The devil’s little angel

Chapter 4( helping the orphanage)

Have you ever lived a life where you try to get over your past so bad but each time it keeps coming back at you?.I laughed every morning and afternoon just so that when the nightmares come at night,Id feel a little bit better. Tonight was no exception, I had a dream but no like the nightmares I usually have.

Today,I saw my mum in my dream. she wasn dead but she sat quietly at the edge of my bed, massaging my feet. she was telling me something, something like I should beware of something or at least someone. I just couldn remember exactly what she was saying but then Id do anything to have her beside me again even if shes dead

”Ms Stones, can you please answer the question ”our biology teacher uttered jolting me up from my thoughts

”Fuck ” I was just about to embarrass myself when the principal walked in with a student

”wait? what!! why would they take a new student in the middle of the semester ”I thought but soon realized its actually none of my business.

Mrs Woods told me to take my seat but not after a quick reminder about how my grades are falling. I rolled my eyes and took my seat. Hazel elbowed me, giving me a concern look

”what were you thinking about that you were so lost. she called you for more than three times before you responded. why? whats up? ”she raise a brow.

I bit my lips, feeling guilty for making her worry too much. Hazel would eventually freak out if she finds out about those nightmares. And I wasn ready to have her babysit me at night

”its alright. its nothing serious ” I gave her a smile that didn even reach my eyes

she was about to protest when Mrs Woods cleared her throat seeking our attention

”Here is Aryz Hamilton, hell be joining us for this semester and actually he joined in the middle of the semester because he wasn feeling so well so make him feel at home. and no bullying ”she ended staring right at Jackson,the school bully

”hey miss don stare at me like that. I won cross his path if he is obedient enough ”he fired at her making his gang burst out laughing. I rolled my eyes at him, oh God knows how much I hate this guy.

”And Angel since you weren paying attention in class, you get to show Aryz around. Take it as a gift from me. Have a wonderful day ”she gave me a smile making me groan. she knows how much I hate taking care of newbies but yet still she gave me that task.

I could hear Haz giggle making me glare at her.

”come on lets pack our things,we can possibly be late for English class,can we? ”

”so what made her this gloomy ” Henry asked Hazel when we settled down for the class. the master wasn even around. Hazel glanced at me before making a funny face what so ever but I was too distracted to even mind her.

”so apparently she wasn paying attention during biology class and Mrs Woods decided to do her the honor of taking care of the new student ” she said pointing to where Aryz or whoever sat. I mean what name is that at all.i looked his way and he tried smiling but I gave him the look making him know Im not ready to be friends with him.

” so thats why shes angry like that ”Henry moved over to me and circled his hand around my neck making me glare at him. But like always no amount of glares will put this guy off

”Angel,you have no right to be angry ohk besides if you had payed attention in class this responsibility wouldn have been yours… ”

Before he could even continue,I kicked him right where the sun never shines. he crawled back to his seat cursing me.

e suppose to be helping me find solutions to keep him of my back. Your advice wasn necessarily needed so keep them to yourself ”

”so mean, the least you could do was to kick me like that. curse my goodness for caring for you ”he growled making me smirk.

”keep quiet both of you,the master is in ”Haz scolded and I diverted my attention to the teacher.

”another boring lesson from english,I guess

The bell had already rang and I was standing by my locker, arranging my things after I dumped another love letter from Jackson into the bin.

”what was that dudes problem anyways ”you like me and I hate you, period.theres no need to try and make me like you.

Even if God himself was to descend his throne and tell me to like Jackson and go to heaven,then Im sorry God. Ill cope in hell like that

I closed my locker and I swear my soul almost left my body when I saw someone standing right behind it

”Holy shit ”I trembled back a little before regaining my posture.i realized it was Aryz

”how dare you scare the hell out of me like that.i nearly lost it because of you ”I half screamed at him

”Im sorry,I was wondering if you can show me around for now ”

I scoffed at him, not hiding my displeasure. I opened my locker again and pulled out a pamphlet and hit his chest with it

”look,this pamphlet contains information of every single place and rat hole in this school, so use it and leave my innocent life alone ”I turned around, heading to the cafeteria since Hazel and Henry were already there but I stopped in my tracks when I felt someone trailing behind me. I turned and saw Aryz following me. I raised a brow at him.

”you have the pamphlet so why are you still following me? ”

”Yeah,you gave me the book but at least let me be with you for the meantime and I promise I won bother you anymore when I get the hang of things ”he pleaded

I stood there thinking about it for some time.

”its not like I have any option besides I don want Mrs Woods to punish me because of you,so you can come and hurry cus we are already late ”

he seemed pleased as he followed me

I walked right to our usual place and saw Henry raise a brow when he saw Aryz following me

”hed just be around for the meantime so don worry ”

Even though they didn seem pleased, they just let it pass. I understood their worries. The reason why we just couldn afford for anyone new to join us was because of our missions. Having a new member meant we couldn discuss issues when we pleased. thats why it has always been the three of us and no one else.

to kill the boredom, Henry started asking Aryz a few questions but it backfired after the first try

”so where are you from?

”You don know there ”

”Man, I don know thats why Im asking you ”Henry seemed annoyed

”Im from hell ”Aryz uttered, making our jaws drop

”Really,hey. I was trying to be good to you theres no need to act rude and all. what harm was in starting a conversation with you ”Henry hissed . everyone continued with their food and minded their own business till we went back to class

”okay, so thats all for today see you on Monday and don forget to submit your forms over the weekend else no college for you. enjoy your weekends ”Ms Scott said ending the class.

we made our way to the parking area and hoped into Henrys car

”really. whats up with the new kid, he was really testing my patience you know ”Henry fired

”hey don worry,we just have to find a way to keep him off our backs ”

”Yeah right ”he said angrily and took off making me sigh. Henry sure has a temper

Aryz POV

”you are late ”I said not spearing the man beside me a glance as I sat in the car.

”how was it ”he asked, completely ignoring my first statement.

”really? upon all the things you could have just had to put me in school. Can I just monitor her whilst not being in school ”

yet again,he still ignored me

”how was she, could you read her ”

”No,I can read every single one of those humans in the building but I can read the three of them ”I answered

”How is that possible?Im sure yesterday I could read the other two so what happened today ”he asked almost to himself rather than me

”from my observations,I can read the others when shes not around them but as soon as she comes,I can . I feel whatever is guarding her thoughts is strong enough to affect those around her making it impossible to read those around her ” that was what I observed when she went to get a soda at the other side of the cafe. I could read her friends but as soon as she came around, their thoughts seemed like it was covered

he nodded slowly as if trying to digest everything I just said.

”its been a long time since I actually met someone that I can read. the last time that happened was with an angel but clearly there is none on earth and she surely don radiate like one. so its either shes from a different race or shes just a human with a strong will. ”

he keeps quite for some time

”I doubt its any, since other races have decided to mind their own business and not intervene with human affairs except the witches but then shes clearly not a witch. so I just have to find out who she is then ”

A wicked smirk formed at the corner of his lips.

”its time to kill two birds at a time ”…



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