The devil’s little angel


en unlocked.

I smiled at my accomplishment

Standing at the gates, I pulled out a powder like substance and blew it in the air. Red lines inter crossing which weren there before were now visible. How I hate these things, always delaying and wasting my time . any wrong move from you and your cover is blown.

” Haz, do something about these security patterns ”

”On it ”. after a few seconds ”Done ”

I saw the light instantly going off,and before me stood the Greatest of all times. THE DIAMONDS.

”Fools ”I murmured to myself. how could they possibly leave it ajar like that. Did they think their security was soo tight or what. I scoffed and quickly packed them in the bag. By now, there is already an alarm and I need to get out off her fast

” done,meet me at the other side of the tunnel were the guards are not stationed ”

”okay but hurry Angel,the guards are on their way down there ”

I dashed out of the room and made my way through the corridors.

”shit ”I cursed when I saw them approaching. ”let get this over with, would we ”

it was easy as hell as I was able to fight my way through

”hurry!!! hurry!!!go ”I shouted as Hazel sparked the car

”wow,that was close ” she said and we all laughed as we made our way away from the museum

”You should have seen the Presidents reaction when he found out that the diamonds are missing ” I said to Hazel when she came back with the glass of wine.

”Im sure by now every single person in the museum is being sucked ” we laughed it off but our laughter was cut short when nanny appeared

”ANGEL STONES& HAZEL MARIA WOODS,how many times do I have to tell you not to make fun of people like that hes your president and if I knew you were going to rob him, Id have said no a long time ago. what has gotten into you too. I know you do this in favor of the orphanage but that was a little over the board. what if you would have gotten hurt ” a glitch of fear and sadness was in her tone when she uttered the last past.

Hazel and I walked over to her and circled our hands around her neck

”Nanny,we are very sorry if we scared you but we know you would have never allowed us if you knew it was the presidents diamonds and besides selling them will take the orphanage to a whole new level. we really needed that money. ” I uttered

Nanny pearl is more than a mother to I and Hazel. ever since mum died. well yes my mum was found dead two weeks after her disappearance and I do not want to talk about it. Anyways, nanny has done a good job of taking care of me and I appreciate it. Id never do anything to hurt her no matter what. She has always been there for me even when I joined the secret missions at age ten, she still stood by me after months of trying to talk me out of it and I can never be so grateful

”look at the bright side, nanny . tomorrow well meet up with Mr. Smith and take the money in exchange for the diamonds. Then they can start the construction of a new building for the orphanage ”

Nanny pulled from our embrace, looking more angry aside worried

” Mr. Smith? can anyone give you that money aside him? I know how much she hates him but hes one of our promising partners and there is nothing we can do about it

”don worry besides Henry will be coming with us and our safety is reassured ”

at the mention of Henry, she seems to relax a bit. Henry is a friend and nanny trust him so much because of how protective he is over me. After all Im the youngest in the group so they feel they are entitled to protect me which I literally hate

”Okay, nanny we are going up my room now. see you tomorrow and stop worrying about me else you grow old early ” I kissed her head and dashed upstairs. we have to send updates to Hazels father who is a cop and at the same time our captain. Funny right?but thats how it works

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