Twist N turn

At Medcare

Anna pov:

At 5:30hrs:

I got up from my sleep which was not a sleep. I was just on my bed all night thinking about today.

This is the first time I have got soo nervous and afraid of someone. The words of Mr devil were continuously ringing in my head. And since I over slept yesterday after lunch I was awake all night which is going to be death of me today.

I quickly did my morning routine and went straight to mess. I had my breakfast and I went to ground.

Luckily I was before my time. Hes still not here.

After what 10 mins, he arrived with a stop watch in his hand. And I got ready for todays hell.

”Good morning sir! ”

”Not so good for you miss! ”

”So start your running and come back to the same spot . I think this is the least workout you can do and don mess up with your timings. The second round should not be at same pace of time to the first. ”

”Sir how many rounds?? ”

”I will tell you when to stop. Don worry. ”

In mind:( So this is his least workout, how will I run such a big ground that to without messing up. And at least tell me how much I have to run.)

”Yes sir! ”

I started running with all my strength

Your timings are more pathetic then I thought. He exclaimed

Anna pov:

I was tired with this and hes making me angry with his attitude. I think I did a mistake talking to him last night.

Anna I hope you kept your phone in office? Neil asked

Ughh how can I be soo dunce. Now hes gonna scold me more. Oh god. Should I lie him that I kept.

No no. I think hes knows I have not.

No sir.

It just slipped. Ill do it before lunch.

No need miss Anna. You can now keep it with you only. Neil blurted.

Is he for real or there is some trick in this. I think I shoul play safely if I don want any problems.

I said am sorry sir please I will keep phone before lunch. I said apologetically. Sir I am telling you I will do that.

I think miss Anna you don understand simple things.

Now let me tell you one thing that you better watch your tongue before talking to me because any inappropriate statement will bring you in trouble. And earn you 25 push-ups.

Anna pov:

I think I am going to be his death wish Till night. Because the way hes training me I think till dinner Ill be dead. After so many rounds of running and jogging he told me to do multiple excercises. In which so many were so new to me but being a colonel daughter I know almost of them. Though i was not living with him but still I know. We used to excercise whenever we meet. He always reminds me of tough days with him but I think those were like cake walk days. I am really hating this man right now.

It was almost the time for lunch, I think. And I was excited that after an eternity Ill be free but you can never predict devils mood.

”Sir please I can do more than this I need a break orelse Ill die with exhaustion. ”

”You won miss Anna. Ill make sure that you won . We Are nowhere near end so pick up your speed and start doing burpees. ”

”Sir can I have some water please? Just 5 mins break. ”

”Okay miss Anna have water and after 7 mins I want you here without any excuse for next 2 hrs. ”

”What? Are you serious sir? ”

”I am dying here with your stupid workout and you are telling me to take 7 mins break for 2 hrs session. Am I stupid. Just because I am following all your orders that doesn mean I am ohk with this. Don forget I am keeping my dads word my following your orders. ”

”Ohk miss Anna. I think simple things are really out of your sight. Since you are not interested in doing any workout you can stand here all day doing nothing. ”

”But before I leave I want you to do 25 push-ups and then you can stand here all day ”

”Ofcourse I can. Its way better then doing something. ”

”Fine! ”

I did 25 push-ups and every time I went down I felt like I will not come back up again but thanks to him his curses were enough to pull myself up. After my punishment push-ups he went to the boys who were already doing some excercise with some other trainer. And I was all alone there.

Anna pov:

Shit! What did I do. I just blurted out everything. Hes going to eat me raw now. But I think standing here is way more comfortable then doing silly workouts. But standing here in this temperature is going to make me go crazy.

I saw group of boys doing workout and again mr devil was getting on their nerves. He was so harsh with them. And it went on and on.

Until he ordered everyone to take break.

It was almost evening and sun started to set when my My legs started shivering and I was feeling unconscious and after that everything was black.

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