restrained herself. She was saying to rule a race, mind you. What the actual hell?

”Sigh, my father was a devil king and he died after a war and as he died he left a prophecy to find a new ruler and then, I met you so I want you to come to me. ”

Hearing this, Rex contemplated for a moment before speaking, ”Would they allow me to rule them? ”

”Don worry. My family will handle it. ”

He didn speak anything.

”By the way, aren you curious or anything why devils are here? What is happening to the world? ”

”No. ”

”Why? ”

”Because there is only one person I care about and I know she will be alright. ”

”Who is this person? ”

He fell silent and didn speak anything.

”Fine don tell me anything. Anyway, do you want to know about these orbs and other things? ”

”Yes. ”

He spoke without any emotion. Elza wanted to teach him about these things as it will not only help him but if he got stronger at this rate, he will be able to help her race.

She wanted to do something for her race.

She started explaining to him about these supernatural things.

Elza told Rex that in every world there is mana. But in some worlds, mana only sleeps without waking that is why an existence name as Anima, activates this mana. This is why, the world is changing. The world has fallen and also evolved. But not fully evolved.

She also told him these zombies were failed to get mana from the world and thus, became mutant. Same is for the animals. These animals become ferocious under the effect of the mana.

Then, she told him that when a someone kills another creature, winner will get the losers soul points. These soul points are actually points that are converted into souls points, just like exper points in games.

After killing, orbs and stones are found near the dead body. Orbs are classified as:-

Normal Grade Treasure (Black Orb)

Rare Grade Treasure (Yellow Orb)

Extreme Grade Treasure (Lavender Orb)

Legendary Grade Treasure (Voilet Orb)

Supreme Grade Treasure (Silver Orb)

Divine Grade Treasure (Golden Orb)

And skill are classified as; weakest is ordinary skill which evolves into first order after leveling up to level 5. After that is first order and then, order increases as the skill is evolved. However, for evolving skills there are some requirements that should be fulfilled. As everything in this world, needs a price, these requirements are their price.

People are also ranked the same as the skills. Weakest person is an ordinary existence while leveling makes him/her evolve into higher orders.

Rex heard this and just nodded.

”But still to think I would find suitable at the lower planet like Earth. ”

Rex looked at her and spoke, ”Lower planet? ”

”Oh? You guys are lower existences while I am a higher existence but there are some people that are called Highest existences. ”

Rex nodded and spoke, ”Thank you. ”

Elza was shocked. What the hell? He thanked him. She wasn expecting this, though.

”I will help you but… ”

Elza was brought out of her inner thoughts by Rexs voice.

”But? ”

”Help find a reason to live. ”

”Huh? ”

Elza got surprised by his words. Reason to live? What does he mean by that?

”What do you mean by that? ”

”There have been several years since I didn find a reason or an ambition to live. I just protected her and that was the only reason I lived. I want to find a new reason to live. I want a… to protect. ”

As he spoke, his words got low in volume. Elza felt that his word sad, rally sad.

What did he go through to become like this? The man who was indifferent when the world fell but now it looks like his sorrow know no bound.

She got sad at his words and spoke with resolution, ”I…no we will become your family. ”

Rex looked at her and asked, ”We? ”

”Yes, for you to become the devil king. You have to marry my big sister. But don worry, we will be you family, okay? ”

Hearing her, a small smile formed on his face which made the girl blush. This man was too handsome for her bad.


A roar was heard by them which made Rex become serious and Elza also got serious.

This roar sounded more powerful than the big hamster.

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