The First Meeting with the Main Characters (1)

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Looking at the sudden increase of the negative value, Mo Yanqui was slightly confused.

What’s going on?

No way.
That rainbow-colored hair girl was one of the important characters?

For a brief moment, Mo Yanqui wanted to return back and bully the young girl again, but after pondering over it, she let go of the thought.

It was not because she was kind-hearted; rather, she was lazy and did not want to bother going back again.

At this time, she noticed that her negative value rose again.





It still kept increasing until it rose to [747].

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Out of nowhere, Mo Yanqui suddenly had a bad feeling.

What has been happening? Let’s turn back the clock five minutes ago.

Five minutes ago, in Class 1.

After repelling a wave of female mob characters who did not even merit to have names, and letting the crowd of nosy people leave in dejected state, Mo Lishang leaned against the table with her arms folded in her chest and looked at the man in front of her with an air of pretentiousness.

“I don’t see the reason why you’re so popular here at school.”

The man had an ink black hair, a set of deep eyes emitting a freezing cold aura, a face as clean and smooth as the knife, and a tall physique.
His name is Yi Xiang, the only heir of the fourth family.

Before he could open his mouth, a handsome man with pink hair and peach blossom eyes interjected, “This is what you called “charm”, do you understand?” He is Ye Liangchen, the eldest son of the fifth family.

“Tss, you womanizer.” On one side, Su Ying, who had an icy-blue hair in a ponytail, gave him a cold glance, and said nothing more.

“Alright, alright, it’s our fate to be in this situation together,” spoke a man with golden curls as though he was the sun itself.
His name is Li Ming, the only son of the sixth family.

As soon as the words left his mouth, the six looked at each other and smiled.
Aside from being the top six assassins of the Cold Rain Pavilion, they were also tacit partners with each other.
Amongst themselves, they were no longer strangers and even had a very deep relationship.

At this moment, the sound of the surrounding discussions reached their ears.

“Hey, have you guys heard it? Gu Qiu from Class 2 failed to confess and was even beaten by the woman!”

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“For real?”

“I heard that the woman even trampled the poor guy to the ground until he begged for mercy, losing his remaining dignity.”

Hearing these words, Yi Xiang quickly turned and hurriedly walked towards the Class 2.
Obviously, the rest of the main characters also followed suit.

Class 2

“Ahh!! It’s Prince Yi~!”

“Also, Prince Ye and Prince Li!!”

“Oh my god! Am I dreaming?”

Hearing the sudden screams in the class, Gu Qiu knew exactly what to do.

Sure enough, Yi Xiang’s cold yet concerned voice came to his ears, “Ah Qiu, are you okay?”

Gu Qiu took a deep breath, looked up at Yi Xiang’s handsome face and said, “Nothing, I just got beaten up.”

“What’s going on? Tell me what happened.”

Gu Qiu only sighed, and shared what happened, “Here’s the thing…”


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By the time Gu Qiu finished, Yi Xiang’s face was blue with anger.
He slapped the table violently and fumingly said, “She must apologize to you.”

“That’s right.
What she did to you was way too much!” Li Ming agreed as he frowned.

“Mo Yanqui… Shang Shang, isn’t it your sister?” The petite An Tianqin suddenly asked.

Almost all at once, the gazes of the main characters immediately shifted to Mo Lishang.

“It’s definitely her.
With that kind of display of behavior, I can’t think of anyone else in the world beside her.
Of course, if you want to teach her a lesson, I have no problem with that.” Mo Lishang frowned and said unhappily.

“In short, she must apologize to Ah Qiu.” Yi Xiang marked his words with firmness.
“Ah Qiu, what does she look like?”

“If you guys are looking for her, then she’s right over there.” Gu Qiu pointed in one direction, and then the group followed his finger.
At this exact moment, Mo Yanqui also just happened to come in…

Back at the present.


Who the hell are they?

Looking at the three men and three women who suddenly stopped what they were doing, Mo Yanqiu’s head was now full of question marks.

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Take these three men for example, if you look at them properly, each of them seemed to be from a fresh group of teen idols.
However, contradictory to their nice appearances, they all wore an expression typical to that of corrupt officials in an assembly.
For a while, Mo Yanqui couldn’t tell who is who.
Thankfully, the three men had different hair colors; therefore, she could at least temporarily give them names in her head to differentiate

The black-haired guy, the pink-haired guy, and the yellow-haired guy.


As for the three girls, Mo Yanqui recognized them.
It’s her foolish little “ imouto”[1], and her two good girl friends.

From this lineup alone, the identity of the people in front of her was very obvious.

The main characters.

And so, why are they looking at me like that?

After a few minutes of silence, Yi Xiang finally couldn’t help himself and stepped forward.
He asked, “Are you Mo Yanqui?”

“That is indeed the name of this lady.” Mo Yanqui simply answered despite being clueless of what they’re going to do.

“Apologize.” Yi Xiang coldly ordered.


Translator notes:

“imouto”, a Japanese word for little sister)↵

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