alone, he smiles and takes his sword. He attacks with a wind slice but the necromancer summoned bones from the ground to act as a shield. The necromancer fires the arrows toward Davy but he easily knocks them away. They proceed to clash, he kicks the necromancer, covers his sword in fire and attacks but he is blocked by a done shield stronger than the first one.

”Is big brother struggling? ” Ari says in a worried voice.

”No Ari, he could have ended this fight long time ago, he is just having fun. ” Suzy says with a smile on her face full of love.

”Hihihi, big sis Suzy loves big bro Davy. ” Ari says with a smug smile on her smile.

”Wh..what, no, we dated before but I broke up with, u…um, lets just forget about this and focus on the fight. ” She says in a nervous and panicking tone.

Ari laughs while Sakura looks at Suzy with a little bit of jealousy. The fight becomes boring since its so one-sided, Davy uses [1st form, soul slicer], the attack slices the necromancer in half, and everything behind including the throne all get destroyed by the attack.

”DING, you have defeated the boss, C-rank necromancer, 75,000 points will be awarded, you have leveled up, you have gained the skill THE BRINGER OF DEATH, the skill allows you to deal 200% damage on opponents who rank higher than you. The final reward is a tower exclusive, you have been given the chance to enter the tower. Certain gods are watching you with hate and others with interest. ”

”Sweet, I can finally go into the tower. ” She says with a face full of joy, he didn even pay any attention to the gods.

He tells his teammates that he received the reward that will allow them to enter the tower. They all jump as they are all excited to see what its like in the tower. They walk out of the dungeon and many hunters were waiting for them to come out. They start yelling about how Davy stole the rewards and that he should share what he got.

After carefully looking at him and how he only has one arm they immediately realized who he is and they all moved out of the way.

They go to the association, as they walk in everyone goes quiet and many hunters run away. He arrives at the reception desk and pulls out all the cores he has been saving up from his inventory that he learned a few weeks ago.

”I would like to sell all these core. ” He says.

”Okay sir, give me a minute. ”

”Are you not going to run your mouth last time? ” he says he an emotionless tone.

”I…I would never do such a thing sir. ” She nervously says.

The cores get calculated and he receives 4 billion Zin. After that they went to buy some food for the journey, all this stuff was placed in Davys inventory.

”Good, we have everything we have now, shall start heading out? ” he confidently says.

”YES ” they happily reply.

They head out with happy expressions as if they are going camping.


”What an interesting human, this boy is truly amazing, however, that only applies outside the tower. Inside the tower he is but a mere ant, he will come to understand soon enough, I have my eye on you boy named Davy. ”

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