Twist N turn

Past hurts

Anna pov:

I don know where I was until I saw a man in white coat. I think I felt unconscious and I passed away from lack of fuel in me. But thats not my mistake. He made me suffer. Mr devil. I hate him more now. How can he be soo cruel.

Suddenly the man in coat came near me and asked politely,

”How are miss Anna? ”

”My head is acheing and I am not feeling good were the only words which came from me. ”

”Its ohk miss Anna. You were unconscious and were bought here. I am Ferid. And I am going to make you back on your toes till morning. ”

” Please don . I don want to get well. At least not for a week. I am pissed off. ”

Seriously Anna just a day and you are pissed off? You have a very long way to go with him and I know he have not even show you the real training. You have to stay strong girl.

and coming to your treatment,

Thats not possible to tell him that just because you fell unconscious you can do training for a week miss Anna. Its my duty and I have being ordered to get you on your toes till morning.

Firstly its only Anna for you and secondly who gave you such order that devil.

( oh shit what did I blurted in front of some random person. Now everyone one will know what I think of him)

I mean that… but was cut off

Its ohk only Anna. Even I call him sometimes with those names. Hes a devil sometimes.

ReAlly! You call him devil in front of him and he don mind that. Strange!

Yeah, I mean everyone hate their trainers especially when they try to push their limits but trust me if you have to do this, hes the best to train you.

”Hes worst for me. You know , today I was without food all day standing in ground. And that to just for asking break. I don know what else he have plan for me. Ughhh! ”

”Its ohk Anna. Now because you are here you can share everything with me about him. Ill tell him to go slow on you. But before I forget some boys told me that your phone was ringing all day. Did he allowed you to keep? ”

”Yeah! That is so sweet of him but still hes a devil. ”

”Ohk Anna. After an hour you can go to your room and have some sleep there. ”

”Hii miss Anna. Neil said. ”

”I was so shocked to see him here. Name of the devil and the devil is here. ”

”Hii sir. So you enjoyed this right sir? ”

”Ofcourse Anna I did. And I am going to enjoy this more with you. Because I like to torture my students. ”

”Stop it Neil . Don scare her. And you don torture so just don lie in front of me at least. ”

You are such a…

Ferid suddenly started coughing.

”So miss Anna meet you tomorrow at 5:30 on ground.

Please be on time. Because I don tolerate any excuses. You might have got that. ”

”I won come. In fact I want to meet dad. After my meet only Ill start with my training. ”

”Thats not possible Anna. Neil said with condolence. But don worry Ill let your dad know what happened today what will happen tomorrow every thing. I think he trusts my ways thats the reason you are here with me. ”

”I still won come. I want to meet my dad and after that only Ill start with your stupid training. ”

”Fine I have other ways to deal with you, so miss Anna if you won come on time tomorrow trust me it will be the worst day of your life and trust me when I say so. Because I don give ideal threats to anyone. ”

”Will see that sir. ”

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