoes while William and Yadiel wore black boots. Williams hair had also gotten a bit longer and he had his black hair put in a ponytail which made him look rather intimidating as he had his sleeves rolled up and his black and gold patterned shirt was loose fitting and he didn have the top two buttons buttoned. We chatted for a while before Yahir and the other employee arrived.

Yahir: ”Nice to see you again Marisol. This is my best friend, Miguel. I don think you both have met yet. ”

I had stood up to shake their hands and poor Miguel couldn seem to speak as he just blankly stared at me with wide eyes. He was also tan and just as tall as Yahir but a bit more muscular. He had a sharp jaw and nose like Yadiel but he looked sweet yet intimidating at the same time. They were both wearing more casual outfits consisting of dark wash jeans and leather jackets with suede boots.

Me: ”Nice to finally meet you Miguel. ”

Yahir nudged him and Miguel finally snapped out of his trance and greeted me.

Miguel: ”You
e very beautiful. ”

Me: ”Ah, thank you. ”

Miguel: ”De nada. ”

Yahir awkwardly smiled and pushed him to sit down as he apologized. As we were sitting down, the cashier came and said hi to everyone.

Yadiel: ”Thats Juan José which youve already met, right? ”

Me: ”Its still nice to finally know his name. ”

Yadiel smiled and William announced that the others were almost there. I was feeling a little anxious so I excused myself and went to the restroom to freshen up. After a few deep breaths and making sure that my makeup and hair were still neat, I walked out. But as I took a few steps towards the table, I was stopped by a sudden familiar yet unwelcomed voice.

Voice: ”Hola Marisol. Long time no see. ”

[Yadiels POV.]

I couldn hold back my smile as I saw her standing there with the can of sparklers. She looked very cute with her wavy hair and sundress that landed just above her knees. I noticed she was wearing the necklace I had gotten her as I reached for the sparklers. I invited her inside so I could put away the sparklers. I set them down and noticed her looking around the apartment. I walked up behind her and decided to tease her. The way she came close to me as she wrapped her arms around my neck and the look in her eyes, it was hard to resist her but I held myself back. We headed out to the restaurant where she wanted to have breakfast but an unexpected guest almost ruined it. Marisol had gone to the restroom and I thought the server had come to check on us but when I looked up, it was María. I was annoyed because it became clear that she had followed us all the way out here. She was persistently asking for a chance and kept insinuating that Marisol was just using me.

María: ”Yadiel… Its just – You don know her that well. Its okay to see other people - ”

Me: ”Thats not how I do things. ”

María: ”But its okay, Ill show my sincerity. ”

Me: ”María, right now Im on a date with Marisol. She is my main focus. Theres no room for anyone else. Im going to see whatever this is through to the end with her. Ill either marry her or this won go that far. But Im not interested in you. ”

María: ”But why can you give me a chance? ”

Suddenly Marisol approached and whispered something in her ear. I was feeling anxious, worried that Marisol would misunderstand or that there would be a surprise visit from Isaura. Surprisingly Marisol introduced herself and was polite to María, de-escalating the situation. I took the chance to go back to the car where Marisol changed the subject. The way she had handled the situation had been impressive and was expected seeing as she had never been a violent person. Sebastián and María had asked me if I was sure I could trust her, I wasn sure what they were getting at though. There were still pieces of her personality from back then that still showed through but she had also matured and had become a little more carefree. So far, she hadn given me a single reason to doubt her. They could argue that my feelings for her were clouding my judgment but she always offered to pay or split the bill, offered to drive, bought me gifts, and never asked me for anything. She had all the qualities my parents told me I should have and look for in a partner and she got along well with others now. She had flourished and I had finally confessed to her. The feeling I had at that moment was pure ecstasy as she said I had her full attention now. The look in her eye and her cute smile as she said it remained in my mind throughout the rest of the date. We ended up at a vintage looking bookstore. I wasn expecting to go there on a date but I was glad we did. She got distracted reading a book and I couldn resist taking a picture. She had the same sparkle in her eye as she did back then when I would randomly see her in the library. I looked around to give her space to read the book when she suddenly stood next to me. From there we went to an arcade which really caught me off guard because I never knew she played any kinds of games. It was a nice surprise and we had a lot of fun playing together and against each other. If there were ever doubts about my feelings for her since I automatically pursued her after years of not knowing anything about her, they were all washed away as we sat at the park. The looks she gave me, her smile, the comfort she made me feel, and the way she kissed me, everything kept my focus on her and only her. Once we got back to my apartment, I couldn resist and invited her in. As I saw her looking around the apartment, I suddenly felt anxious. ~What do I do? Shit, why am I so nervous?!~ I gave her a cup of tea then excused myself. As soon as I walked into my room, I took several deep breaths. I took off my jacket and threw it on my bed and hesitated by the door. ~Calm down Yadiel. Just act natural.~ I walked out and saw her by the end table and went for it. I completely cleared my mind and kissed her, telling myself to take it only as far as she allowed. Her kisses became more sensual and I grew more excited. I slowly made my way down to her neck which made her moan softly. At first she hesitated to touch me but soon she slid her hands up my arms and wrapped them around my shoulders. I leaned in closer to her as I couldn take it anymore, I wanted her right then and there. She wrapped her legs around me allowing me to press up against her even more. I placed my hands around her thick thighs as I continued to kiss her neck. I pulled away slightly to catch my breath but she grabbed my face and pulled me in again. I felt her legs squeeze my waist as I teased her with my tongue. She softly bit my lip as she guided one of my hands under her dress. I was ready to take it all the way as her hands landed on my waist and teased that they would take off my shirt. She brought her fingers underneath my shirt and caressed my bare skin but of course, William and Santiago arrived. ~Fuck. I thought we had more time.~ I quickly pulled away and helped her fix her hair and makeup. They invited her to stay for dinner which made me happy seeing how they all got along. ~Then again, they
e easy going… How will seeing Héctor and Sebastián again go?~ After she left, we cleaned up and I talked to her for a while before sitting down with William and Santiago to tell them what had happened.

William: ”Sorry we interrupted, but you didn tell us anything. ”

Santiago: ”Still, we should have known better since we knew about the date. ”

Me: ”Guys, its fine. I need to tell you something though. ”

William: ”¿Qué pasó? ”

William knew when to be serious thankfully and Santiago had lived with us long enough to also know when we needed to discuss something serious. They both stared at me worried, waiting for me to explain.

Me: ”Isauras cousin, María ended up following us today… She was at the restaurant where we went to eat breakfast and kept trying to convince me to give her a chance. Marisol actually talked to her and seemed to put her in her place but if Isaura is coaching her… ”

William: ”Don worry, well help you look out for her. ”

Santiago: ”Are you sure she didn follow you after? ”

Me: ”I tried to keep an eye out but I can say for sure since - ”

William: ”Yeah, your eyes were focused elsewhere. ”

Santiago: ”I don blame him. ”

We both turned to look at Santiago who grew wide eyed.

Santiago: ”No – Not like that! I wasn - ”

William: ”Just shut up. So, you told Marisol about Isaura? ”

Me: ”Yeah, she told me not to worry about her. ”

William: ”But its more dangerous than she imagines. ”

Me: ”I told her about the accident. ”

Santiago: ”Maybe she doesn think it was really her that **ed with your car. ”

Me: ”I don know but during the date, nothing else happened so I guess María could have followed us without me realizing it or she could have just gone home. ”

Suddenly they looked up at me, more worried than before.

Me: ”What? ”

Santiago: ”Yadi, but where did she follow you from? ”

William: ”Does that mean they know where we live? ”

Santiago: ”Or Marisol? ”

I felt my heart race as I stared back at them. ~Fuck!~ I jumped up and ran outside with my keys. I quickly looked at the cars in the parking lot but didn see anything suspicious. I jumped into my truck and headed over to Marisols apartment complex but didn see anything immediately suspicious. I hesitated to go up and knock on her door. ~I just spoke with her a while ago, she didn mention anything was wrong… Should I -?~ My thoughts were interrupted by an alarm on my phone. I jumped back into my truck and called the others on my way to the shop.

Me: ”Willy, meet me at the shop. ASAP! ”

William: ”Alright, see you in a bit. ”

Me: ”Call the others. ”

I hung up and checked the security cameras but saw that whoever it was had already left. I arrived at the shop and tried to contain my anger as I saw all the windows had been broken as well as the door since it was also made of glass. ~Just breathe… It could have been a lot worse…~ William and the others arrived a short while later in complete shock. My first instinct was to confront Sebastián but I held back.

Miguel: ”What the hell happened? ”

William: ”One **ing guess. ”

Me: ”Lets go inside and see if anything is missing. ”

Héctor: ”¿Ya le hablaste a la policía? ”

Me: ”They should be here soon. ”

I didn even turn to look at them and walked in. The others went straight to the garage or safe but I didn actually think anything was stolen. I didn keep anything too important there and I had insurance for everything else. The police arrived and I filed a report as well as gave them a copy of the security footage. Nothing had been stolen so the police assumed it may have been teens vandalizing random businesses for fun. But with Isaura back in the picture, my immediate thought was that it was her since I rejected her cousin. I tried sending the others home, but they refused and insisted on helping me clean up and board up the windows and door. As we were cleaning up, the others asked if I was going to tell Marisol.

Me: ”No… I already told her about Isaura, I don want her to worry about this too. What if it was just some kids causing trouble. ”

William: ”You don really believe that, do you? ”

Me: ”It doesn matter what I believe, if theres no proof to back it up, I can accuse anyone. ”

Sebastián had been cleaning quietly but as soon as I said that, he threw the broom to the floor and walked up to me as Héctor tried to hold him back.

Sebastián: ”Is there something you want to say? ”

His gaze was piercing and his voice was low and intense. He was trying to intimidate me but he showed me how to never show weakness. His breathing wasn as stable and his jaw and fists were clenched tightly. I glared right back at him as I stepped closer to him.

Me: ”Is there something you want to admit? ”

Sebastián: ”Answer me! ”

Me: ”¿Para qué tirar indirectas cuando te lo puedo decir en la cara? But you… You must have a guilty conscience. ”

His expression softened as he stepped back and smirked. But even then, it was obvious he was still upset.

Sebastián: ”I don know anything about what happened but it sounded like you thought I did. ”

Me: ”Oh, that wasn my intention. I know youd tell me if you knew anything about this. ”

He smiled as he nodded. I knew that smile though, he was hiding something and I didn know if I could trust him anymore. The others had been quietly hesitating to approach or say anything. The air was filled with tension despite Sebastián trying to lighten the mood with his smile. Héctor pulled him back and they went back to cleaning as did the others. I told William and Santiago to go back to the apartment in case anything happened there while we were gone. Héctor dragged Sebastián back to their apartment and Yahir and Miguel went back to theirs too. I tried to get Juan José to go home but he said he would stay at the shop with me in case anything else happened. Luckily, nothing else happened and Marisol hadn surprised me at work the next day. We got all the windows and door replaced and I had a few more cameras installed outside just in case. There weren any other incidents after that and Sebastián went back to acting like nothing had ever happened. But the outburst happened in front of everyone so the others didn know how to act around him anymore. But after a while, everything went back to normal as there were no other outbursts and Sebastián treated them well as always. They just assumed it had been the stress given the incident but only Héctor, William, and I knew better. William had wanted to confront Héctor but I stopped him. Just as I would protect William, I knew Héctor would protect Sebastián. A few months later, it was the anniversary of our opening so as always, I closed down the shop and gave everyone the weekend off. Things with Marisol had been going well and even though I didn really feel the need to, I wanted to officially ask her to be my girlfriend. She had been patient with me and understanding of me and the shop. I had never told her what had happened as I didn want to worry her. As far as I could tell, María and Isaura had left her alone and hadn shown up anymore. We were getting ready for the celebration that night and William and Santiago had gone shopping so Santiago could also get a haircut since he didn like having his hair too long. Because I was picking up Marisol, I left early to make sure our table was ready. I headed over to Marisols first with another bouquet of flowers. Every time I saw her, she made me fall for her again as she always seemed to surprise me with a different side of her. Her hair had gotten a bit longer and she had styled it in loose waves that reached her waist. The black mini dress she wore reached a couple of inches below her bottom and hugged all of her curves. The neckline was a bit low, just enough to tease a glimpse of her breasts. Her makeup was a bit more unique. She usually liked natural looks but I assumed since we were going to a club, she decided on a bolder look. But to me, she still looked the same. Still as beautiful as ever. We were the first ones to arrive and greeted the others as they got there. Before Héctor and Sebastián got there, Marisol went to freshen up.

William: ”Do you think hell behave? ”

Me: ”Quien sabe… Pero si no, pues nos vamos. ”

William: ”We got your back Yadi, don worry. ”

I nodded and waited for Marisol to get back. The others were talking amongst themselves as the club began to fill up with more people. After a few minutes, Marisol came back and sat down next to me. She seemed to be a little flustered but tried to hide it. I wanted to ask her what was wrong when William tapped on my leg. I turned to see Héctor and Sebastián walking up to the table. I stood up with Marisol and introduced them. As I turned to her, I saw her eyes widen and felt her body tense up as she saw them. ~Why is she tensing up? Doesn she recognize Héctor?~ I turned to look at Héctor and Sebastián. Héctor had an awkward yet friendly smile while Sebastián only smirked as he looked directly at her with a distinct gaze. ~Whats going on?~

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