The Shades of my Heart

Chapter#6: Headphones

uld I do if they were to come up here, I mean I can jump from the roof and make a run for it, the fall won be much. I start to hear voices of seats getting pulled right next to me but wait. What am I being so worried for I didn commit a crime, I don even know anything about Isabella in the first place so why am I panicking so much. If only she didn hide who I was from the start, I would have just made a quick greeting, took my headphones and left.

I turned my face back again to see what happened to the lovey dovey couple and…they were sitting on the table right behind mine! I could hear their voices clear as the day, and it looked like Isabella still pretended to not know me. WHAT DO I DO? Actually never mind the headphones I am just going back home. ”Isabella, why were you so persistent in coming here though? They serve more delicious and rich food at my place, we should have gone there. ” Okay wait what is this guy up to. ”Well you see Tyler, I came to this place with my parents around 8 years ago, and it really brings back memories. ”

Tyler huh? And I am pretty sure she just lied about visiting this restaurant 8 years ago, well I mean this place was just built only 2 years ago. Tyler should see through her assuming he lives somewhere around this place. ”OH I see, well if thats the case then why don we have a drink and enjoy this moment. ”Yep he didn know, he must be from some rich household.

”Sir, would you like to order something else? ” This waiter is getting on my nerves…. He just pops out of thin air. ”Well it seems like my friend will be a little late, I would do with a cup of tea till then. ” The waiter leaves with a disappointed expression again down the staircase. Another waiter has already taken an order from Tyler, what am I supposed to do? Wait until they are finished eating and just ask for the headphones when they are leaving? Yes that seems to be the best course of action here.

”So Tyler, do you know a girl named Samantha by any chance? ” A bottle of wine slips as I hear a loud thud and pieces of glasses shattering as if someone punched the table. ”Oh um.. forgive my clumsiness. My hand hit the table while I was taking out my napkin…oh and what was that about…a girl um.. named Samantha? No I don think I know any Samantha. Yes I don . ” The two waiters rush up towards the table to pick up the broken glasses and wipe the floor. hmmmm whos this girl Isabella mentioned? And judging by Tylers reaction there seems to be a connection, but what exactly is it?


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