f the Ministers to the court room now also the assassin. I have something to discuss with them. ”

”Yes, your majesty. ”

The emperor and the officials went the courtroom together with the assassin escorted by the guards and started the discussion.

The emperor is having thoughts why would the master teach the princess martial arts and will just kill in the future?

The officials thought so too, they are all confused and kept on thinking how to manage this case.

Later on, the assassin with the guards arrived at the courtroom,

The emperor drinks his herbal tea and asked him,

”You, what is your name? ”

The assassin did not answer his question but told him,

”Heh, you think your almighty? This kingdom, your era, will end soon so you better have fun drinking your precious tea! ”

”You! You don have the rights to say those to his majesty! You demon! ”

e in the verge of death and yet you have the guts of telling those nonsense? Moving forward, I just want to ask you some questions. ”

”Go to hell! ”

”Who do you work for? ”

”I work for myself! ”

The emperor walks slowly in front of the master and ask another question, ”Why did you teach the princess martial arts? What is your plan? ”

”Theres no thrill if Ill be killing her easily, isn it? ”

Then the emperor furiously stared to the master and was about to slap him however, ”Go on! Instead of slapping, why don you kill me instead? Heh, isn that how you do your dirty work? Your people did not know how dirty you do with the things you don want and like! ”

”Guards! Take him back to the prison! ”

”Yes, your majesty! ”

”Your majesty, what are we going to do with the assassin? ”

The emperor explains what did the shaman told him and said,

”We will do what did the shaman told us. ”

Some officials don like the idea and some agreed to it.

Minister song says ”Your majesty, can we just let our princess have a new master instead and not the one who tried to kill her? ”

”Minister song, are your ears have problems? Haven you heard what did his majesty told us about the princess? ”

”Minister Yu, I am just saying that, what if we followed what the shaman says and the princess got killed or worst, got controlled by that person? ”

Then, the pros and cons minister had debated about the situation and the emperor became more confused of what to do.

Until Xiexie recommend something.

”Your majesty, I have something in mind. ”

”Speak. ”

”Ive been studying some ancient books regarding the technique called Chains of Demons. It is a forbidden technique that chains the soul of the person and this can kill him if he will do something bad to its master or something bad happened to its master.

Even if he will just start on thinking killing his master, the chains will react. We can use this to the assassin to control him. This will only be removed by the person who placed it on them no one can break the contract from the demons outside the formation. Its like a contract from the demon world, the assassin is the servant while the Princess is the master and the chanter is the bridge. ”

”This is a forbidden technique your majesty! ”

”Xiexie, who will conduct this ritual? ”

”Ill do it your majesty; I just need a little bit of the Princesss blood and the appearance of both of them. ”

”What if something happened to Xiexie? ”

”Nothing will happen to me Minister song and minister Yu because, Im just their bridge. Only the servant and the master will be at risk to this Chains ”

After hearing what Xiexie said, the officials and the emperor agreed to Xiexies recommendation.

”Alright, eunuch li go get the princess and the assassin. ”

”Yes, your majesty. ”

Eunuch li went to the princesss chamber and cut her finger to collect drops of blood, when the eunuch collected the blood, the color of the blood became violet. After collecting, the eunuch went back to the courtroom together the unconscious princess and gave it to Xiexie.

At the prison hall.

”You, come with us. The emperor wants you in the courtroom. ”

”Courtroom? Why? Is he going to kill me now? ”

”No more questions, just follow us! ”

The guards and the master went to the courtroom. There, the master saw a ritual formation of the candles and the floor have symbols: A square and each point have characters named North, south, the west and the east. Inside the square, it has a demonic symbol and a character of Yin in the left and right is the Yang.

He knew what this was, in his mind ”So, they will use it I see. ”

Xiexie went to the assassin and collect some drops of blood, after collecting his blood turned to violet same as the princess. Xiexie was disturbed by the color of his and the princesss blood.

Then, the assassin told him,

”This is the Chains of Demons isn not? ”

”So, theres no need to explain about what we
e going to do. ”

”This kind of ritual cannot be done without anything in return. ”

Then, Xiexie stopped walking for a second.

The assassin only smiled and Xiexie continued what his doing after the emperor told him to work faster.

He placed the blood of the princess at the Yin (Left side) and the assassins blood at yang (right side).

”Guards, I need the princess at the left side of the formation and the assassin at the right side. ”

”Yes, your highness. ”

Then the guards placed the princess on the left side while the assassin stood at the right side.

Later on, when everything is in place, Xiexie stood in the middle of the formation and started the chant. Everyone in the courtroom felt the cold breeze around their body, some officials where calm while some are shaking from the possibilities of this ritual.

A thunder appeared and sky went dark, a black wind that is swirling in the formation looks like a demon and went inside the body of the princess and the assassin. A chain formed to the both of them and only Xiexie continued the chant.

After the ritual, the emperor let the assassin free from the prison hall. Everyone is at peace because, they knew that if the princess died, the assassin will die also. However, if the assassin died, the princess will stay alive as this is the contract that Xiexie dealt with the demons.

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