The devil’s little angel


”life doesn always give you what you want and sometimes situations determine how your life is going to be like ” this was something that has always been in my mind since God knows when. I admire the kids in the orphanage a lot because if not for nanny,Id have technically been like them. Without a home or anyone to care or love me . Aside everything,that theyve lost and want they still manage to smile and move on in life as if today was the last day they could live

”Thank you so much,Ms Stones. if not for you and your support we wouldn even know what would become of the orphanage and the kids as a whole. I know the kids will forever be in debt to you and they love everything you are doing for them ”

”oh stop that, sister. You are making my head swole. Thinking about how youve helped nanny pearl in bring me up, this is actually nothing and I can never repay you. Just take it like the little I can do for the kids here to get a better life ”

Right now we
e walking through the corridors, heading to the main office to check the number of kids that have been adopted over the week. I checked the files and realized that Ashley and Victor have been adopted and I was just so happy. Im sure Hazel will die of excitement if she realizes this. Those kids were her favorite and she prayed all day for them to get adopted and finally her dream has come true

”Are the parents good enough?I asked.just because they were no longer here doesn mean,I don care what happens to them or their whereabouts.

”Yes, Angel. the parents are well to do and Im sure they can take good care of them ” Sister Helen said assuring me

”its not about them being wealthy, sister.its about whether they can take good care of them or not. Even if they are poor but can still take care of them,Im fine with it. I don want any of the kids here suffering. Keep track of them and let me know if anything happens to them. And don forget to send me their address,I might as well pay them a little visit ” I continued to go through the files until something caught my attention. its like someone made some paperwork for adoption but later cancelled it.

”Why did they cancel the adoption?I asked sister helen with a concern look.

she looked at me sadly as if contemplating whether to tell me about it or not. I waited patiently for her to start talking, when she realized I wasn going to let the matter go to sleep she started

”Actually it was Megan and Hagan ” the mention of the twins make me sad instantly. Sister Helen waited for my approval before she continued

”Megans heart problem just seemed to get worse within the week and the couples have money but not enough to treat her so they decided to take only Hagan . But you already know him, theres no way hed leave without his sister here so they cancelled their own and went for Ashley and Victor instead ”she ended on a sad note

”Megans problem has increased within the week and you didn bother to tell me anything? ”I didn bother to hide the anger in my tone. One of the main reasons why I decided to take this mission was to get enough money for the heart transplant for Megan and it got worse without her telling me. What if she had died in the process,then what was the essence of taking those diamonds. I closed my eyes and took a few breaths.

”Which hospital is she in? ”

”City hospital ”she answered

”Good,we are going to see her and get this over with ”

”please we are looking for Megan Hearts, which ward is she in ”Henry asked the nurse when we finally got to the hospital.

”Megan Hearts? okay, shes in kids ward 806 the third floor ”she uttered

”okay thanks ”we said as we made our way to her ward

Seeing the tubes and machines connected to her made my heart ache even more. Megan laid soundly on the bed as if she had no worry in the world but she was carrying more than she can carry. I walked slowly to her bed, afraid one wrong move from me would startle my little princess. I sat quietly on the bed, caressing her cheeks slowly. The world was really not fair, was it?. shes just 6 but here she was suffering from a whole in her heart.Can she just live a normal life like anyone else in the orphanage?

I felt a tiny hand wipe away a tear I didn know was flowing. I sniffed back the tears and smiled at her. she looked so pale making me even afraid to touch her hand with the fear that it may break if I dared. Hazel held my by the shoulder, reassuring me that every thing would be alright

”Auntie Angel,why are you crying? ”her soft voice came round the room. I tried smiling at her

”I just miss you,Meg. its been a while since I last saw you ”

”I also miss you auntie ”

”So why didn you tell me that you were in the hospital?do you know how scared I was when I heard you were here?

she pouted making me chuckle

”Im so sorry aunt, sister helen said youd be in school and I didn want to worry you. ”

I kissed her hand and brushed my hand through her hair.

”Never scared me like that okay? else I won be talking to you again. you get it? ”

”sure, aunt. Ill let Hagan call as soon as possible if anything is wrong ”she said grinning even though she struggled in her words.that let me wondering, where is Hagan.

”hes sleeping in the couch over there ”she pointed to her left as if reading my mind.i place a gentle kiss on her head.

”rest ohk, Ill be here when you wake up so don worry. just sleep ” she obediently close her eyes to rest.

I walked over to where Hagan was sleeping. I tapped him gently on the shoulder.

He got up in an instant as if waking up from a horrible dream. When he realized it was me, he instantly hugged me crying his heart out.

”Auntie,I was so scared.i thought she was going to leave me ”he pulled away and looked in my eyes

”she won die right? please tell me she won die ”

Hearing these words from a 6 year old boy made me hug him tightly.

”shush, don cry. she won die. She would be safe okay ” we continued like that for about ten minutes before he eventually calmed down.

”Listen,go home with Henry and get some proper rest, okay ”he looked reluctant to go but when I assured him that I would be with Megan,he agreed to go.

After 30 minutes,the doctor came to checkup on her.

”is her situation that bad ”I asked feeling anxious

”Actually miss her situation is very severe,if we don do the surgery in time,she might not make it ”

I looked over to the sleeping girl. shes too young to suffer like this so Id do anything to help her… anything

”Please begin with the surgery. don worry about the would be deposited in your account. Just make sure she lives ”I can afford to lose another person I hold close to my heart.

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