The Loathe Heir

\"The Past Must Never Look Back\"

This is tough; how am I supposed to choose between the two… Okay, good. Ill make decisions and conduct a brainstorming with myself about whatever comes to mind. Ill think so gravely to the depths of my knowledge that my brain cells will run out.

If I could go back in time to when I was about to be born, wouldn I be conscious of things because I knew I was reborn? No… Whats more, if thats the case, theres a chance Ill grow up to be a truly gifted and ideal child, far beyond their reach. But… What if I have a tough childhood? Does that mean I have to suffer and go through life as I did in my previous life?!

No. He addresses me as ”milady? ” based on hat mans statement. Wow. Its like a song in my ear, so majestic; how can I be certain that I was born as a noble? How can I believe a man who intended to kill me with a potion that rendered me bedridden and claims it has no effect on a wench? Seriously? That man referred to me as a wench?!

But if I went at the turning point of just being born, Id be overpowered, so I knew what to do first. Isn it awesome? That would be an easy go and no fun, but I don like that storyline, especially with a title like ”An untouchable noble whos beyond peoples league. ” geez, how cheesy is that!! Id read a lot of fictional stories, and now it takes over my mind and makes me start spewing these things instead of focusing on the point at hand!!

When I face that man, Ill turn to stone; what will face me when Ive just reincarnated is DEATH? Maybe thats for the best since I keep insisting that I should have died.


Okay, lets wrap this up and put an end to this you think too much, youll run out of time act; Ill try to question them.

After a whirlwind of what ifs, Zoe has finally gathered her thoughts. Allow the dice to roll on their own.

”Will it be according to your speech if I go in that direction? ” she asks. [ie: on the left, she will be reincarnated where she was born, and on the right, she will be returned to where she was after she collapses] (according to how the speaker says which line is first stated.)

”We can reveal it to you, ” they said, a scheming expression on their face.

”Why do people like to put me to the test? ” enraged thought of her.

”Fine, Ill go subtly pick between the two since I don know what lies ahead me in either of them. ”

She began to bite her fingers and tap her foot as she struggled to decide between the two. That concludes the matter. Shell choose right … No! Perhaps left?

(Ah! Ive had enough, Ill go to the left), a last-minute thought entered her mind.

”Do you finally decide? ” Noire inquires.

”Yeah. Just… A moment ago. I can go there already, right? ” she said as she walked, about to enter the left when Coeur interrupted and grabbed her hands.

”What? Do you have anything else to say? ” Zoe wondered aloud.

”From now on, you will be Sade Louisiana, know your name, live, and look for your history in your new identity, ” Coeur said before signaling and commanding her finger, and I felt myself inevitably floating.

”Hey! What are you doing? ” I exclaim, panicked. Shes steering me towards the right path while I choose the left? Seriously?

”This is a foul, do you know what you
e doing- ” Until I realized it, I was on the right track and fell. I have the sensation of having just jumped from the 60th floor of a building.

”Isn this their last resort? ” ponders Coeur.

”Yeah, that couple, they
e always dealing with tragedy, theres no end to it, ” Noire replied.

”I hope they find happiness… ” Coeur concluded.

”Shes quick to pick up, Im convinced that everything will work out this time, ” Noire said, unintentionally smiling, followed by another scoff.

”Sade Louisiana wasn a bad name, but… Im not sure which path Im going? ” she thought to herself while throwing a tantrum.

Then, while floating, she noticed a led graphics flash in front of her. Theres a girl. The face looked familiar… Its the same girl she saw in the mirror. Her new face when she got reincarnated.

[Name: Sade Louisiana, Rank Status: Unknown, Former: Zoe Madden – [2] Reincarnated, Scene Path: Unknown]

”What kind of detail is this in the new life Ill be reincarnated in? Rank Status? Is this a game? Scene Path then unknown? What in the crap is this, even I will know without this given. Whats the point of providing information when all I can know was this?! So pointless! ” she said as she scrolled down the screen before the domain blacked out again.

This is Zoe. No, I mean, Sade. Ill tell you about my former life as I travel to my destination.

Im Zoe Madden, and Im a freelance artist. They say my skills are beyond comparison, but I can get a full-time job because they say my art is too desolate, lacking vibrancy and passion. Im not sure what they were intending to say.

For fear of being labeled as a totally worthless child, I tried and started working at various jobs from a young age. So I started working to provide for us. My parents would be pleased with what I accomplished, but if I did not earn money from it, I would regard it as stupid, and lazy, and what I did was a waste of my time. I worked until my body was bruised, bled, and drained. Nothing will happen in our lives unless I act.

I really want to make a comeback for them, but even though they have repeatedly slandered me, I still have respect for them. I bear with it and become immune to their double-edged words.

Growing up having to work my butt off to earn my parents love, I can help but be envious of others, but I also have to remember that we were all born in contrast. I was alone and preoccupied with things that would benefit them; I am a toy for change. When I was sick, they would show an inch of sympathy and I would cry quietly. Id be grateful for it, knowing that they still cared about me, even though I know Im their only hope, and part of that hope is to make a profit.

I always enrolled in a school with no fees and only bought what was actually required. Everything I owned was cheap. I buy clothes with no brands. A second-hand phone. Eat and buy food in places where I can spend less and earn more. Add to my luck if I am hired to work with generous pay. My parents are demanding, and I can bring it up, to completely despise them.

Thats why Im sick of living and just wanted to rest, but I met a proclaimed god who told me Id be reincarnated. My mind was about to completely destroy.

I was grateful to have met some people who were always behind my back. But I was frequently bullied because I am perceived as a beggar and someone who desperately kneels and licks their shoes when they tell them to. Whats the reason? Money.

Thank goodness I value my honor. I fight back and am occasionally reported by a family whose status is uncomparable than ours. My family then chastised me for causing a squabble with them. But I used my brain to get out of those scenarios. Who was eventually defeated? The one who causes me trouble. Its only fair.

Melinda and I met when I entered high school. My only companion. She never gets tired of my demeanor. Shes bubbly and always makes an impression that wouldn make you doubt. Shes warm and welcoming.

She mostly encouraged and assisted me when I appeared to be helpless. I told her about my concerns, and she even wanted to keep me in their home and told me to report or leave my parents. But Im afraid I can . What I despise the most about myself is this character. But I knew I couldn hold it against myself because this is who I am. Considerate.

Im curious if Melinda will ever exist in the world, Ill get reincarnated. Because no one is as trustworthy, dependable, or generous as she is. I felt like the entire world was working against me. Everything is deceitful.

It would be nice to have the previous memories I cherished and would continue to dream about. One would suffice. Im hoping they won be selfish enough to give it to me.

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