The devil’s little angel

Chapter 4( helping the orphanage)

are going to see her and get this over with ”

”please we are looking for Megan Hearts, which ward is she in ”Henry asked the nurse when we finally got to the hospital.

”Megan Hearts? okay, shes in kids ward 806 the third floor ”she uttered

”okay thanks ”we said as we made our way to her ward

Seeing the tubes and machines connected to her made my heart ache even more. Megan laid soundly on the bed as if she had no worry in the world but she was carrying more than she can carry. I walked slowly to her bed, afraid one wrong move from me would startle my little princess. I sat quietly on the bed, caressing her cheeks slowly. The world was really not fair, was it?. shes just 6 but here she was suffering from a whole in her heart.Can she just live a normal life like anyone else in the orphanage?

I felt a tiny hand wipe away a tear I didn know was flowing. I sniffed back the tears and smiled at her. she looked so pale making me even afraid to touch her hand with the fear that it may break if I dared. Hazel held my by the shoulder, reassuring me that every thing would be alright

”Auntie Angel,why are you crying? ”her soft voice came round the room. I tried smiling at her

”I just miss you,Meg. its been a while since I last saw you ”

”I also miss you auntie ”

”So why didn you tell me that you were in the hospital?do you know how scared I was when I heard you were here?

she pouted making me chuckle

”Im so sorry aunt, sister helen said youd be in school and I didn want to worry you. ”

I kissed her hand and brushed my hand through her hair.

”Never scared me like that okay? else I won be talking to you again. you get it? ”

”sure, aunt. Ill let Hagan call as soon as possible if anything is wrong ”she said grinning even though she struggled in her words.that let me wondering, where is Hagan.

”hes sleeping in the couch over there ”she pointed to her left as if reading my mind.i place a gentle kiss on her head.

”rest ohk, Ill be here when you wake up so don worry. just sleep ” she obediently close her eyes to rest.

I walked over to where Hagan was sleeping. I tapped him gently on the shoulder.

He got up in an instant as if waking up from a horrible dream. When he realized it was me, he instantly hugged me crying his heart out.

”Auntie,I was so scared.i thought she was going to leave me ”he pulled away and looked in my eyes

”she won die right? please tell me she won die ”

Hearing these words from a 6 year old boy made me hug him tightly.

”shush, don cry. she won die. She would be safe okay ” we continued like that for about ten minutes before he eventually calmed down.

”Listen,go home with Henry and get some proper rest, okay ”he looked reluctant to go but when I assured him that I would be with Megan,he agreed to go.

After 30 minutes,the doctor came to checkup on her.

”is her situation that bad ”I asked feeling anxious

”Actually miss her situation is very severe,if we don do the surgery in time,she might not make it ”

I looked over to the sleeping girl. shes too young to suffer like this so Id do anything to help her… anything

”Please begin with the surgery. don worry about the would be deposited in your account. Just make sure she lives ”I can afford to lose another person I hold close to my heart.

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