k, I should have tried to talk earlier. After drying my hands I went back to my table, trying not to stare anywhere near the proximity of Isabella was seated, but I noticed Tyler had returned.

As I took my seat, a waiter brought the order Tyler and Isabella requested. ”Here is your fillet steak coated with pâté and duxelles, wrapped in puff pastry; The Beef Wellington, mademoiselle. ” The waiter proceeds to serve Tylers order as well. Wait…the Beef Wellington was for Isabella? But Didn Tyler just ask a waiter to add something in it? Ah I get it. Theres probably a ring hidden somewhere inside it and he attempts to propose her….I think. But why was he being so secretive about it when he conversed with the waiter? He even agreed on paying a hefty amount to him. What exactly was the thing he asked the waiter to add…..?

”Before I start eating, Tyler, I would like to ask you something. ” Isabellas mood suddenly switched. ”Sure, anything my love. ” My love…..people still say that? ”Why did you say you didn know who Samantha was, you used to wait outside her college and take her out on dates, right? ” Tyler snapped and I was shook to the core. Wait what…So what Isabella is trying to say is….Tyler used to go out with Isabellas best friend? Well he has some audacity to still call Isabella ”My love ” I will give him that.

”Oh so you know everything? Well listen to the rest too then bitch. Your friend didn go missing; I had kept her hidden in my warehouse all this time. Shes been a tool to act for my entertainment and theres nothing she can do about it. And thats whats going to happen to you too. Now shut up and eat what I give you like a good girl, just remember that I know where your house is, where your parents work, and where your siblings go to school. I am sure you are smart enough to understand the consequences if you were to make this an issue. You are already aware of the influence I have on the authorities. ”

I turned back to witness this calamity, and Isabella was….smiling? Theres no way I can let Isabella go through something like this, shes probably too confused to understand the situation.I have to handle this somehow. As soon as I stood up, I noticed Isabella waving both her arms in the air….has she lost it? A waiter came dashing through the kitchen; it was that same 50 year old man who served me drinks. He rushes towards Isabellas table and grabs Tylers hand behind his back. Tyler who was flabbergasted had no time to react as he simply gave in to the waiters strength. Isabella stands up and slaps the living hell out of Tyler. ”Too bad for you Mr. Tyler, I was recording everything. ”


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