Twist N turn

First meet

Things were normal until I was away from the mess. I was a daughter of army man and he was way too dedicated towards his work but today was the blissful morning and perilous morning. I wish he have no expectations from me since we didn met for a year which is way too long time. But today I have to move from here and this change of my life is not going to be a very good change.

After my alarm starts ringing I roll over my bed and saw the time. Today is the day when I am going to my dad after my exams and am not really happy as I don want to stay with him.its 8 in the morning and am getting ready to meet him after a year because of my busy schedule.

My dad is the head of royal military academy and hes way too panctual. I know panctuality is the part of military but am way different from him. I think I got this genes from my mom. My mom is a business women who visits countries so she have no time for us. I mean me and dad. Things were normal until I finished my studies which is abnormal for a girl of my age because I was very keen in my studies and thus completed way before my age. Students of my age are still in the way of achieving the degree I already achieved. So today am going to royal military academy after so long. I mean I have been there once when I was toddler and couldn handle myself all alone but thanks to my sis who just told dad that this environment is not good for me so I was bought at my sis house. And then after six years I moved into a apartment where I live with my best friend cum roommate. She is super cool. In fact she was the reason I moved from my sis house. But today I have to go to royal academy which I don want to but I have to keep my dads word.

Oh shit am so late already. He will kill me for not being panctual I mean common hes military man after all.

Common anna you are not a girl who gets afraid of anyone. You scare everyone to death with your hilarious ideas and pranks but is never afraid of any one

Common Zoya hes my dad and hes already pissed of because of my This decision of living with you.

He thinks strangers are the worst influencers. They can manipulate me and make me person which I am not but little did he know that his daughter is the captain of all. Shes way to ahead of what he thinks of me.

But anna why hes so mad of your decision with moving out. Like you can get better company and you never know lifes takes a U turn.

Let it be Zoya am ohk with my father until I have not seen him but hes pissed because even though living in same city he couldn meet me or di because of his busy schedule and none of was either interested in meeting with him so hes angry because we could have met him before he order us to do so.

I can understand anna hes just worried for you. But he really needs to meet us and see the crazy side of us. Zoya exclaimed!

Zoya am really very nervous what is going to happen and what he expects after my degree. Lets hope for the best and keep the expectation low.

In others ways don hope anything anna because you know him hes strict but not towards you. I mean hes going to meet you after a year and its normal like you were busy with your own stuffs

I know but I still hope hes not that angry the way it looked like on phone

Flashback phone call

Anna:Hi dad how are you?

Dad: good evening Anna I hope you remember that now because your studies are over you have to come back to this place.

Anna: hmm Ughh yeah

Dad: stop mumbling Anna as if you were not prepared for this phase of your life

Anna: no dad I was pretty much aware of this but I couldn come.

Dad: I have heard a lot no more excuses am coming tomorrow to pick you up at 10 in morning be ready and better not make me wait.

Anna: but dad

Dad: I hope you have not forgot that there are no ifs and buts in my dictionary anna.

Anna:sorry dad Ill be ready tomorrow

Dad: you better be. Bye

Anna: Bye dad


We can still be in touch you are not going to far anna and I know though hes strict but he will let you hang with me. He can be cruel.Zoya freind told her

I really hope. Anna replied.

On phone call;

Where are you Anna am out since forever.

You can be soo late and so impanctual abut your self and am not tolerating this now.

Am sorry dad Ill be right there.

Good morning dad and am sorry for your wait and Ill make sure you won wait for me from now on.

Ofcourse you better make sure now lets go.

At academy;

Your dorm is at right and make yourself comfortable here because you are going to stay here for long time and please comprise with the academy and rules here.

But dad am not your cadet so why in dorm.

Like I can stay with your stanza.

I think I made my decision and thats final.

And don be late for lunch you have 1 hour for it get fresh and meet me in mess in an hour.

Anna pov;

Ughh what have I got myself in. Like how can he be soo rude with me. And an hour am so tired I need a good sleep. Does he even know how much I sleep.

This is the first time in my life that I got up so early and now he wants me to be in less in an hour. How can I be soo quick with such a slow motion of my body. But if I want lunch I have to be there as I have not got breakfast because of my dad and am soo soo foodie but wait the food I really hope the food of mess is good.

After changing in some comfy clothes I head out straight to mess because I can wait for some food.

After entering mess I was so stuck to my place because it was empty hall. Like common who don need food but I think we still have time for it. And then I saw dad there and everyone in mess I mean staff was way more careful with the things they were doing and dad signal me to sit besides him. I quickly sat there and the food was served to us by one of the staff member.Thankfully the food was good enough and dude they do Have desserts after meal. I seriously wasn expecting this from a place where my dad is colonel. Because I know hes not a sweet person at all and he neither like sweets. Suddenly there was a chous of boys. I think they came back from their training and as they saw me and dad everyone from a load of voice to a pindrop silence and I chuckle e to see this. I mean even boys are scared of him but hes not that strict I suppose because the way I was expecting him to behave after not listening to him for a year hes not that frustrated as I suppose but good for me until he gets in his colonel mode.

After dad permit boys they started eating and everyone sat way far from him. Which is normal I suppose.

After we ate our food dad told me to come to his office as he wants to talk something with me.

But I doubt whats so urgent that hes not letting me have rest and called me straight to his office after lunch.

I guess I have to go and see myself whats the matter with him.

After going to my dads office I knock on the door and waited for him to reply

As soon as he told come in I opened the door and saw everything in these years are same like every spot of this room is exactly same in so many years. Hows that even possible I have seen his room in my toddler age. His room has a permanent memory because I used to spend all my day here doing nothing. Sometimes he used to bring some books for me but little did he know that I am not that bookish girl. Like him.

Now I truly think that I have got my genes from my mom because she either not interested in keeping any place so perfect and spotless for so many years. And maybe thats why she don like to live with him. But I know that they are not divorce but neither they live together.


Hi dad u did called me here. Is anything important?


Anna am sorry for behaving soo rude with you early but you have to understand that I missed you all too much and Zia is busy with her marriage life as well. But still you are the one I look upon you soo much but you make me regret my decision for you.


Am sorry dad. I didn want to disappoint you. Ill listen to you from now on dad. Now I want you to be proud of me all again.


Ohk Anna. lets talk about some important stuff. I want you to get training of martial arts and kick boxing.


But dad I am not interested. You know this and why you want me to get trained for such things when am already done with my studies.


Anna you told me that you are going to listen me after this.


But dad not this one. You know am lazy and very inactive. And I know you are telling me to enroll for this because of my laziness and inactiveness


I am glad you know this so you are getting train for these things.


Okay dad, now can I go to my room. I am very tired.


Yes you can but from tomorrow you are getting start with new phase of your life. Bye


Bye dad.

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