In Gem University of California, a boy who looked to be in his early 20s was sitting on a chair, drinking a coffee. He was currently in a mall in this university.

Gem University was one of the most prestigious universities in whole world as it had anything for its students. It had many districts in its premises. The university was as wide as a small city.

The boy had golden hair and golden eyes but on a handsome face was an indifferent expression as it didn matter to him what happen to the world. He looked at the coffee in the cup and then, his gaze shifted to the outside through the window on a wall.

His gaze remained indifferent but he knew something was coming.

And then, the windows started trembling. The sunlight outside became dimmer and dimmer until it vanished. The clouds made the sky their territory.

As it was not enough, some people began to turn grayish and their eyes turned white. They looked to be lifeless. They growled threatenly.

Some people began to scream and run. Some were caught by these ghostly creatures. They looked to be zombies or rather they were zombies.

In the midst of this chaos, the boy whose name was Rex remained indifferent and calm. He just gave the creatures one glance and then, went back to drinking coffee.

As these zombies didn have vision so they couldn see him.

As he was drinking his coffee, something flashed in his retina.

[Name: Rex]

[Race: Human]

[Level: 0]

[Health: 540/ Mana: 800/ Strength: 45/ Defense: 50/ Stamina: 48/ Agility: 65]

[Status Points: 0]

[Skills: -]

Seeing the words, Rexs gaze had a strange glint for a second before he stood up and looked at the recent started chaos.

Next, moment he disappeared from his spot. He was more than six time faster than a normal person. No one can be this fast but be was due to a certain thing which was in fact a nightmare to him.

Rex arrived in front of a zombie and with a punch at its face, the zombie was sent flying a few meters. As zombies were slow, so it was no big deal for him.

[You have killed a level 1 Ordinary Zombie. You got its Soul Points. You gained Strength+5, Stamina+6]

[You have leveled up. You reached level 1. All stats have been raised by two. You gained two extra status points to add them to any stat at your free will.]

Rex looked at the words and then, his gaze shifted to the two orbs and a stone.

He picked them up and observed them.

”The orbs give treasures while stone gives a skill. ”

A beautiful voice was heard by him. He turned around and saw a young silver haired girl. She had long silver hair and voilet eyes. She seemed to be in early 20 years of age but he knew she was much older than that. She was of the same height as him and had a voluptuous body.

”Give the orbs a squeeze and you will see the magic. ”

She spoke with a smile. Even though she looked like a top class beauty, Rex didn even give her a second glance which made her smile tremble a bit.

Damn, he really didn give me a second glance, huh? Damn shit! she inwardly spoke. She was quite confident about her beauty but she wasn even given a second glance.


Rex unaware of the girls thought squeezed an orb. The orb was lavender in color. As he squeezed the orb, a large sword appeared on his hand. The sword was as big as a person. The sword looked very majestic.

Seeing the sword, Rex didn have any reaction but the girl just smiled.

[Majestic Sword (Extreme Grade Treasure): The blade of the word is made of refined iron. The sword has a majestic aura that can make the weak willed creatures to be slightly slow in agility. It gives strength+60, defense+50.]

He looked at the words and then, at sword. The sword had golden hilt and silver blade. It was covered in a scabbard that was black in color.

After that, he squeezed the other orb. It was voilet in color. A ring appeared on his hand. The ring was golden on color and amethyst engravings on it.

[Amethyst Storage Ring (Legendary Grade Treasure): The ring that can store upto two castles. The ring can store any items except for living things.]

He then wore the ring on his pinky finger of his left hand. He then looked at the stone.

[Space-time Manipulation (First Order Active Skill):

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