Rose Walker is a beautiful 20 year old lady with beautiful features(big fat ass and big boobs). Anytime she goes anywhere everyone looks at her in awe( and by everyone I mean the boys). Every boy in her college wanted to date her but she always declined it because almost all the population of guys in her college were mostly spoiled brats and players, all the girls in her college and everywhere always look at her with envy and jealousy in their eyes but Rose didn pay any attention to them, especially the guys.

She is a nice, sweet and lovely girl but she doesn take shit at all and will go full badass on it necessary. There is also one thing that no one knows about her except for her, her parents and very close family relatives which was that she is a spy!!! Just like her father but he is now retired and now a business man of one of the biggest companies in the world, while her mother is a fashion designer and owns a very popular fashion house.

Now Rose is in a night club wearing a black slim fitted short dress with a strapless arm which brought out her curves and her hour glass shape, she was also wearing a black leather jacket with black high heel boots, which looks super sexy by the way.

She was sitting on a bar stool busy scanning through the crowd to look for something or someone and then ,bingo! She found her person she put on a seductive smile on her face, got up and swayed her hips too and fro as she walked to her destination.

When she got to where she was heading to, still with that seductive smile plastered on her face she walked up to one guy in particular who was already surrounded by lots of sexy looking ladies wearing seductive clothes if it can even be called clothes because they didn really cover anything at all and their boobs and nipples were really visible.

They were touching him as if they were desperate to sleep with him. How pathetic. She then walked to him sat down on his lap ”Hey, handsome. ” Rose said winking at him. The guy on the other hand was still in shock but quickly responded ”Oh hello there sexy, whats your name. ” And he was grinning like an idiot. Rose answered by saying ”Chloe. ” Then they started chatting and flirting away.

After the flirting marathon she smiled sexily saying ”Babe, lets go find a quiet place so we can have our privacy, if you know what I mean ” then she licked her small peach lip. The guy immediately got what she was saying and was so pleased. So they got up and were about to leave but were blocked by an 6 angry ladies, Rose told them to scram and they did so while cursing Rose under their breaths but Rose didn care at all.

There was a blonde lady who was looking really annoyed at Rose. She then said ”Chloe or whatever your name is how dare you take our customer away from us. Who the ** are you. ”

Rose didn pay any attention to that slut she just put the guys hand, turned around and was about to leave when the blonde lady was shouting out of anger ”You this whore, how dare you turn around when Im talking to you, you mother **ing bitch like its time for you to know your place here!! ”

As soon as Rose heard those words from her mouth she snapped and only saw red. So she calmly walk up to the blonde lady, as she was walking the blonde lady felt shivers run through her spine.

When Rose got close to the blonde she gave her a befitting slap on her face then another, then another again.

The last slap was so hard that she fell on the floor and her cheeks were throbbing, Rose squatted down and held her hair ”Just because Im keeping quiet doesn mean that you can ** with me, I don take shit and remember that. And how dare you call me a whore the last time I checked you are the whore here and not me. ” She warned the blonde lady calmly.

The blonde girl didn let her calmness fool her because she could see the rage oozing out of her and if she did anything stupid she could kill her right now in the spot, ”I… Im s… sorry ma… maam. ” She said still in pain.

Rose looks at her ”You better be. ”

Rose stood up and was about to leave then she suddenly remembered something so she squats down again ”And oh, you better go for a doctors appointment because I have a feeling that you may have STDs, but It won be a shocker to me if you actually have it because I feel so sorry for all those men who had already taken a slice of your rotten ass pussy, so you better go for the appointment very soon okay ” Rose told the blonde lady as she yanked her hair harder.

The blonde lady was now grunting in pain because she was yanked her hair harder and she was on the verge of crying because of the pain she was feeling ”Y…y…yes m… maam. ”

Rose got up and said ”Maldita excusa de mujer(bloody excuse of a woman).

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