”Unending war, blood, floating bodies in the river. This is not how it should be, women being raped and slaved, men being slaughtered, children being abducted and train to kill to become assassins. A wrong decision can lead to consequences. A result that you will carry forever. ”

Years ago, a peaceful empire has been established by a very wise and generous royal family.

”Runnnnn!!!! hahahahaha! you can catch me! ”

”Wait brother! Im thirsty. ”

”Here you go sister, drink. ”

While drinking, Yǐ sī tiē saw a part of a roof is about to fall above her brother. So, she immediately kicks the pieces of the roof in order for her brother to not be hurt.

”I almost got it sister! I can handle it! ”

”You almost got hurt brother, don act like you sensed it. ”

”A girl is not suitable for martial arts. ”

”Your brother is right Yǐ sī tiē. ”

”Father! ” the children ran towards the Emperor and Empress then they hugged them tightly.

”Yǐ sī tiē, you
e a girl. Girls must not learn how to fight they are the head of the household. You
e a Princess and soon, you will be like your mother who handles the Harem and the mother of our kingdom. ”

”Yǐ sī tiē one day, you will marry a man that will take care of you and the one you will comfort. ”

”Don worry Yǐ sī tiē, when someone bully you, just call my name and I will kick them for you! I will protect my little sister forever! ”

”I don want to get married to someone who doesn know how to protect me and to someone whom I do not love Mother. ”

After hearing of what the princess told them, the Empress and the Emperor just laughed and said, ”Enough of this marriage, shes still young to discuss this. Go… continue what you both doing. ”

”REPORT!! ” eunuch Li urgently went to the garden to report something very disturbing.

”Your Majesty, someone gave this letter to the royal guards and then he killed himself! ”

After reading the letter, the emperor left and went to check the body and asked if who is the man however, nobody in the court knows the man. Its like, he doesn exist in the world.

The letter said,

”The Zhaos are planning to kill your family and take over the kingdom. ”

”This is a crime! Whoever threatens the life of the royal family must be killed in public! ” The court officials said.

”What should we do your Majesty!? ”

”We should take this seriously, Minister Gao, you have spies working under your watch try getting some information from them about the Zhaos.

Minister Jiang, you
e in charge of this investigation. Investigate the body of the messenger and try checking if the man has family living 10km away from our kingdom.

General Yi, hows the camp? Are the soldiers been training hard? ”

”Your majesty, our soldiers grew up to 500,000 and they are all well trained. Also, we
e having an additional of 200,000 soldiers next year. ”

”Hmm, good. Station some of your soldiers in the near borders of our kingdom and protect the civilians who live there. Don ever let any of our enemies pass through them. ”

”Yes, your Majesty! ”

”We must be prepared at all cost. Weve been living in a peaceful year without any disturbing circumstances. ”

The kingdom became full of soldiers guarding every corner and nonstop patrolling. Civilians are making rumors from the borders to the palace about the soldiers being strict in their nation.

As the Emperor who held peace for many years, this case made them concerned about the Royal Familys lives.

The civilians love the emperor as he is very Kind and generous, they never encountered lack of food, water or work.

The era of this royal family is very prosperous, the lands are beautiful, the people are warm and happy, the kingdom is full of Gold and silver found in the cave that are being mined, many trees and flowers, everything in this kingdom are all great and perfect leading for some cities outside the kingdom wanted to take over it.

”Ning, is it alright if you handle Yǐ sī tiēs birthday? ” The emperor asked during their morning walk in the garden.

”Yes, your Majesty, its a privilege for me to handle our daughters birthday. I want to handle this for our Princess. How time flies. I feel like old your Majesty. ”

”Haha, Im just worried of her wanting to learn martial arts. This rule of no women shall learn martial arts is for her own safety and she is the only daughter of mine and I want her to be the best Empress someday.

You must teach her properly and let her be the rightful empress and even if you get old, you will always be my beautiful beloved Empress. ”

While the Emperor and the Empress walks in the garden, Yǐ sī tiē secretly went outside the palace to go to the Mountains to practice martial arts. While practicing, her master attacked her from behind however, Yǐ sī tiēs sensed it very fast that she can immediately countered him.

”Every year, you
e getting better and better. Your senses are growing stronger but, keep in mind that, you must not let your emotions conquer you.

Just like the other day when Jiji got killed by a Tiger, you furiously attacked the tiger without thinking properly and almost got you. ”

”But, Jiji is a gift from my father and I love that bunny very much. I must take revenge for her. ”

”Yǐ sī tiē, revenge can lead you to your unexpected death. You must not think of it no matter what! Do you understand? ”

”But, why? What if my brothers got killed? … or my father? … or my mother? … or even you?! I will not stand idle about it if someone hurt my family! ”

Her master silently listened to Yǐ sī tiē and felt concerned if the Dark force from her burst out.

Yǐ sī tiēs dark force is very powerful, once this is awakened, theres no possibilities that she can control it. This kind of force inside of ones body can be used as a weapon and conquer the world. She must learn first to control her emotions.

Instead of explaining it to the princess, her master gave Yǐ sī tiē a birthday present.

”Here Princess Yǐ sī tiē, this is my gift for you. Open it. ”

”Wow master! This hairpin is very cute and adorable! ”

”Let me put this on you. ”

”Thank you master. ”

”Always remember, even if youve become the Master of Martial arts don forget who you are. ”

”Don worry master, Im a just a girl whos only like martial arts. ” and after saying those to her master, her mind says ”Im a girl who also likes you. ”

”Come, lets eat. Ive prepared your favorite dish. ”

”Mooncakes! Hmm, thank you master this is so delicious! ”

After practicing martial arts, the princess went back to the palace silently. However, her friend a son of one of the officials saw her ”Princess! where have you been? ”

”Shhhhh, quiet! Your so loud! they might hear us, come here and hide. ”

”What are you doing princess? Its already dark you might catch a cold! ”

”Im alright Xiexie, just keep your voice down. What are you doing outside either? ”

”I was about to go home from my study. ”

”Ahh, the very famous scholar Xiexie, you
e such a bookworm. ”

While talking to the princess, Xiexie saw her hands with bruise. ”You went out practicing martial arts again? ”

”You! Promise me not to tell Father and Mother about this or anyone, is that understood? ”

”Yes, yes I know it already, just be careful always, weve been friends ever since and I will support you from the bottom of my heart. ”

e such a good friend Xiexie and the one I trusted the most. ”

After hearing those, Xiexie hopes that the princess likes her too. He likes the princess very much because of her being beautiful, charming and brave.

He told himself that he will marry the princess in the future and will protect her no matter what. He also intended to practice martials arts however, Xiexie is a sick person since the day he was born.

After that, the princess found the right time to pass through the guards to go back to her Bedchamber. After arriving in her room, her maids where worried for her from being vanished the whole day.

”Princess, please don do that again or we might get killed of losing you. ”

”Don worry Fu, Im back and safe. Also, Mother and Father won be able to know about this since, they are busy doing lovey-dovey thing every first day of the month. Come help me clean up. ”

”Yes, your highness. ”

The following day, it is the Grand celebration for the Princesss birthday. The whole kingdom celebrates and there are high officials invited to join the scene.

The princesss master also went there to celebrate as well as the princes from the other kingdoms with lots of gifts for his majesty and her highness.

During the event, Yǐ sī tiē is getting bored of what the princes doing. She only looked at her hairpin throughout the day and kept on smiling while looking at it. She mostly doesn pay attention to the princes.

The Empress came and whispered to her saying ”You must at least say something to the princes? ”

”Mother, this is so boring, can we have event like hunting? ”

”Why do you want that kind of event? Don tell me you will do something unnecessary again! ” After talking to the Empress, the princess ran to the emperor and said,

”Father, Father! I know you and mother prepared this event for me and Im very thankful for it but, I think it would be more fun if we add some thrill don you think? ”

”Ohh? Then, what do you want? ”

”Lets have a hunting event Father! ”

After hearing those, the emperor realized something and announced that, ”Whoever wins this event shall be married to the princess. ”

However, the princess was shocked about what she heard, it is an unexpected declaration from the emperor.

The event will start on the following day at Dawn.

”Father! I only said add some fun but, why do I have to marry whoever wins?! ”

”Your already in the right age of getting married also, I this is for your own good princess. ”

”But!? ”

”Silenced! You shall follow my instruction and that is final! ”

The princess ran back to her bedchamber and cried for so many hours. She never expected that this would happen. Until she came up with a plan to participate in the hunting event in disguise and won let the princes kill some wolves.

The day has come for hunting event, whoever wins shall marry the princess and shall have a title of Marquis. The Eunuch explained the rules of the event that whoever kills the Alpha of the pack shall be the winner.

The Princes and the Princess faces are covered and only a bow and arrows shall be used in this event whoever disobey the rules shall be disqualified. There are 12 participants including the princess. Now, they started the event and went to the hunting grounds.

During the hunting event, a maid went to the Empress and whispered that the princess is missing. The Empress told the maid that don let the emperor know what happened and keep on looking for the princess.

Yǐ sī tiēs master noticed the disturbing face of the Empress and also noticed that the princess is missing. So, he went to the hunting grounds and looked for her. He covered his face also in order for not being noticed by the guards and marshals of the event.

Some of the princes made a group while others preferred on hunting alone. The princess went through the deepest forest to find the Alpha. Instead, she saw a garden full of lilium stargazers, the fragrance is so fascinating.

While standing idly in the middle of the stargazers, a wolf showed up. The wolf has scar in the eye and its bigger than a normal wolf.

”This maybe the Alpha. ”

The princess shot an arrow to it however, the arrow missed many times. She kept on fighting the Alpha but, the alpha is a very dangerous animal and hard to kill. The alpha jumped in front of the princess and her arm got bitten. She fell on her horse and the horse ran away.

While on the ground, the alpha attacks the princess again but, to defend herself, she uses her bow and instead of getting bitten, the alpha bites the bow and the bow is about to be broken.

Until, Yǐ sī tiēs master came and shot an arrow to the Alphas stomach and later on died. He rushes to the princess and take a good look on her arms. He carried the princess up to the horse and went to the temple to make some medicines for the bitten arm.

”Thank you master. ”

”What on earth where you thinking?! The Alpha almost killed you! You can just run around like that! ”

”Im sorry master, I just don want to get married to someone whom I don have feelings with! ”

e the princess of this kingdom, you must know this is your destiny. You should follow the emperors order. ”

”Why are you like this! I don want to be a wife to someone else! Can you understand that!? Why can you notice that I have feelings for you master? I like you! ”

”Yǐ sī tiē, Im just a normal civilian whom a master of a princess. The one who teaches you but, without the knowledge of the emperor, this is against his rules. You must not have feelings for me. Never. ”

”How did you have the guts of telling me those when you
e the one who approaches me and taught me martial arts? Why? ”

The master looked into the princesss eyes and did not answer. He told the princess ”I have already patched your wounds and applied medicines to it. Do not let it soak in a water for couple of days or it will be infected. ”

”Why do you not answer my question master and you did not even tell me your name from the day you met me. ”

”You should probably go back to the Palace and behave yourself. Your mother is worried about you. If the Emperor knew your missing, he would be furious. ”

After that, the Master left and the princess went back to the palace with sadness on her face. The Empress noticed her sadness however, she also doesn have a choice but to look at her daughter. By the end of the day, the princes went back to the palace with bad news. The Guards and marshals went back carrying the dead alpha with an arrow who doesn know who belongs to.

Upon checking of the arrow, the emperor was fascinated on how beautiful the arrow was. The one who made the arrow is very good at making these. It is not that easily to be broken and the length of it is very short. The arrow has been given to the minister who handles the investigation and investigated the arrow to where it has been made.

However, during the investigation the arrow is not made inside the kingdom. This means that, it is from the outside borders of the kingdom. The emperor and the officials realized that the owner of the arrow is possible a spy after what happened to the letter.

The emperor became alerted of what happened and he ordered a curfew throughout the kingdom. The guards at the gates only accepts those who have permit and will undergo interrogation to those who don have permit and are suspicious looking and for those civilians who do not follow the curfew shall receive a punishment.

The Empress went to the Princesss chamber and told the maids to leave them. The princess hugged her and told the Empress

”Mother, I don want to be a princess anymore, I just want to live a normal life. I don want to marry someone whom I do not have feelings with. ”

”You must not say those, you are the princess and my daughter. You must follow his majestys orders. This is for your own good my dear. Do not ruin your fathers hardship for you also, you
e the only princess in our palace, what would your brothers feel if you disobey your father? ”

”But this is not the life that I needed mother, I wanted to be free and travel the world with someone whom I wanted to be for the rest of my life. This is so unfair, others are jealous for this position but, they did not know how unfair this is. How sad this is. ”

The princess kept on crying in the shoulders of her mother and the Empress just kept on comforting her.

At night, when the royal family are sleeping, an assassin sneaks in the Princesss chamber and was about to kill the princess. The princess senses it and stood up immediately and fought the assassin.

”Who are you! ”

They continued fighting, the princess went to the corner of her chamber to get her sword and swings the sword that her master gave to her. The sword called Sorrow; this was given to her during the first days of her practice of martial arts.

Sorrow can cut through things almost everything. It is the sharpest sword of all, after seeing the sword, the assassin went to the window and plan to escape however, the princess threw a sharp knife and the assassin got hurt.

Another assassin went into the scene and let the first assassin escape, ”What are you doing! Lets go now! ” says the first assassin.

”Go! get out of here! ” says the second assassin. The princess went outside her chamber and there she saw the assassin, not knowing that here are two assassins. They fought each other, while the first assassin is hiding in the bush, he watches their fight.

Later on, the royal guards saw what is happening to the princess, they called the other guards and rushed to the princesss chamber while the other guards ran to the chamber of the emperor and reported what was happening. The emperor immediately ordered the guards to capture the assassin alive.

The Empress also rushed to the chamber of the princess after knowing of whats happening and seeks help to the guards nearby.

The prince got into the area where the princess and the assassin are fighting so, the prince also helped her sister fight the assassin. They captured the assassin, after the assassin got captured, the second assassin ran away.

”Why do you want to kill the princess!? ” The prince asked but, the assassin did not answer and the guards took off his mask.

The princess was shocked of what she found out. The assassin is her Master her heart beats so fast while looking into his masters eyes, she dropped her sword and said,

”Master!? ”

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