The prodigy of Time

The unknown voice Part 2

”So you are the prodigy of time ”An unknown voice popped up in my head. ”What,who are you ?! ”

”Hmm,no matter,what I can see is that you
e in danger,even though you are pretty young,I can let you die so Ill give you the basics ”.I didn have an idea what he was talking about

”Can you help me save my dad ?! ” I asked furious

”I can do more than that. ” Right in that moment I collapsed and I couldn move my body. ”Relax,don fight against it,if you want me to save your dad then let that black thing consume you ”.And just in that moment I passed out.


I opened my eyes. ”Where am I and why can I move my body ”.I heard a sound of something that broke.It was my mom,crying at the end of the other room. ”Damian,he woke up!!! ”My mother yelled.My dad rushed in the house and saw me.They both hugged and told me that they thought I wouldn wake up.

After I fully recovered my dad told me everything.

He thought I collapsed because I was in too much shock but he was wrong.In just a few seconds I got up and said ”Its playtime ”,and when the bear attacked me I dodged every attack and told the beast ”Is that all you got faggot ”and cut his head off with just one mana spell with your bare hands

I was amazed to hear all those but my dad also told me that there was a black mana around Me and he felt overwhelmed just by mana release.


”Hey son,we have some good news,you will become an older brother ”…

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