The devil’s little angel


It was already night again and I knew Mr Smith and his men would surely be waiting for us in his pub to receive his little present. Henry was already waiting for us downstairs and Im sure by now hes fuming in anger but hey hed has to wait for the princesses to get ready right?. we were the once who suffered to get these diamonds so it won hurt if he waits a little bit longer besides he could have gone for them himself

”Hey girl, are you done? we are running late ” Hazel shouted at the other side

”Yh, Im done. Haz . Ill be there in a sec ”I shouted back at her

I combed my hair with my hand as it fell freely on my shoulders. my hair was pretty long and I liked it, today I just felt like leaving it loss like that so it could feel some fresh air.

I wore a white nike joggers with side pockets and a black crop top matching with my black and white nike shoes. I wore a black nose mask and only my blue eyes were showing, reminding me of the day mom left . I shook my head to get that memory out of my head. I looked at my self one more time before heading out

”Woh,woh ,woh are you trying to go and seduce the man or what . ” henry blurted out

”what ”I raised a brow at him walking closer to them

Hazel walked over to me and brushed a strand of my hair behind.

”baby girl,all hes trying to say is you are looking cute and at the same time hot. any guy would be left breathless upon seeing you. if this goes on Im sure to meet my brother in law very soon ”she teased

”really?you are not looking hot but rather me. Im not the one wearing a relatively short tight skirt revealing most off my curves and also a crop top which is also made out of lace technically making me look hot. its you,Haz .so you guys stop talking about how hot you think Im looking and drag your asses and lets leave. ”I uttered taking the lead

”hey chill okay. I was just saying, I didn mean skin me alive with your words ”henry sounded displeased

”whatever, now start the damn car and lets get going ”


in the pub, the place was very busy even though it wasn a Friday night which was obvious since it belongs to Smith. it seems like they already have the news that we are here cause I could see one of his men walking up to us .

”did you bring what you were ordered to bring ”he asked

”why don you watch the news or your dumb brain told you well come here empty handed ”I scoffed

he made and advance to me but I didn flinch,none of us did. Besides thats the rule of the game ”DONT ACT SCARED OR YOULL BE FOOLED ”

”Watch your mouth young lady ”

”And try to use your head always ”I fired back as I took a step forward, indicating he can mess with me

I could see the anger in his eyes but then how many **s do I give?ZERO Before he could even try doing anything bad,a voice backed from behind him

”Hey Bruce, don scare our little guests away would you.go inside and attend to our other guests, Ill handle these ones ”Mr Smith said

The so called Bruce spared me one last glance before leaving

”Don mind him.hell get use to it ”

”he better adapt quick ” Henry said

Mr Smith turned his attention to me

”baby doll, aren you suppose to be preparing for school tomorrow?

”not that its your business but yes ” yeah great I still school. you might be wondering how I balance school and work, well thats for me to know and you to find out

”come on, lets go inside and discuss business ”he gestured us forward into a private room. we sat down and he stretched his hand forward , indicating that I should pass the brief case containing the diamonds forward. What did he take us for?a bunch of kids or what. Sure right I know we are kids but we aren fools you know.

”if you wanted it this easy, you could have as well sent some of your men to bring it you but you needed professionals so our money first ” I smirked

”trust me,I won take your money anyway ”

”and its not like Id be taking your diamonds away besides I have no interest what so ever in these stones ,all I care is my money so give it first and youll get your stones . ”I argued

he sighed and could see his disappointment since he couldn hold his babies first but I really didn care about that.

”Bruce bring me the three suitcase!! ”

I smiled when I say Bruce handing the cases over to him

” Here you go, Baby doll.Now my diamonds ”

”No ,Mr Smith lemme check if my babies are intact then you can have yours ”

he passed the money over to us and after checking I realized everything was intact

”here, you can have yours ”I threw the suitcase over to him

”come on guys lets leave ”I gestured the rest for us to leave

”how old are you ”Mr Smith voice trailed behind me

”19 any problem?

”No, you really know business for a girl your age. Looking forward to continue doing business with you ”

”wed be looking forward to it ”and with this we made our way out of his private room with our money

”wow, Angel.that was mad. you really are getting better than me with every single moment past ” Henry said making me chuckle.

”how about we get some drinks to celebrate ”Haz suggested.

”No can do,girl. its not even Friday night and besides Im getting poor grades in biology. if Nanny gets to know, you know thats the end of me besides we have a test tomorrow and just because we skipped yesterday for the operation doesn mean we can skip tomorrow just because of some silly hangover. soooo we are going straight home and Im driving!! ”I shouted dashing out of the pub. I could just imagine the horror in their eyes as they run after me. its not my fault Im now learning how to drive and they don wanna get killed because of my poor driving skills but I know Id get the hang of it soon. Im just so bad because Henry is my teacher, hes so bad at teaching that made me wonder why nanny insisted on him teaching me. we turned the music on high as we sang our heart out on our way home. yesterday and today have been so hectic and I just couldn wait to lie on my bed


”who are those who just left ”

”I don know,sir. Im sure its just a bunch of high school kids roaming about ”

”the one with the blonde hair,I can read her . which is so weird so find out more about her ”

”sure sir ” Isal said and then disappeared from my sight. I sipped my wine as a smirk formed at the corner of my lip

”Interesting ”

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