My name is Ray.

I am a simple peasant but a kind-hearted one,or at least thats what my mom says.I am 24 years old and my magic type is yet still unknown,because in my world without magic you
e nothing.

Every living being has a stage,the stage color defines your strength and from the rankings of them the weakest stage is the Grey stage and the strongest stage the human race has ever accomplished is the yellow stage, but the human race aren the only living beings in this world.

All the races in this world are…Humans,the weakest kind,Dwarfs very powerful creatures especially in solid objects sorcery but not very tall, Giants,they have the weakest type of magic because half of the population can even use magic but the average adult Giant can beat 100 adult mages without an effort.

Now to the league of above than average,we have the Elfs,very strong beings,very agile and the race with the fastest core development in the Lower great chain of being side.

The next race is the Angels,to get born in such a are race is called the luck of the draw. Considerd the weakest upper race in the great chain of beings their weakest soldiers can destroy 5 elfs at the same time.

Right next after Angels we have the Demon Race,this is the only race that can be awakened,its called the second phase also known as the Devil Phase,they can activate this State can only be activated when the demons heart becomes one with hatred,but enough about them.

As for the three,well the difference between a human and them is so big humans can even try and pronounce their name,only the elderly elfs can barely say their name.

Wait, whats going on with the village?! Oh no,the village is been raided by bandits

”Hey theres another survival here,kill him now! ” Someone yelled,peeking out from underneath my cloak as I turned looking at them,they looked at least as solid Grey stage sorcerers,there were around 30 of them.I tried to run because couldn fight them but it only took one of them 3 seconds to get behind me

I looked at the bandit,a middle aged men with short black hair and brown eyes, with a long beard and a cold look,he stabs me with a magic spell for close range

Falling to my death I was looking at my family,my mom,my younger brother and sister all three dead burned by the flames that took over the entire village.I regretted my life for been weak and couldn even use Magic yet and so I did wish for a second chance

”Where is this place,and why am I naked? ”I asked seeing some black and white space but just then,a powerful light strikes me and I couldn open my eyes for a while and when I did I heard a familiar voice

”Dad?! ”I yelled, ”But how are you alive?! ”but I couldn talk I could only think so noone heard me. ”And whats wrong with my body,why am I so sma- ”

”Welcome to this world,little one,your name will be Ray…Yes Ray Marleigh ”and then it hit me

I was reborned as myself or better said I went back in time 24 years ago.

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