Sometimes I wonder If my life has a meaning at all, why am I here anyways. Everything I do, everything I don , it doesn help the old lady cross the road, shell just be stuck on another road some other day. The society just keeps on moving forward, the way it always has. People work hard all their lives just to end up having an average salary, a 3 room apartment, a marriage they can possibly cover the charges for, while they still choose to take the burden on their shoulders, and then swiftly close their eyes putting their last efforts for their offsprings? ha no thank you.

Have you ever thought of being needed, being useful, being anything but a burden? I am sure you have cause I did too, but what did I do about it? Plugged in my earphones and played die young by Kesha on loop.

Fed up of this reality I headed towards the library to breathe some fresh air, feeling pity for these students whose eyes look determined as Mark Zuckerbergs while their futures looked as bright as the waiters in Starbucks, and trust me I was being generous.

All these immature younglings are so trapped in the concept of relationships as if love is going to help them pay taxes. Ask them about what happened in the last physics class and they would shrug off and ignore you. On the other hand, ask them if Janes in a relationship or do u think Max and Emilia are dating, they would call you by this term which makes me cringe from head to toe…. ”BESTIE! ”, their eyes glimmer as they enthusiastically start blabbering, its like when u put a song on loop and It won stop until you make it stop. yep I am out!

I reached the library which was in the same corridor as my class. I had two periods free so I decided to spend the rest of my time drawing some aesthetic scenery in peace, far away from this what I like to call The desperate Asylum. As soon as the teacher steps his foot out of this so called classroom, the whole class, and I mean every single student here gets an infinite amount of adrenaline boost, ”yo did u see Maria was holding Richies hand in the break today ”, ”aww omg they look so cute together ”….. ”hey hey James I think Alina has a crush on you ”. My head just explodes, literally. You have 2 hours of free time and this is what u spend it on? I mean I wouldn mind engaging in a conversation but if its these kind of topics, then I would rather eat a pizza with pineapples on it. God bless whoever created headphones I want to give a hug to them, you have my respect.

Finally over with all those bombardments of kinky conversations I sighed and took a deep breath, the librarys door looked so reassuring, these holy words were highlighted in bold in the entrance of the big wooden door of the library, please refrain from conversing in a loud voice in the library. I wished that rule would apply in every other room of this college.

I went for the door knob and pushed the door in, only to be surprised by a bump sound on the other side of the door, and a dull thud on the ground. Immediately pulling my earphones off I peeked behind the door to see the consequences of pushing a door which was meant to be pulled. Oh boy….

”ARE YOU BLIND?? CANT YOU SEE THE HUGE PUSH AND PULL SIGNS ON THE DOOR ” A faint yet outraged voice came from behind the door as my sights struck on the girl I almost killed. She stared at me with gallant yet alluring red crimson eyes that reflected the dawn itself, pitch black straight hair riding the faint waves of the breezy wind coming from the windows. My eyes were hooked to hers as I notice a demonic angel standing in front of me.

”I- I am sorry I didn notice the signs ”. I mean I was too busy staring at the
o talking loud sign why would I care about anything else…. is what I wanted to say but I truly felt bad. It seemed like she was tearing up a little but keeping a strong upfront, her nose was slightly red, probably from the impact of the door. ”Are u okay though does it hurt- ” I tried to take care of the outcomes but I was immediately cut off by the girl looking for vengeance. ”I DONT NEED YOUR HELP MISTER ”, yep she snapped, and I just wanted to draw in peace…., ”WAKE UP, ARE YOU DREAMING OR SOMETHING?? ” she continued as I started to get anxious, I could sense all the eyes in the library glaring at us, the room was filled with eternal silence for a mere moment.

”It was an accident and I said I am sorry didn I? thank you for making such a big fuss now everyones staring at us ” I rolled my eyes and turned back to go back to my class but then suddenly I felt a tight grip on my shoulder. Was it her…? I thought to myself. I turned back and my eyes widened, thats one face i didn wanted to see at the moment….IT WAS OUR HEAD TEACHER! ”Perhaps you both didn see the
o loud conversations sign on the door, let us discuss further…in my office, right now! Both of you! ”


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