her attention to my nanny

” take care of my little angel, pearl. and promise to protect her with your life ” she stated rather seriously

”don worry Angela shes going to be just fine,but then will you be alright? ” I could feel the tension in the room when she asked that.

mum looked at her sharply and gestured her to wait for her outside

mum brought her attention to me again and smiled warmly caressing my hair, giving me a few pecks here and there

” l love you ” she repeated for the zillion time this evening ” Id do anything in my power to come back to you as soon as possible ”by the time youd wake up tomorrow morning Id be by your side ” she assured me

she tacked me in the blanket and walked to the door but stopped when she got there, turning to look at me again, the nervousness never leaving her eyes

”be a good girl okay and always remember mummy loves you ” she said and walked out of my room or should I say my life since that was the last I saw of her

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