”Oh, are you saying that a noble being such as yourself would not rely on such barbaric methods? ” another human lady said while staring intensely at the elf with her amber eyes. She appeared behind the group wearing a beautiful traditional kimono. She had a gorgeous appearance paired nicely with her neatly decorated black hair.

”Of course! Is your brain too small to understand what my great Eilik is saying? ” Eilik haughtily responded.

The girl wearing a kimono opened the fan in her hand and used it to cover her mouth, and intently glared at Eilik before saying, ”It just baffles me how your immense brain is not enough to see the hypocrisy of the elves promoting nobility while ravaging through our lands in conquest for the satiation of your greed. ”

”You! How dare you lowly human sully the name of my noble race! ” Eilir exploded in rage as he waved both of his hands, creating green magic circles that were directed at the girl.

”Your race is only noble in the legends. In reality, it is a two-faced b*tch, just like everyone else! Also, the name is Sheenah! ” Sheenah responded before channeling Arcane to her fan.

The crowd anticipated the fight to occur. Previously, they feared that Hethor would step in and stop it, but seeing no reaction from him led them to believe that it was okay for a battle to happen.

”Die, you lowly peasant! {Wind Arcane: Thousand Air Slashes}! ” Eilik cast. The magic circles on his hands released a series of powerful barrages of concave air that were directed to Sheenah.

”Laughable! {Fan Art: Repel}! ” Sheenah immediately responded by swinging her fan against the barrage. The Runes on her fan glowed as a powerful wave of Arcane was released from her fan, completely nullifying the attack of Eilik.

The elves in the crowd together with the other various non-human races were terrified by the showing of Sheenah. They were well aware of the status of Eilik in the noble circle. He is the heir of the House of Meniel, a Marquis family. He was one of the pride of the elven race.

Meanwhile, the humans were ecstatic. They may not be unaware of the status of Eilik, but they knew full well how powerful the attack was and that what Sheenah did was merely a simple attack.

”You, peasant! Veillie, why don you help me eliminate all of them? It would be a great service to the academy if we remove these scums! ” Eilik said.

”Fine, that golden girl irritated me hard, ” Veillie said while looking at Ethia with envy. She was clearly offended by her beauty. ”{Blood Rule: Whip of Nightmare} ” she cast. Blood burst out of her right index finger before shaping into a long flexible and sturdy whip. ”Come! ” she cried before leaping to Ethia.

”What fun! A battle! ” a cute male voice caught the attention of the crowd. He also reached the position of a group and was looking at the battles with excitement. A cleaver can be seen sheathed behind his torso which contradicted the innocent look of a kind and gentle 18-year-old boy human. He had a good guy haircut with a round face and a gentle complexion. Everything about him screamed innocence aside from the cleaver that he had. ”Let me join! ” he exclaimed before pulling out the sheathed cleaver. Instantly, the look on his face changed. An open smile that seemed to reach his ears coupled with an excited look on his face terrified a lot of the spectators.

He leaped to Veillie and cut her with his cleaver, but Veillie was quick to dodge.

”Who the hell are you!? ” She asked in anger.

”I am Marcus, it is nice to meet you, ” He said after changing into a good guy look once again.

There was a confused look on Veillies face, but she disregarded it and instead asked a question, ”Why are you interrupting? This is our fight! ”

”This is the fight of humanity! It is within us, Weaponmasters to raise our race. A fight against a human is a fight against all humans! ” the quiet Aeiz answered instead before positioning himself in between Veillie and Marcus.

”My, my, my, I know that humans from five hundred years ago betrayed, deceived, and destroyed each other even amidst the invasions, but this is one hell of a unity you have, don you think? ” a female succubus with purple hair and revealing clothes said.

”Cassandra is right. You are outnumbering us here. It is a little unfair, don you think? ” a young male dwarf still covered in hair asserted.

”Oh, the great Telmok is also participating, huh? I guess I have to show a little patriotism as well, ” a male tiger bestia said. He had the full body of a tiger, but it was in the posture of a human. His fur is also significantly less, making him appear even closer to humans.

”Sir Farrow, we are here to support you as well, ” A female falcon bestia together with a male black panther bestia said.

Just then, two more elves, a vampire, and a dwarf joined the battle. There are now six humans, Sheenah, Ethia, Adriana, Aeiz, Marcus, and Aethur versus 11 members of the other races.

Aeiz could not help but clutch his shield as he faced the turning tides. Am I the one to blame for this? Should I have just quieted down? he thought. Amidst his thoughts, Adriana moved to position together with Marcus, Sheenah, and Ethia. Aeiz could not help but chuckle as he saw the others ready to fight.

The five of them looked at Aethur who was showing no signs of interest. He was just there standing as if waiting for something to happen. Just as the five of them were about to charge unto the enemies, Aethur spoke.

”Fall back. This battle is premature. No good will come out of this unnecessary fight, ” he said before continuing to walk toward the gate.

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