ill conscious.

”Dad whats wrong !? ”Trying not to make a lot of noise I checked on my dad who looked more in fear than anything else and then I felt it too.

An absolute immense mana release.It was at least a C class mana beast which was far stronger than any beast in the forest according to my dad.

”Ray,its a C class Bear,we don stand a chance against him,do you see that river? ”There was a river maybe 100 meters away from us.My dad cab use wind magic and he was confident enough that if we outrun the bear even for a mere second it will be enough for him to use his wind magic to throw us up in the air so we can cross over river by climbing the mountain.

”Yes,I see it ”.I was in so much fear and shock at that time I didn even realize I awakened because only awakened beings can sense mana and energy but I didn know what element I had obtained. ”At three we sprint towards the river and Ill use my magic to throw us up. ”

”Understood ! ”.I had to follow him. ”One,two,thr- ”

But just then before he finishes counting the bear sees us

”Run Ray!!!Run as fast as you can! ”We both sprint towards the river,but in that moment right before we were about to reach the river my dad trips on a rock and falls down.We were a few meters away to the river. ”Run Ray!Don stop I will use my magic on you. ”He wants to sacrifice himself for me.I look behind us the bear was a around 20 meters away from us but my dad insisted to go

And so I did,I ran away with tears on my face yelling ”Sorry dad ”.This was exactly how my dad died in my first life but this time I was with him.I reach the river and my dad started using his magic,but just then I felt it…

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