Anna pov;

I finally went to my room for some rest. But I suddenly got a call. It was a call from my best friend and I sigh. I am glad that she is so worried for me.

But my fate has written something else for me.

I was so sleepy that I ignored my best freind call and sleep took over me.

At 1800 hrs

There was a knock on door which woke me up from my sweet sleep.

I opened the door to see dad standing at the door. I gesture him to come in.

Dad pov;

It was evening and still Anna was not seen anywhere around so I decided to peak in her room.

I knock on her door and after 10 mins she finally opened the door.

” ”Anna where were you all this evening? ” ”

” ”Its almost the time for dinner. ” ”

” ”Ughh dad I was sleeping, anything important? ” ”

” ”I thought you are reading something all this time anna. Or acknowledging yourself about this academy in detail.

How people live here, how are they trained and whats their schedule? ” ”

” ”But dad why will I do all this? ” ”

” ”Because you are getting trained in this academy and your schedule is almost gonna be same as theirs. ” ”

” ”Whattttttttt? ” ”

” ”I can live on clock dad. People here do everything on time and are great examples of panctuality like you am not the one you expecting to be like. ” ”

Dad getting angrier

” ”Fine dad. You will see that no one can change me but me. But I am in no mood to change my entire life, my routine, everything. And most importantly my sleep but Ill try to do all for you. But please don put any expectations on me like Zia dii. I am discrete of her. ” ”

Meet me down in mess in 10 mins

Yes dad

Anna pov;

It was strange. He didn utter a word and left. Should I be happy or fretting about this?

Suddenly my stomach growls and I got Ready for dinner. Because everything can wait but food.

As I head downstairs I saw horde of boys running.

I ignored them and went straight to where dad was seating. There was one more officer with him. His masculine body and blonde hair with dark brown eyes were soo astounding. But I have not come here for any military cacoon to be my lover. Though I had many in my college days but I can love anyone here. Because if I got married to any I have to live my life on clock. Love on time, sleep on time,eat on time. Ughh so many more.

I was so zoned off that I didn realised that food have come until dad shudder me from my thoughts.

” ”Sorry dad I was just thinking about….. ” ”

He cut me off.

” ”Have your food ana. We don have all evening to sit here and think of something which is not happening. ” ”

Oh yeah! Hes so right but how does he have that mind reading power. Every time I am thinking something he catches me with my thoughts.

I think every military person has this power or maybe my dad is psychologist.

After the food dad introduce me to the officer sitting with us and I was thrilled that he was so calm and cool in front of dad.

” ”Anna meet him hes the one of my best officer. ” ”

” ”Hi I am officer Neil Lewis and I am the one who is going to train you for your future goal. ” ”

” ”Hi I am Anna Martin. Sorry but which goal are you talking about sir? ” ”

” ”Anna you are going to be the part of state level kick boxing tournament next year. Dad declared. ” ”

What the….

” ”Sorry but I am not ready for it. Dad. ” ”

” ”You will be dear. Everyone here is going to help you to achieve your goal. ” ”

” ”But thats not my goal. ” ”

” ”If its not then it will be your goal Anna One day. ” ”

” ”Don you forget what you told me on your first meet. ” ”

” ”Yeah dad I will listen to you but not this. At least give me some more time. ” ”

” ”Its final Anna. ” ”

” ”But its unfair dad. ” ”

” ”Everything is fair until its for your own good Anna. ” ”


” ”Not buts Anna. My decision is final and you are getting trained for this tournament. Is that clear. ” ”

Yesss dad.

” ”Good from now on you are going to follow his commmands and his orders and I don want any complaints from him. ” ”

” ”You won get any dad. ” ”

” ”Good. Now you will only meet me on weekends. That is Sunday and on weekdays you are getting trained under him. Am I clear. ” ”

” ”Yes dad. ” ”

” ”Shes all yours officer. ” ”

” ”Roger that sir. ” ”

” ”Hi miss Anna. I am officer Neil Lewis. And I am going to be your trainer of your kickboxing tournament. ” ”

” ”Look sir I am here just to keep my dads word. I am not at all interested in doing any preparation for this tournament and to be honest you will just waste your time on me if you still wish to train me so you please tell dad that you are equally not interested in training me. ” ”

” ”I think you got a cake in a plate that is the reason you are not respecting this but i will make sure you respect me and start taking things seriously after its for sure going to happen. So without any further argument I want your phone and any electronic device that you own in my office by morning. ” ”

” ”What? You seriously think that I am going to give phone which is soo dear to me. You are just expecting impossible. ” ”

” ”Okay so I will tell colonel about are conversations and let him decide the best for you if not me. I will let him know that hes just wasting his time and his precious chance on a futile girl. Neil blurted. ” ”

” ”Oh! So you are scaring me with my fathers name. But let me tell you that I am just keeping fathers words by getting trained under you. And no one can change my mind. ” ”

” ”Even I don want to train you. I am also keeping colonel word. So please bare with it because I am not going to fake this like you. So before I tell your father about your intentions you better keep all your devices up in office. ” ”

” ”Ahn hmm NO please. I will give you this in morning but don involve dad in this. Don tell dad that I am faking this. ” ”

” ”Okay!So coming to training part. Your training is going to start from tomorrow at 530hrs and you better don be late. ” ”

” ”Excuse me!This early. ” ”

” ”Any problem? We can even make it 5 in morning if you want miss Anna. ” ”

” ”No sir. I am okay. ” ”

”Have a good night. ” ”

” ”Good night devil. I told that faintly. ” ”

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