The Golden Boys of BL

Sports fest in love


So, I am Up Poompat. I have a rumor about myself but it is just a secret. Krist Perawat is my boyfriend and I know that Kao is also dating Singto. Well, we were boyfriends around the time of Kao and Singtos 1st anniversary. We four have been friends since high school so we know each others affair for years.

”Hi boo! I missed you so much! ” Singto hugged me in front of the boys

”Hey, yeah I missed you too but can please tone it down. We might get noticed. ” I shut him up

”Okay boo, I love you! ” he whispered

”Attention guys: your KFC lunch is ready. Gather around the dining table. ” the announcer announced so we followed and go to the dining table

We were busy eating out delicious lunches. KFC is my favorite fast food chain even before I got hired as their presenter. The boys are busy eating the delicious food. Zee and Nunew are super clingy to one another and I think their relationship is blossoming and they look cute to be honest. As for Yin and War, they look like me and Kao because we are best of friends.

”Hey, are you done judging us? ” Zee jokingly asked me

”Yeah. You look cute and I hope that we become friends. ” I lazily replied

After lunch, we have to get ready for the three games and collect some points until tonight. Lets do this!

”Yin and War, kindly read the missions of the day. ” the staff call them

”Okay krub. ” YinWar said

This is the time where they will read our missions just like what they do in reality shows. I am so happy that I can finally do it in person so thanks to Safe House for this opportunity.

”Welcome to Safe House Lakorn edition. I am your voice host PBig. You are here for the whole week to learn more about yourselves and your loveteam partners. The goal of this show is to enhance each and everyones strengths that you can apply in the real world and in your job. I hope you enjoy this show as much as we do. I am now formally welcoming Singto Prachaya, Krist Perawat, Kao Noppakao, Up Poompat, Yin Anan Wong, War Wanarat, Zee Pruk, and Nunew Chawarin. ” Boss Big welcomed us

”LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! ” I shouted front the top of my lungs while they cheer as well

”Boo, I only want to play games with you. I want you all by myself. I want you to be with me all the time. I love you! ” My boyfriend Krist whispered to me seductively

”Oh my gosh, boo. Lets not flirt here. I want to be alone with you and do something naughty while we savor every sweet moment that we have. I love you more, baby boy. ” I whispered back while sneakingly kissing his left ear

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